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Pro Wrestling and YouTube

The longer title of this article was going to be ‘Pro Wrestling and YouTube: A Look At How YouTube Has Helped All Wrestling Promotions, Large And Small’ – And then I realised how ridiculously long that title was. Pro Wrestling is definitely an interest of mine, as many of you will be aware. With the Royal Rumble coming up at the end of the month, I thought I’d do one of my usual rare talks about how ridiculous a show can be – But instead of focusing purely on WWE, I thought that it might be interesting to talk about how YouTube has played such a massive role in helping with what is effectively a boom of interest.



Top 10 Worst of 2018

GeekOut Top 10s

2018 has been home to some of the best and worst things we’ve seen in a while, which isn’t surprising – That happens every year. So, last week during our usual Top 10 slot, you chose for us to write about the Top 10 Worst of 2018. So buckle up, we’re focusing on the best and worst of anything geeky, from films, video games and even the internet itself gets a stern looking at.


Article 13 and You – Does It Hurt The Internet?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably gone onto YouTube and at some point, you’ve seen mention of Article 13. Indeed, it’s something that’s been cropping up left right and centre recently, because it’s right at the forefront of what’s important to the internet. You and I are used to going onto a website and reading valuable critique of your favourite games, films, tv, anime and more. You can then leave your own comment in return; sharing your favourite memes in the process. This could be threatened by Article 13 with the way it’s currently drafted, which may affect the way you read websites or indeed watch your favourite YouTube content creators. If you don’t know what’s going on with Article 13, then read on for a quick article on what it is and how it affects you.


UKGE Final Thoughts – Joel and Chris

A belated and very short article today as Joel is not feeling too well. So instead here’s our end-of-expo round up conversation, kindly edited by Tim.

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GeekOut Tube is Coming Back in 2018

Hoo boy, I say this every year with regards to how much I miss doing these videos, but it’s true. I always miss recording Let’s Plays for people and this year is no different. I’ve already discussed with a number of people how much I’ve missed recording Let’s Plays in 2018 and as time goes on, that desire gets greater. I’m looking forward to getting back into it – and even though I’ve been asked by some people if I’ll do Tekken Let’s Plays, the answer is “Probably not”, as I’m not great at it. However, I intend to return to recording YouTube videos for all of you, so what will we be retruning to?


Finally Watching Critical Role

I do my best not to make two roleplay posts in the same week (the same rule applies to film, or internet culture, or video games and so forth) but this is just a very quick post while I hastily finish my preparations for GeekOut Shrewsbury, for which I should – as you read – already being attending, and the nub of the topic is fairly self explanatory:

After a couple of years of being badgered about it – pretty much since the first month the all-star D&D game headed by Matthew Mercer – I am finally watching Critical Role by Geek and Sundry. (more…)


I met someone recently who simply does not watch a film twice. This I find utterly astonishing, I suppose on some level I understand that with a plethora of new experiences to be had in this world, the act of going back over a film, game, TV show, book, anything that you’ve already enjoyed and doing it again might seem like an inefficient use of time, time that could be better spent discovering something new. After all, you’ll never get through it all in one lifetime.

But in this season where there is nothing on TV but the stuff you’ve already seen a thousand times, I feel that now is the ideal time to acknowledge the benefit of going back for a second time around. I’ll be talking about films, but feel free to replace verbs as applicable. (more…)

YouTube Channel Update

It’s been a rather long time since we spoke about our YouTube channel, so I wanted to actually let you all know why that is and what we’re doing to make content for this in the not-too-distant future. As well as this, I’ll actually let you know why there’s been such a lack of updates on the channel. If you’ve ever watched my Stonekeep videos, or wanted to get more into the Final Fantasy IX Let’s Play I was recording, then read on!


YouTube Quality

This week saw the end of Epic Rap Battles of History Season 5, the can’t-stop-at-one education series that began back in 2010, and it’s a rematch between creators Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd concluding with the fact that they both need a break from all of the work they put into every single episode.

For about four minutes a video there’s a hell of a lot of effort done by the boys, their guests, and their huge recording and editing team, and there’s a reason why they need a break in between each twelve episode season. Research, writing, costume design, composition, recording audio, recording video, editing, uploading and scheduling. Add onto that list the tours, compiling albums and releasing tracks for purchase, and the fact that Peter and Lloyd both have their own music careers! (more…)

Geek Out Christmas ’16

‘Tis the season to get geeky!



We’re fans of Christmas around here, and we really don’t care how or if you celebrate some holiday or other around about this time of year, or even if it’s even winter where you are (you crazy people in other hemispheres and ecosystems) we will continue to do what we do best, and what we hope all of you are doing every day of every year: Geeking Out as hard as we possibly can.

Here’s what you can look forward to…

Let’s Play

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about that YouTube channel of ours. It may have been a little while since it last saw activity, but don’t think it has simply been neglected, because despite all outward appearences GeekOut is a hive of activity; plans are afoot.

We begin this Sunday with “Quite possibly the worst game I [Tim] have ever played”. For this month you can expect a flurry of winter and christmas themed GeekOut Plays, if you have any suggestions of games we can sample, let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.


Not one, not two, but TWO GeekOut Bristol MeetUps. And yes, there is a difference between two and TWO, these ones are better.

December 10th, the first of our duo sees the return of Super Secret Santa, participants put there gifts in and get one back, with no way to know who you’re buying for or who’s buying for you. The thrills! Next week’s MeetUp features special guest, me! And if you’re a fan of the pre-meet-meal, the vote is live now to choose a venue.

The second is New Years Eve, information should be appearing on our Facebook page this week. This event will require the purchase of tickets, and spaces are limited.

Rise of the Guardians


As ever, our Saturdays will feature the weekly geekly Top 10 as chosen by you, the reader. Expect seasonal options to pop up on the vote to get us through the most wonderful time of the year. But of course, that’s not all we’ve got planned.

We’ll be reviewing those best loved geek classic films such as A Nightmare Before Christmas, and taking the time to appreciate those lesser loved greats like Rise of the Guardians and Krampus: The Reckoning.

Tim will be discussing how you can geek up your Christmas tree, and I’ll be discussing the power of cold weather in games.

All in all this month is shaping up to be a great way to wrap up the year, but you still have time to get involved, even if you can’t join as at a Bristol Meet. We still accept submissions for articles or article ideas, and we love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the site, so get in touch via our contacts page or our social media pages. And because it’s December, and we can finally say it without fear of anyone declaring it “Too Soon”…

Get ready for a Merry Christmas.