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Artificial Intelligence in Movies

There’s no question that a good science fiction film typically has to feature some highly intelligent and likable AI characters. For nearly a century now, AI on our screens has gotten more and more common, from a robot that is a good friend and sidekick, to those who chug beer and smoke cigars. All in all, artificial intelligence has gotten more commonplace in the cinema and even on our TV sceeens, so what is it that we love so much about our robotic companions? I decided to dig a little bit deeper into the sci-fi genre for a look into the history of AI in movies.



What Is Alien?

We were very excited about NASA’s recent discovery of organic matter on Mars, stronger evidence than we have ever had of the presence of life in the red planet’s history, and perhaps even now. And sure, that life is nothing more complex than a light dusting of bacteria, but it’s hope for a future off-world, and even more incredible, it cements the notion of alien life. That’s life within our own solar system, so it’s no Faster-Than-Light travelling alien sapience that look like somebody’s been gradually improving the same sloppy prosthetics job over the last couple of decades, but it’s a start.

Science fiction writers have considered the possibility of how our interaction with alien life might go. Though the real tragedy is that the War of the Worlds destruction-by-disease is the most likely outcome, we can dream. Here’s a rough breakdown of the more optimistic possibilities. (more…)

Babylon 5 In Depth – G’Kar, The Messiah


Religious themes run through Babylon 5 like veins, angels and demons, faustian bargains, prolonged discussions on the nature of the soul and gods, but it’s no mere battle of good vs evil. Even the character you might believe farthest fallen shows himself capable of redemption, and his most bitter and vengeful enemy manages to forgive him.

This is the tale of Ambassador G’Kar of the Narn, last of the governing body known as the Kha’Ri. Proud, stubborn, and wrathful, G’Kar represents a people who have suffered greatly at the hands of the Centauri, centuries of slavery and oppression, their homeworld ransacked of its resources, and countless deaths even before the bloody struggle for liberation. The role is played by Andreas Katsulas, and given that the role calls for a great deal of emotional extremes backed by incredible gravitas, all under a layer of prosthetics, it was a tall order made of him. (more…)

Star Trek Tech

Art is increasingly inspiring reality. So many things that are just commonplace now were inspired by sci-fi that came before, namely the automatic door being an effort to recreate the sliding doors of the original Star Trek series from the 1960’s, and we also owe the creation of mobile phones and the bluetooth headset to go with them to the communicators and Uhura’s earpiece. Tablet computers were seen in The Next Generation long before Apple released so much as an iPod, but for an earlier example go to the 14-minute-mark of this episode of Blake’s 7. (more…)

Steampunk: A Beginners’ Guide

If you’ve ever been fascinated about the wildly popular theme that is Steampunk, then this is a quick look at what Steampunk is and isn’t, as well as all the do’s and don’ts of the fandom. Join Timlah as we delve deeply into the fascinating world of Steampunk, an old bygone era mixed with modern day technologies and theories. It’s truly a wonderful, bizarre world, so be prepared to hold onto your bowler hats!


Top 10 – Sci-Fi Clichés

GeekOut Top 10s

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Top 10, where this week our awesome audience has chosen the Top 10 Sci-Fi Clichés.

Science Fiction is a genre that has been around for a very long time, but there are some things that have been around… Perhaps some of these things have been around for far too long and have plagued the Sci-Fi genre far too much for people to admit. We look to expose the most cliché of them all.

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This post is simply me promoting a lovely upcoming convention in Bristol which, to me, looks awesome. Take what you will from this post, but if you’re at all into geekdom, this little event may be of interest to you :) For more information, visit Enjoy!

What is it?

BristolCon is a fantastic one day convention in Bristol, UK. Run by some lovely people, BristolCon looks to incorporate science fiction, fantasy and horror works. A dealers room, an art show and with a really cool programme set out for the one day. BristolCon have been running their conventions since 2009.

Where is it?

BristolCon this year is being held in the Doubletree Hotel (formerly the Ramada, a very short walk from Bristol Temple Meads). The convention is being held on 26th October 2013, starting at 9am, going on throughout to the night.

What do they do?

BristolCon incorpotate all different aspects of Sci-Fi fandom, including books, art and (my personal favourite point), steampunk themes! BristolCon naturally encompasses a geeky feel you get at all conventions, although this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants an excuse to experience something different for a day. This isn’t a convention where cosplaying is common, but as I was told: “Hey! Great! Come cosplay, it’ll be nice to see some costumes!” Awesome.

My verdict

Because you all really badly want my opinion of the subject, I think this is a real hidden gem in Bristol. With the exception of Bristol Comic Expo, I can’t think of much in Bristol in the way of conventions (Please do throw conventions my way, especially for anime/gaming conventions).

For the £20 entry fee, BristolCon, albeit small, is guarenteed to have something to interest you from a geeky point of view. Whatever your geekdom, give it a try folks. I likely will attend. Though, will I dress up?! Hm..!

Where can you find more?

Please visit their website at where you can find more information for registration fees, location and just more information!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with BristolCon. They seem like an awfully nice bunch with a great event!