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Top 10 Fire Type Pokemon

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Spittin’ red hot fire, Pokemon are able to do some pretty amazing things. From being able to surf and fly, to flamethrowing better than any bunsen burner, this is going to be a list of our favourite Fire Type Pokemon. We decided to lay some ground rules for this list first, because it can’t just be a list of those that make us go “N’aww.”

  • There must be a good Pokedex entry: It can’t just say how it eats bug type Pokemon.
  • We must agree that the Pokemon has a good aesthetic about them.
  • They must have some basic semblance of usefulness in combat.

That’s it: It seems like a straightforward enough list, but will it be so easy for us to get through? Read on to find out in this week’s Top 10 Fire Type Pokemon* (more…)


Video Game Review: Pokemon Sun & Moon


A formulaic franchise on the cusp of a major breaking point, Pokemon Sun & Moon feels like not only another Pokemon game, but it feels like an evolution of the series. A natural change, an interesting progression from the time old tradition of beating a bunch of gyms then the Elite Four of the continent you’re in. But, just how good is Pokemon Sun & Moon and should you make sure to have a copy any time soon? As always, we’re here to check out the good and the bad of a title, so grab your Poke Balls, turn that trainer hat around and let’s go catching some Pokemon!