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GeekOut Bristol Meet – August 12th: TALKING TOLKIEN

18+ Event

J.R.R Tolkien was a wordsmith whose worlds have captured our imaginations for years; a writer whose works got three massive movies, before three more slightly-big-but-not-quite-the-same-as-the-first-three movies. An expert who creates a fantasy world unlike any other.

So whether you’re coming along as you want to just play some games, or if you feel like having a social meet after your Elevenses, it’s time for another exciting GeekOut Bristol Meet!



GeekOut Bristol Meet – March 10th: SUPERHEROES ASSEMBLE Gallery

The law was led down – The evildoers of the world have been vanquished. We went through a super night of fun, games, drinks and geekdom, as well as another of our more creative competitions to date. Yes, it’s that time for us to look back at the competition, as well as the events that unfolded at the GeekOut Bristol Meet that happened this past Friday night. It was a great time for all involved, that’s for sure!


GeekOut Bristol Meet – January 13th: ROBOT REVENGE Gallery

We got to the Old Market Tavern after a delicious Italian meal at 2pm. We were dined and now we were hiding from the apocalypse that is the Robot Revolution, standing against all of humanity. Fortunately, we invited some of the brightest geeks across the South-West and beyond to come and help us out with defending Bristol against said robots – They built the robots for us and we were well defended indeed. So what happened at this months meetup? Read on to find out more.


GeekOut Bristol Meet – January 8th Gallery

GeekOut Bristol has come and gone once again, with more geeks than you can shake a stick at coming to enjoy the event. But now that we’re all done, it’s time to look back at what went well and information for the next meetup. As always, thanks to everyone who came along!


Flashback: GeekOut Meetups of 2015

With our last GeekOut Bristol Meetup for 2015 on the way, I thought it’d be nice to have a quick look back at the year in GeekOut meetups. In this post, I share some of my personal favourite images of the meetups, as well as talk about how the events have gone so far this year and what I’m aiming to do next year.


GeekOut Bristol Meet 10/10/15, Gallery

“What, it’s been 10 hours already?” One of the members of the GeekOut Bristol Meet exclaimed in shock and horror. Yes, our events are getting bigger and more diverse but because of that, the time goes far too quickly. Heck, we even had some user participation in getting yesterdays Top 10 sorted out, so thank you very much to those who took part in helping me sort that one out. I think we got some great results from that.

This meetup went down the weird route, which is to be expected when the cosplay theme is horror… But alas, very few of us truly stuck to a really horrifying theme. Out of retirement a boneheaded friend of ours decided to pop back out for a final hurrah – You can really see the wear and tear of the outfit now, which will need to be addressed before he can come back out of his slumber in the future.

Let's discuss.

Let’s discuss.

The event was a huge success, with regulars and people who have travelled far and wide to come and join in the festivities. A lot of new people came and joined in with the events, a great mix of geeks of all walks of life too. Our newest games were Star Trek Catan from Amazon and Superfight, which I got from my LootCrate box recently (I bought an old box called “Play” and it was in there)!

We also once again forgot to do the challenge!! I will have to make it up to people by doing challenges over on Facebook. Well, without any further waiting around, here’s this months gallery!

Were you there, man!? WERE YOU THERE!? If you were there, then let us know in the comments below, over on Facebook and Twitter and as always, come join in the fun. We love to see people get involved with our posts and I personally love being challenged in my articles, so please do get involved. Hey, if you like what we do and wanna join in writing for us, don’t forget you can contribute. Thanks again, until next month this has been another HIGHLY successful meetup.

P.S: Tonight, I will put details for November AND December up on Facebook and Meetup. You’ve been warned. Also, someone at this event lost a glasses case. I’ve got it safe and sound, there’s a post on getting it back from me.