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Top 10 Gods


For the love of all that is holy, we’re back for another Saturday Top 10. So for God’s sake, pull up a chair and have a gander through these ancient scrolls that we’ve uncovered, telling us all of the power of these beings. They might not always be physical, but they’re certainly righteous in their own way. So whether or not you’re a believer, this list has been made to try and convert you to our beliefs.


An open letter to Quentin Tarantino


Dear Mr Tarantino,

Should I begin by asking if I should call you Quentin? It seems a bit informal considering that we have never met. For now, I will stick with Mr Tarantino as a mark of respect. Anyway, I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to get in touch with you but life has been really busy and I’m sure you know all about being busy. It has only just come to my attention that you would fit in well with our group and I thought it would be nice for me to extend a hearty invitation to come and mingle with us at one of our meet-ups. Even though I have been a massive fan of your work for some time I have only recently seen an interview that you did back in 1992 in London promoting Reservoir Dogs. It’s probably a bit much for me to expect you to remember this interview so for your convenience I have included it below.

It’s the way in which you speak about film and film making in this interview that was a particular revelation to me. You are obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. The way you explain that during college you were not interested in sports which although is cliché Geek it’s certainly something I can relate to. I personally have struggled to embrace my inner Geek in the past. Over the past few years, I have undergone a massive change that has now lead to my life being overall improved. In our group, we try to encourage people to embrace what makes them a Geek and you certainly are a great example of that. Your early work was received by film critics with mostly a fan-fare and I love the work ethic you had for not stopping there and continuing to do what you love. Your passion and dedication for films have led you to make what a lot of people believe are some very iconic pieces. I am sure that in the wake of that you have inspired other people who may be as geeky if not geekier than yourself about films and they will hopefully go on to produce great work in time.

I probably will never get the chance to thank you or the actors involved personally for producing such entertainment. I guess I just wanted you to know that should you ever fancy an evening in a pub, in Bristol (UK) with a bunch of other people who are passionate about a number of different things then we would be more than happy to have you. This might be a bit much but we could even make our theme for the month a Tarantino theme. We could have a quiz related to your films and our regulars could cosplay from the vast array of characters you have created in your filmmaking career and you.. well you can just come as you are. I’m pretty sure that our community would be right behind this idea and would welcome you with open arms.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and be an inspiration for people around the world who may be outcast for having something they are so passionate about. If you want to get in touch with us you can send us a comment via this website or contact us via Twitter, Reddit or Facebook. I look forward to meeting you in person.

J-Drama Review: Ultraman Orb

Ultraman 38

To us Westerners, we think of this genre as “The same one that Power Rangers is in”. Known as Tokusatsu, this style of highly specialised special effects makes for a striking viewing experience. Regardless of what you think of Power Rangers, join Timlah as we take a look at Ultraman Orb.


April TV Hype


I can talk forever about the approaching war, and the theories of DC’s potential demise. And Spider-Man, and Apocalypse, and a thousand other things coming to the cinema over the next little while but there are other, equally exciting things afoot on the small screen.

Daredevil Season 2

Or maybe The Defenders Season 3 if you prefer. The staggering successes of the first season led to an almost immediate renewal, but it’s being shoehorned into a pre-planned structure to include the recent series Jessica Jones. It’s not certain yet as to whether or not Jones has been renewed but with Luke Cage on the way later this year that should account for that, and the presence of Electra and the Hand suggest tie-ins to our final team-member Iron Fist. (more…)

Review – Farscape

It’s a little late to the game to be reviewing a series that’s fast approaching twenty years old, but I only watched it (for the second time) quite recently during a fit of serious nostalgia, but despite the years of superior special effects and quality drama Farscape bears the test of time. It’s a real testament to the staying power of practical effects and good writing that the Jim Henson company’s sci-fi series (led by creator Rockne S’ O’Bannon and EP Brian Henson) is still of excellent quality today. (more…)

The Changing Trends

We’re normal…

I’ll start that again.

By and large we’re more normal than we’d care to admit, just as prone to the same habits as those we’d refer to as “normal people”, just as susceptible to hype and we still tend to spawn a cycle of trends. It may not be clothing or music trends as such, but there is one field in which we dominate the culture… or maybe the field impacts us more deeply than others?

Couldn’t say, cause and effect is a bit fuzzy here. Here’s a retrospective on genres in film and television. (more…)

Top 10 Best of 2015


This week, we had to flip a coin as we were at a tie between the Top 10 Spherical Objects and this list. Either that, or we would have went for what I would have suggested: The Top 10 Best Spherical Objects of 2015… But that was a bit of a mouthful to say. This list won the toss and boom, we’re doing a list on our personal Best of 2015. Now, before we get into this one, let’s just explain what we mean by Best of 2015.

To be the best, it’s got to be appreciated above all the rest. These are things that Joel and I have both experienced in some way, shape or form and we’ve put their categories down so you can see for yourself what’s what. We do a lot of different things here on GeekOut, so this was quite a tough one for us both. Still, we think we’ve made a strong, comprehensive list and I hope you can agree with some of them for yourself. There’s some things which are very GeekOut orientated, but most of the things on here are general and can be appreciated by everyone. Let’s go for it, for the last Top 10 of 2015. (more…)

DC Playing Catch-Up


I am not looking forward to the Justice League films.

It screams of a lot of playing catch-up with Marvel’s unstoppable Juggernaut – the films I mean, not Cain Marko – but without all the set-up work. Marvel had quite a few films building up to the Avengers, and it was brilliantly done. They had a lot of films that came together for Age of Ultron, and that was good (if a little rushed). Dawn of Justice has Nolan’s Batman and Snyder’s Superman, and they’re including plans to introduce Wonder Woman and Aquaman too?

Although Jason Momoa does look like he could make Aquaman awesome…

But here’s something I did not see coming.

I like Arrow and Flash! They’re cool, a lot of fun, and they’re also big DC heroes that don’t see an awful lot of spotlight, which is a shame. I think studios shy away from anything other than Superman and Batman because of what happened to Green Lantern, but here are two very successful TV series that have built up quite a rich setting of their own, introducing other major heroes like Firestorm, ATOM, and White Canary.

DC still have problems to overcome, like the fact that Green Arrow and ATOM are basically palette swaps of Batman. Billionaire on a mission to clean up their city following a major crisis that changed their lives? Change the record guys, this one’s scratched. Seems you got a bit of Ant-Man on it at some stage too, might want to look to that.

Including backstory for Hawkgirl could prove a challenge, but I’m actually looking forward to learning more about her. I’ve done a little research and she seems to be a genuinely interesting character with (most importantly) a limited range of powers, more common than you may expect amongst DC heroes, just not one we see enough of.

Why though, have they seen fit to redesign Rip Hunter as a Tennant’s Doctor look-alike? I’ve been looking at the character and really, they had a lot of places they could have gone with giving him a TV makeover. Instead they seem to have gone for the “we’re not even hiding the lack of originality” look.

Now let’s move on to something else:

Well now…

First of all, different network, no possibility of a crossover. This could very well be for the best, looking at the tone of Supergirl, but I’m increasingly disappointed in how far spread DC’s universe is becoming. Gotham – for all it’s flaws – is never supposed to be getting brought in with Flash and Arrow, and none of the above are being brought in with the films. Compared to how many platforms the MCU is covering, it’s a little narrow-sighted of DC not to want to bring it all together. Gotham is an outlier there, I admit, but still the point stands.

Here’s the biggest problem with the first look at Supergirl, this looks identical to something that Saturday Night Live and Marvel already ripped apart before they knew it was coming:

This is not clever! You can’t market superheroes to women, you can only market to superhero fans, and include the female ones. It’s like painting a steak green and selling it to vegetarians – they still won’t eat it, and meat eaters will want to know why there’s paint on their steak.

There are ways of doing this without it being New Girl or Ugly Betty in a cape, and it really hinges on DC’s biggest strength: it’s villains. If played well, Supergirl could strike an interesting contrast of a girl trying to live a real life while balancing the burden of heroism in the face of terrifying extra-terrestrials like Doomsday or Darkseid. Ok, maybe nothing quite so huge, but it could all come out well.

I hope so, because the alternative doesn’t really bear thinking about.

Christmas Specials 2014


Every year television likes to feature Christmas special content. Every year, we get the same things; EastEnders, Coronation Street – All of your favourite soap operas get their own Christmas specials. Generally…

However, with the growing trend of featuring geek culture on TV, more and more Christmas specials have started to show up. Check out this years specials in the upcoming week, all of which are my picks. Not all of them are incredibly geeky, but gosh darn it, we will get more geek culture on TV!