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UKGE – The Best Bits (Part 2)

Moving on


Chris covered some of the RPGs on show in his article last week but while he covered what was on the shop floor, I wandered the Hilton, who had mostly filled their rooms with tables equipped with DMs, GMs, Storytellers, and enough rulebooks, character sheets, dice and assorted other accoutrements to keep dozens – maybe hundreds – of people entertained all weekend. As someone who is obsessive over tabletop roleplaying it was amazing to see so many games going off at once, I mean just look at this:

Most of these photos may look like identical rooms, honestly it’s just the decor and layout. People were flooding into the sign up room, and I had to edge my way around the queue to get a photo inside.

Competitions and Tournaments

One of the NEC main halls was given over fully to competitions for the more popular games, on a national and international level. Wandering that hall I think I heard as much German, French and Polish cast around as English. There were games I expected, like the Magic tournament, the Pokemon tournament, I even fully expected to see people competing in the X-Wing miniatures skirmish game, but I wasn’t expecting to see Infinity or Dropzone.


I already talked about what these guys got up to, here’s a few images from the guys over at the Living History Camp, and the time they went to war against a pillaging horde of small children:

Being Press

Yeah, the best part is just wondering around wherever we pleased (up to a point at least). This has only been my second occasion as a member of the press so I’m still never certain what I can and cannot get away with, but dammit if I’m getting all-access I’m going to work hard for it.

It was incredible wandering the hall before and after the horde joined us. The difference was simply astounding, the freedom to walk the floor reduced to swimming through a crowd; strange echoing silence turned to a cacophony of voiceless sound. These events are made by hard working people who put their livelihoods out on trestle tables to be judged, exhausted staff and volunteers fighting to keep every moment organised and controlled for the good of everyone involved, and by the people who keep coming back year after year to make it all worthwhile.

Here’s what we saw:

Pictures will be on Facebook soon enough, if you see yourself, tag yourself. In the mean time, so long UKGE, see you next year.


Kitacon Karnival – April 1st to April 3rd


Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls of all ages, gather round for an exquisite spectacle of curiosities and courageousness on the centre stage. We’re pleased to welcome you all to read on about the upcoming Kitacon Karnival!


Hello from Rezzed (Day 1)

Good afternoon everyone!

There was so much to do and see, with merch madness and indie games galore, it was hard to find the time to just sit down and take everything in. But I was able to sit down by about 2pm, collect my thoughts on all that I had seen and done, then set about writing my post for the first of three days in Rezzed.

Thursday, I was fortunate enough to be considered press for Eurogamer’s Rezzed! This was the first time I was able to be press for an event, so I donned a ridiculous outfit, made my way to EGX and got going!