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Streaming For a Niche on Twitch; the name evokes the image of men and women sitting in front of their screen playing video games for their audience. Yet since last year, when people decided they would spend a night watching a man compose and play melodies on his piano, or even a weekend reliving the magic that was Bob Ross, the “Creative” tag for streams has been growing in popularity.


3 Reasons To Read In A Pub

Since I started reading in pubs some time ago, I’ve been noticing a slew of other dwellers doing the same thing. It’s weird to think that something so solitary can have such a following, at least from what I’ve seen.


The Force is my Ally – Why I Love Star Wars

It’s no secret that Geekout South-West is the domain of Trekkies, but I thought it would be cool to come in and bring balance to The Force. Yep, while the good lads here are Trek fans, I’m with the Republic, with Star Wars. Couple of weeks ago I dedicated five days to talking about some of the cooler stuff of the now unofficial Expanded Universe, the collection of media that well, expanded the Star Wars saga.