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Who are we

GeekOut South-West is an online and offline community, fuelled by geeks, run by Timlah and Joel. Dedicated to bringing you riveting geek articles, interviews and exclusives online. Want to come meet your fellow geeks? If you’re from the South-West of England, or can travel there, come join us for our monthly GeekOut South-West Meetups.

Want to get involved? Check out our contact page, email us at or get chatting in our comments. Check our Facebook, Twitter and Reddit feeds out too.

Next Meetup

Hey, wanna hang out with some geeks in Bristol? Click the Meetup button below!

Upcoming post schedule

Day Author Article
Monday Timlah Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location
Tuesday Joel Board Game Review: Zombie Dice
Wednesday Catharsisjelly Snake Pass – Sumo Digital – Seb Liese Interview
Thursday Joel TBC
Friday Timlah Video Game Review: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Saturday GeekOut Team Top 10
Sunday Timlah Horror Film Review: Friday 13th

Last weeks posts

Day Author Article
Monday Timlah geekout-bristol-meet-151016-16GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 15th: TRICK OR TREAT Gallery
Tuesday Joel 14714966_1132049190165409_5879024778672500468_oe-Collectica Games Day 2016
Wednesday Catharsisjelly Aenigma Os - Competitive PlayAkies Games Interview
Thursday Joel luhwk2sVideo Game Review – Obduction
Friday GeekOut Team 23173_a_game_of_thrones_board_game_detailSponsored Post:The 5 Best Licensed Game of Thrones Board Games
Saturday GeekOut Team nick_fury_catfaTop 10 Eyepatch Wearers
Sunday Timlah pokerideThe Best New Features In Pokemon Sun & Moon

Where To Find Us

We meet up at least once a month, sometimes more often! This is where we go for drinks and merriment in Bristol!

Previous Meetups

Want to know if we’re the sorts of people for you? Click on these links:

GeekOut Bristol Meetup – September 9th: HARRY POTTER 14222206_1779546348989453_4325716336686191584_n
GeekOut Bristol Meetup – August 13th: STEAMPUNK 14022318_1767040093573412_6621078370240773812_n
GeekOut Bristol Meet – July 13th: RETRO 13620979_1751067755170646_5096859339742765758_n