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Sublevel Zero – Super procedural space adventures with so much freedom!


Sublevel Zero is a fantastic looking upcoming 6 Degrees of Freedom shooter which is following in the footsteps of some of the great indie games we’ve seen over the past few years. With procedurally generated levels and Oculus Rift support, looting and crafting systems in place, this game has really set itself apart from its current competition. It’s a roguelike game too, meaning once you’re dead, you are back to square one.

The joy of games like Sublevel Zero is its replay value. In a permadeath game, where the levels are never the same, you can come back to this game time in and time out with no issues of seeing the same old things.


The game is in first-person, so as you can imagine on an Oculus Rift, this game is quite intense. The ability to look around in Oculus Rift is honestly amazing, especially with the stylised low-poly graphics. For a game of this kind, whilst you could have something all realistic (and believe me, that will be cool to see), I like this game being the way it is. It’s beautiful in an oddly digital way.

Oh, but you’re like me. You’re running Linux or Mac and we’re teasing you with all of these fantastic games. Stop right there! Sublevel Zero is being made for Steam and it’ll be available for PC, Mac AND Linux. It’ll be Oculus Rift compatible and is being distributed by Mastertronic. We can expect to see this awesome title over on Steam in summer this year.

This game grabbed my attention whilst I was at Rezzed, so much so that I made sure to grab the attention of the developers for a quick chat about their title! Don’t forget to go and check out the developers at their website Sigtrap Games, or drop them an e-mail. You can also get a hold of them over at Twitter (@SigtrapGames).

Sublevel Zero is looking like a superbly executed space adventure, so if you’ve not got enough spaceships in your life – You know where to get your next fix!

What do you think of Sublevel Zero? What was the last 6 Degrees of Freedom game you played? As always, leave your comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think!


The Dangerous Kitchen’s De Mambo

The Dangerous Kitchen, which might be one of the best names for a company we’ve heard in a long time, is developing an all-round tasty treat of a game. A party game, a beat ‘em up game, a game of breakout? That’s the only way I can describe the quirky De Mambo and I was lucky enough to get a hands on of the game at Rezzed.

In De Mambo, you play as a little character who has a few abilities whilst infinitely locked in mambo-hell (or heaven, depending on your stance on mambos!). Your abilities are triggered by the A button on a controller and are controlled by not just what direction you choose to do your attack, but the length of time you hold the button down for. You can charge attacks with a longer press of the button, or you can fire off short and quick bursts.


Shoutouts: Poncho and Barbara-Ian

The wonderful thing about EGX Rezzed is sometimes you bump into developers or walk into a game that you didn’t really go to experience. Perhaps it was a lack of knowing it was there (like it was in both of my cases), or a really good chat with a developer. I wanted to give two shout-outs to two games that got me excited by how great my experience with it or with the devs were.


Rezzed 2015 Gallery

This is a no-nonsense, no chat needed post, showing off the venue, the people, the sights and the merch of Rezzed 2015. If you see yourself in any of these posts, or just want to comment on anything you see, as always put your comments in the section below. Alternatively, chat with us on Facebook or Twitter!


Cosplayer Highlight – Rezzed

EGX Rezzed has now come and gone, which was three days of pure fun, games and discussion. I thrived in the atmosphere in all honesty and I can’t wait to see the works of the indie developers, as well as the big name developers such as Team 17 and Blizzard, get their latest games out there.

As per usual, I didn’t just go to an event. I lived the event. I made sure to be in costume, but sadly Mega Man couldn’t make it due to him being slain by a Robot Master. Sorry about that, folks, but I will keep working to build my Mega Man costume anyway. With more time on my hands, I can make it the costume it needs to be, but not the costume it wants right now! Er… That’s a weird quote to use there.


Hello from Rezzed (Day 1)

Good afternoon everyone!

There was so much to do and see, with merch madness and indie games galore, it was hard to find the time to just sit down and take everything in. But I was able to sit down by about 2pm, collect my thoughts on all that I had seen and done, then set about writing my post for the first of three days in Rezzed.

Thursday, I was fortunate enough to be considered press for Eurogamer’s Rezzed! This was the first time I was able to be press for an event, so I donned a ridiculous outfit, made my way to EGX and got going!


Rezzed Update

We’re drawing ever closer to the next time I explore the weird and wonderful world of conventions – Only this time, I’m heading off to an expo!

EGX Rezzed is so close now, that I thought I’d let you all know what I’m going to be doing different for this expo. As well as having already explained I am working on a Mega Man costume (more on that shortly), I’m looking to interview people who attend the expo, as well as interviewing the wonderful devs. I’ve reached out to a few devs with hopes to find out a bit more about them all.


EGX Rezzed – Mega Man is coming

Those who regularly read this website will be fully aware of how much I love cosplay, as well as the amazing community it boasts. Honestly, find yourself some cosplayers and get stuck in, because they will make you feel right at home. With this said, it occurred to me recently that it’s really close to EGX Rezzed. You’ll see posts leading up to Rezzed as well as posts on the event in the coming weeks, as well as hopefully getting a few interviews and speaking to the wonderful attendees and cosplayers.

For those who are unaware, EGX Rezzed has a heavy focus on new indie game titles that will be coming out. This is a chance for developers to interact with existing fans and potential new audiences alike. It’s a chance for attendees to get their hands on said games and for people like myself to talk and interview developers. I will be there from Thursday 12th March until Saturday 14th March, so if you’re there come and say hello. You can also speak to the team at 1001-Up who we met last year thanks to Rezzed being at the same time as Kitacon last year.

Joel not included.

Joel not included.

This year, Rezzed will be taking place in London at the Tobacco Docks. With Rezzed and interviews in mind, I’m still a cosplayer…

So, I’m currently working on a new costume..! Since this event is entirely about video games, I got thinking about what video games I have really enjoyed in the past and what would actually be a recognisable character. So here’s the candidates:

  1. Zidane Tribal – A rebuild and actual fix of that atrocious first ever costume. I decided against this one, as I’m still on the path of losing weight, which would make this costume that little bit more believable.
  2. Pac-Man – But then I got thinking about how awkward it would be, interviewing and running around as a big yellow spot.
  3. Fantastic Dizzy – This had the same problem as Pac-Man, as I’d be a big white egg… But worse still, I doubt many people would have got the character!
  4. World of Warcraft Shaman – But then I realised how much effort would go into the build. I would need more than a month.

But then I thought about it and I figured one of my all time favourite games is Mega Man II. This was the Mega Man game that most people have played at some point, but if you’ve not had a go, just download it from the Nintendo eShop. It’s worth your investment… and it’s not exactly expensive.


I will be attending Rezzed, approaching people as the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man. I’ll document my progress on this website but for now, let’s discuss what I need to make the costume right:

Helmet – I will be making this out of EVA Foam. I’ve seen an incredible tutorial on YouTube from a guy who calls himself Evil Ted Smith… Seriously, check out the below video, it’s so worthwhile. If you’ve never used EVA Foam to make a helmet before, this video will help you out. I know that the process makes a lot more sense to me now and amazingly, I somehow already have all of the materials he’s suggested.

Glove/s – I think I’ll make the shapes out of craft foam, stick them all together, then smother them in PVA and polish it right up.

Underwear armour..? – I have no better way to describe his crotch-armour, so the underwear I will be making out of EVA Foam. This’ll be two simple pieces that simply snaps together.

Boots – The boots will likely be EVA Foam once more. They’re quite pointy, which should be quite easy shapes to work with… The one thing that won’t be so easy: My large feet. For a short person, I really do have large feet.

Megabuster – The Megabuster I will make out of upholstery foam, coat with craft foam, then possibly put a shiny material over it, or I’ll just gloss up the craft foam. I’ll also get a light to shine through the Megabuster and will do something simple with the energy meter effect on the buster (that yellow rectangular part).

The “clothes” – So the light blue behind the armour parts also needs to be considered. I could go with some tight fitting clothes, but I figured: This is Mega Man. He wouldn’t be wearing clothes… but there’s no way in hell I’m going to paint myself, as that’d not look right either. So what am I going to do? Get myself a Zentai suit, of course!


Am I being too ambitious with this project, or am I being just ambitious enough? If you were a game developer at Rezzed, would you chat to Mega Timlah? As usual, let’s discuss further in the comments below, over on Twitter or on Facebook. I’ll keep you all posted as to how this costume is going!