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GeekOut South-West is an online and offline community, fuelled by geeks, run by Timlah and Joel. We’re dedicated to bringing you riveting geek articles, interviews and exclusives. Want to come meet your fellow geeks? If you’re in England and you’re from the South-West or West-Midlands, or can travel to one of our locations, then come join us for our monthly GeekOut Meets.

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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – January 31st: The Frigid North

Upcoming post schedule

Day Author Article
Monday Timlah KO and SamiPro Wrestling and YouTube
Tuesday Joel puc5gdtDeparting Realism – Art in Video Games
Wednesday Timlah WordPress: Gallery Limitations and Ways Around Them
Thursday Joel Spider-Manuary Review: Spider-Man 2 (2004)
Friday Timlah TBC
Saturday GeekOut Team Top 10
Sunday Timlah GeekOut Bristol Meet: January 11th – New Year’s Resolutions Gallery

Last weeks posts

Day Author Article
Monday GeekOut Team IMG_20181220_232142Our Reflection on 2018
Tuesday GeekOut Team IMG_20181220_212943Happy New Year 2019 from GeekOut South-West!
Wednesday Timlah Demon Slayer Volume 1Anime To Look Forward To in 2019
Thursday Joel MV5BZmE3ZjZjMGQtZGM5Mi00ZGVkLWJmMWItNTU3N2VlYWEyNDljXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTM2NTY4NzU@._V1_Spider-Manuary Review: Spider-Man (2002)
Friday GeekOut Team computer gamesThe Future of Gaming: How Much Further Will It Go?
Saturday GeekOut Team 700sylveonTop 10 Fairy-Type Pokemon
Sunday Timlah DSC_0805.JPGLocked In A Room Bristol

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