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Playing Lawful Evil

We sink ever deeper through morality and into cruelty, malice, desire placed above need, ambition put before consideration, ends always justifying the means.. It’s important to recognise here that the most evil amongst us are the ones who don’t consider themselves evil, perhaps they are just motivated enough pursuing their goals to overlook the damage they might be doing, or perhaps they feel as if they are doing the right thing, and those who try and stop them are being unjust. Or perhaps their malevolence is born of some great injustice done to them, real or perceived.

Oh how I love a good villain.

So while I quietly persuade myself not to get too political, let’s take a look into what can earn someone the label of Lawful Evil. (more…)


Top 10 – Alternative Christmas Films

GeekOut Top 10s

Ho, ho, ho… OF DEATH! I mean that’s one interpretation of today’s title, indeed. This is our Top 10 list of Alternative Christmas Films, which means we’re looking for a Christmas film that isn’t about the spirit of Christmas, at least not directly. Christmas may be present and may be a major part of it, but the film should not have it be the sole focus. Now, since it’s Christmas Eve today, here’s our gift to you! (more…)


While I take some time to build up a backlog of DMing 101 ideas, I wanted to discuss one of my other great loves, films! Plenty of people on the internet talk about films, more than enough, but there are a lot of films out there that don’t get the love that they deserve. For one reason or another they fade into obscurity, or do not gain the international releases that they should.

These, however, are the days of digital distribution and regional blu-rays on Amazon, so let us not neglect fantastic films when they are made, just because copyright law and regionality are trying to kill the art form! So while I come up with a decent title for this new film awareness series, let me get it started with a new favourite of mine, Snowpiercer! (more…)