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Tabletop Games Industry event in Bristol

In Bristol, on Friday July the 24th, if board games are something you find to be highly fun and interesting, then there may be just the event for you. The industry is always in need of bright people to join in from an artistic point of view.


Information taken directly from the Eventbright page:

Creating art and graphics for tabletop games requires a very different set of skills and understanding that you may not be used to. Namely, as well as making sure the art looks amazing, the graphics in a game need to be functional and fit for purpose.

Join us on FRIDAY JULY 24TH (2PM-4PM) for a taster session in how to create practical and functional graphic designs for tabletop games, run by Chaos Publishing.

Board games, cards games and tabletop games are having a huge resurgence and we have many people calling it the Golden Age of gaming.

Sales are booming, more gaming shops are opening up all over the world, interest at events is growing exponentially and even more games are being produced each year than ever before!

So what does this mean for you, the humble artist? Well, the session is entirely free, so it’s time to find out!

This taster will cover a good introduction to how you can get involved in this industry and the best routes to take in utilising your skillset.

Afterwards, we plan on running a workshop over a number of weeks to delve into this subject in much greater detail. There’s only so much we can go through in just a couple of hours, so be sure to register your interest.

2pm: An introduction to the tabletop games industry.
2:30pm: How to seek work in the industry. An insider look.
3pm: What you need to consider when creating art and designing for tabletop games.
3:40pm: Q&A

You can find this event taking place in 51 Merchant St, Bristol, City of Bristol, BS1 3EE

See below for a Google Map of where the event is taking place. Oh and guess what the best thing about this event is? It’s entirely free!

If you end up going to this event, let me know how it goes. I’m reaching out to the event organisers in hopes that we can get some pictures of the event so we can keep you all posted. I’m really excited to know that a company such as Chaos Publishing are getting this active in recruiting more people to developing and designing board games. It’s an exciting time, as board games really have hit an exciting resurgence.

If I’m able to get myself to this event (Tricky as my day job sends me around the country), then I’ll gladly make my way over to get some pictures of the event (permission permitting) and report back what happens. Do you have anything like this in your area? Let us know in the comments below, over on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, whilst you head over to Facebook, check out our latest competition for a free copy of Goblins Know Best.