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Top 10 Kickstarted Board Games

GeekOut Top 10s

We love board games, as if our Bristol and Shrewsbury meets weren’t a clear enough of that fact. All three of us, Chris, Joel and Timlah share this one absolute love of board games. When Kickstarter started to back hugely popular board/tabletop games, we all knew we’d be using that at some point in our future. Fortunately, the games produced have been fantastic – and today, we’re checking out our Top 10 Kickstarter Board Games.



Board Game Review: Rogues to Riches

A game for the criminally imaginative, that’s the tagline. Whilst board games have enjoyed a massive resurgence in the 2000’s and beyond, so too have games where there are less typical boards involved. This month, we investigate a game that’s been on my “to play” list for quite some time – Rogues to Riches. This was a game I backed on Kickstarter quite some time ago and I received it late last year. We finally got around to playing it as a small group at this past GeekOut Bristol Meet and I will say it’s one of the most funny games I’ve picked up in quite some time. Read on for our full review!


Kickstarter Highlight – Rogues to Riches

Do you like rogues?

Do you like riches?

Would you like to be going from rogues to riches?

Look no further, we’re back once more with another inexplicably imaginative Kickstarter Highlight.

Kickstarter Highlight


Rogues to Riches – a Game for the Criminally Imaginative

What is it?

With this Kickstarter campaign launched by Sam Fraser, Rogues to Riches is a storytelling card game for a small group of 3 to 5 players, where you have to basically create a story as to how you were able to steal the riches. Who owns these riches? Your opposing players do, of course – But they also have Trap cards!

I’m sorry, I really couldn’t resist explaining to the world that this game contains trap cards.

To overcome the trap cards, you have gear cards and you have to devise a believable plan as to how you’d get into your opponents base and how you’d defeat the Trap cards. Furthermore, the person who is being stolen from has to decide how to defend their lair with their Trap card.

The game is won by logic being dictated by the remaining players, who vote up or vote down the plans.

It’s a very simple game logic, which is basically a stripped back storytelling game, not giving you quite as much freedom as some games of this type, but for good reason. There are limitations to what you can do: But it’s your imagination that’ll see you through.

Look at these wonderful, criminal masterminds just having a right old jolly together!


How much do they need?

They are asking for $16,500 Canadian Dollars. At the time of writing, they are up to $6,883 with 27 days to go, pretty impressive if you ask me.

They have actually made a lovely graphic showing what it is they need the money for, which is broken down below!

Well, that’s a good enough breakdown!

Inside of the box you’ll receive:

– 56 Gear Cards,
– 48 Trap Cards,
– 22 Riches Cards,
– 12 Lairs,
– Blank gear & trap cards- 2 dice


What do backers get?

  • Pledge $1 or more

    Thank You Email and Downloadable Rogues to Riches lite – You’ll get a link to download a Print and Play (PNP) version of Rogues to Riches. You’ll be able to check out the artwork and the gameplay. It will have fewer cards and Lairs than the manufactured version, but it will be enough to play at least a few games.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
    Pledge $10 or more

    Signed Card – I’ll send you a Rogues to Riches card in the mail, signed by me and artist Julianne Harnish. Your card might be one that’s not available in the PNP version. You can choose a Trap, Gear, or Riches card. Includes PNP files.

    Estimated delivery: Oct 2014

    Pledge $43 or more

    Game reward tier – One pristine copy of Rogues to Riches. May it brighten your days. Canada, the US, and Western Europe only. Includes PNP files.

    Estimated delivery: Jun 2015

    Some of the awesome gear cards you can play. I especially need me a Beast of Burden!

There we have it then, for just $1, you can get a downloadable version of the game! Excellent, huh? Plus it’s an extra $1 towards the official release of this game. You can’t beat that for value, right?

What do you think of the concept behind a storytelling card game? I’ve played one before at Kitacon and it was absolutely incredible – So this to me is an exciting game and yes: I don’t mind being criminally inventive just for the sake of a card game!

So, what do you all think of this weeks Kickstarter Highlight? Come join us again next week and as always, please do keep talking with your comments in the comments section below!