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Top 10 – Severed Heads

GeekOut Top 10s

Next on the chopping block, a Top 10 that springs to mind when thinking of Hallowe’en. It was necks to impossible to pick from our examples, but we made some real headway and have ranked some examples that are truly head and shoulders above the rest and it’s heads, it’s severed, decapitated, removed from the body heads. You already knew that from the title, no need for the puns, after all if you read the title…

You’re already ahead of the punchline. (more…)


Myths and Legends

The Greeks have perhaps told the most culturally pervasive and enduring tales of any culture. Modern film can barely touch the thousand year epics they forged, but they have done wonders for reimagining and retelling those ancient epics and literary masterworks, and it’s hard to find a work of fantasy untouched by Grecian inspiration. Jason’s Argonauts, the half god Herakles, heroes and monsters, gods and titans. And though the stories were not unique, and many civilizations had risen and fallen long before the Greeks penned their epics, it is the Greeks we call the classics. (more…)