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GeekOut Tube is Coming Back in 2018

Hoo boy, I say this every year with regards to how much I miss doing these videos, but it’s true. I always miss recording Let’s Plays for people and this year is no different. I’ve already discussed with a number of people how much I’ve missed recording Let’s Plays in 2018 and as time goes on, that desire gets greater. I’m looking forward to getting back into it – and even though I’ve been asked by some people if I’ll do Tekken Let’s Plays, the answer is “Probably not”, as I’m not great at it. However, I intend to return to recording YouTube videos for all of you, so what will we be retruning to?



Assassination Classroom – End of Season 1

I’ve been watching Assassination Classroom season 1 for the past… well 22 weeks now. I’ve been amazed at the quality of the first season of it and thought I’d just spend today reminiscing over the series so far by talking about some of the stand-out characters and some basic plot premise. Don’t worry, I will not be revealing any spoilers, just simply talking about the show and the characters within it.


Returning to normal scheduling!

Hey folks, it has been a while.

Kitacon is now officially over. Boooo! However, I have stories to share and discussions to raise, especially after one very interesting panel.

I guess you want to see the end result of Edward Elric? Well, here it is:


We will speak in length soon all! Very soon.