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GeekOut Media’s Bristol Local Guide – March 2018

At GeekOut Media, we look out for the very best events that are taking place in the coming weeks and months. Recently, I managed to hear about some pretty cool events, all of which can be found via Facebook. So, if you’re looking for something to do at the end of the month, then check out our local guide to three Bristol events. If you’re a geek of any sort, there may be an event that suits you within this article, so do read on and at the end of the article, if you know of any other events happening in Bristol that you think should be mentioned, then drop us a comment!



GeekOut Meetup March

Last night, I announced the next GeekOut South-West meetup event happening in the usual spot of the King William Ale House.

As winter slowly disappears, we’ll be able to start venturing out more, able to get to more venues and do more things… But since it’s still cold out, let’s keep warm inside of our regular venue and let’s play games, chat about geek culture and let’s just generally GeekOut together.

GeekOut Sam

I wanted to use this post to also thank each and every one of the GeekOut South-West blog readers out there. Joel and I have been working hard to produce content as regularly as we can, with events all across the UK and with us working with so many communities out there, we’re delighted to have met some awesome people. I’ve met some of you, the blog readers, as well as some incredible people who just prove why geek culture should be celebrated, not shunned.

Come join us for some drinks and chats!

Come join us for some drinks and chats!

For this next meetup, we hope to meet at the King William Ale House on Friday 6th March, which is a bit earlier in the month to usual – but that’s because the following week, I will be off to EGX Rezzed. Expect some articles in the build up to our exciting time at EGX Rezzed!

For this event, I will be going in Cosplay, so… Yikes. Meeting in cosplay is entirely optional, however! Other than this, we’re hoping people will bring whatever their favourite geeky interests are with them. For the video gamers we’re hoping to see some portable consoles. For the card gamers, bring their decks along and board gamers their board games. For the literature fans, bring their works or bring their books – comic guys bring their comics. Tech guys show us the latest in tech that you’re after! Let’s share and explore all different aspects of geek culture!

Rezzed Logo

We’re undergoing a major shift behind the scenes here at GeekOut South-West. We hope that when the evidence of our shift finally kicks in, you’ll all be satisfied with what you see and get. We’re nervous, but we’re also incredibly excited by our secret possibilities. We’ll not divulge this information yet, not because we like being secretive, but because we want to excite you without promising what could potentially be impossible to deliver. Nothing is impossible whilst our amazing readers are around, so thank you for just being there. Our journey is still quite fledgeling… But we hope you’ve enjoyed every step of the way so far.

From such small and ambitious beginnings, where me and my co-worker attended the first GeekOut meetup to such a dismally low number of attendees (… Just us!) to the 260+ members of GeekOut South-West today… Honestly, the mind boggles as to how great you all are. You are the real power for us providing more content; as cliché as that is to say, it’s true.

Thank you

Do you have any suggestions for our future meetups? Do you know of any events we should really make a trip out to? What do you want to see us cover more of? Also what do you think our secret project might be? As always, comment below, on Facebook or on Twitter and until next time, take it easy GeekOut readers.