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Top 10 – Board & Card Game Stocking Fillers

GeekOut Top 10s

Christmas time, mistletoe and board games! I think that’s how the song goes…

Yes, hello, welcome back you lovely folk. We’re Timlah and Joel and today, we’ve opened up the “Large, Flat Green Present at the back”, as your choice from last week. Lo and behold, the present happened to be this week’s Top 10, our Top 10 Board & Card Game Stocking Fillers. These are all small games, under £20, along with their price and a relevant Amazon link – You know, for them last minute purchases you totally needed to do.

What? We can’t assume you’re prepared for Christmas, can we? (more…)


Card Game Review – Sushi Go!

Fans of Japanese culture rejoice, for now we can enjoy tasty sushi whilst enjoying Sushi Go!, a simple little card game by Gamewright. But just because the images are all cute and happy looking, does this game actually have any real merits, or is it just yesterdays leftover rice? Timlah investigates this little game.