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Who are we

GeekOut South-West is an online and offline community, fuelled by geeks, run by Timlah and Joel. We’re dedicated to bringing you riveting geek articles, interviews and exclusives. Want to come meet your fellow geeks? If you’re in England and you’re from the South-West or West-Midlands, or can travel to one of our locations, then come join us for our monthly GeekOut Meets.

Want to get involved? Check out our contact page, email us at or get chatting in our comments. Check our Facebook, Twitter and Reddit feeds out too.

Next Meetup

Hey, wanna hang out with some geeks in Bristol or Shrewsbury? Click the corresponding Meetup button below!

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GeekOut Bristol - November 11th: CHILDREN IN NEED

GeekOut Bristol Meet – November 11th: FANTASTIC FANTASY

discord-logowordmark-whiteWant to play some video games with us? Join us on Discord!  Meetup

GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – October 26th: Halloween

Upcoming post schedule

Day Author Article
Monday Timlah GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 14th: VAMP-TASTICAL Gallery
Tuesday Joel Short Horror
Wednesday Timlah Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Arrangement – Help Needed
Thursday Joel GeekOut Shrewsbury – Such Plans
Friday Timlah Trick or Treat & Halloween
Saturday GeekOut Team Top 10 Necromancers
Sunday Timlah 3 Simple Unisex Halloween Costume Ideas

Last weeks posts

Day Author Article
Monday Timlah BristolCon bannerBristolCon 2017
Tuesday Joel IMG_20170921_202836Can Board Games Be Scary?
Wednesday Catharsisjelly Main MennuVideo Game Review: Heat Signature
Thursday Joel 20171011182545_1Review: Layers of Fear
Friday Timlah Pumpkins and Halloween
Saturday GeekOut Team Top 10 Severed Heads
Sunday Timlah Video Game Review – The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Where To Find Us

We meet up at least once a month, sometimes more often! This is where we go for drinks and merriment in Bristol!