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Top 10 – Very Old Aliens & Alien Races

GeekOut Top 10s

We have something to declare: We didn’t really look into the word ancient closely enough, until after we had written this week’s list. Ancient declares that it’s not only from the past, but indeed it’s also not in existence any longer. So, we took some creative liberties this time, by declaring that from today, this list has gone from ancient aliens to very old aliens. Hah! We managed to evade disaster again. Anyway, read on for this week’s list. (more…)


Blog-versation: Bad Level Design

“Level” is an increasingly ambiguous term. With the rise of sandbox games, and the increasing power of home PCs and consoles, games are becoming increasingly free-flowing, breaking down by chapter, quest and location more than what we would have once called level. A good level is memorable, compelling, and can really drive a game forward. A bad level design is often memorable in it’s own right.

Bad levels can drive us from otherwise enjoyable games. Invisible walls and insurmountable obstacles, even slow paced or dull levels can make us put down our controllers and walk away.