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Top 10 – Necromancers

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“A Necromancer! I hoped I’d never have to lay my eyes on one of your kind again” – Gheed.

Yes, the Necromancer is a powerful spellcaster who is capable of bringing the dead back to life. With a penchant for the macabre, these dark magicians are able to manipulate bone, flesh and even go so far as to cause disease and further. Typically though, we’re going for those who bring the dead back to life. As such, we’re not focusing on disease or any of those aspects of this dark art.

So buckle up and get ready, for it’s time that we count down our Top 10 Necromancers. (more…)

Top 10 – Severed Heads

GeekOut Top 10s

Next on the chopping block, a Top 10 that springs to mind when thinking of Hallowe’en. It was necks to impossible to pick from our examples, but we made some real headway and have ranked some examples that are truly head and shoulders above the rest and it’s heads, it’s severed, decapitated, removed from the body heads. You already knew that from the title, no need for the puns, after all if you read the title…

You’re already ahead of the punchline. (more…)

Top 10 Shocking Deaths

When you’re engrossed in a work of fiction, nothing is certain. From what direction the antagonists are going to take the story, to the sudden, tragic loss of a major character that you’re deeply invested in. Many of us have watched series, played games, or read books where a character is taken away from us just far too soon. We’re here to share with all of you our Top 10 Shocking Deaths in all forms of media.

GeekOut Top 10s (more…)

Review – Game Of Thrones Season 7

Winter has come. It has kicked down the door and is making itself at home despite the fact that we’ve called the police and are cradling a knife for fear that winter does something unpredictable, but all it’s doing is drinking a beer it brought with it and asking if we’re feeling ok.

That’s a bit of a belaboured metaphor, but I’m going somewhere with it. This has been the shortest season of Game of Thrones to date, in fact this and the remaining season are supposed to constitute a single super-season that brings the series that has now wandered from the Song of Ice and Fire source material rather dramatically. Gone are the magic horns Dragonbinder and the Horn of Winter, gone are half the characters, and the rich prophetic and psychological elements of Martin’s epic that inspired the watered down show. (more…)

Top 10 – Dangerous Elderly Characters

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Rule #1: Do not act incautiously when confronted by bald, wrinkly, smiling men.

This rule applies to all elderly people who smile knowingly in the face of danger. It’s always worth listening to walking sticks to check for hidden swords, or observe hairpins for potential weaponization. Are those slippers for shambling slowly to the bathroom, or for whupping young whipper snappers into shape? Do they still have their own teeth? Either way it’s bad news.

Join us as we take register of the residents of this old folks dojo and secret underground retirement facility. This is our Top 10 Dangerous Elderly Characters.

Top 10 Family Feuds

GeekOut Top 10s

Blood is thicker than water, but to be honest there’s no circumstance in which being thicker is better… except in sandwiches, and we all know that blood doesn’t keep us from conflict. In fact fighting in a family is often more brutal than a standard grudge match, there’s always history, and the feelings get hurt long before the bruises show.

So far as storytelling goes there’s rarely more bitter rivals, or more hated nemeses than a parent or sibling. Join us as we take a look at games, films, television, literature and more to find the Top 10 Family Feuds.


Game of Thrones – “Shall We Begin”

The culturally dominant phenomenon that has brought a whole new audience to the fantasy genre by implementing human drama, social and political commentary, Game of Thrones is finally coming to an end before the final book is even released. This may be for the best, as rather important chunks of the books have been skipped over or shoehorned in last minute (cough~Euron Greyjoy) and so we may end up with two rather different finales; George R.R. Martin has said that he’s used the television series to toy with new ideas, and what a way to add one final upset.

Loose ends are coming together. We ended the last series with all the major players stepping onto the board, as though every moment before it were only backstory, and every moment of this new season’s premier lists the first moves. Also the wardrobe has gone a shade or three darker than it was before. Here is the Game in action, a Spoiler Warning is in full effect. (more…)

Top 10 – Characters Who Shouldn’t Have Bothered

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Don’t you hate it when you’re all hyped up for a fight; only to find out that you’re so severely outclassed, that you really shouldn’t have actually mustered up the energy to make your way there? Or when you’re surrounded by people who are constantly just… better than you? This is when you’re so seriously out of your league, that you’re basically walking to your death, or your own obscurity. Welcome back to our Top 10 readers, where this week we look at our Top 10 characters who shouldn’t have bothered. (more…)

Top 10 Words & Phrases

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Words and phrases – They’re powerful aren’t they? From a simple please, to a rallying war cry, words mean a lot to people, whether you want to admit it or not. But some words and phrases linger with us, some stick through the fandoms and get mixed into the real world. Although you can never beat the original context, there’s so many words and phrases we use thanks to our favourite fandoms, that today we’re going to celebrate our Top 10 of them.


Wales Comic Con 2016

Glyndwr University Wrexham has become the host to one of the biggest local geek events, a pretty heavily star studded comic convention that dabbles into most of those fandoms and fields that we hold dear.

I’ve been to a lot of MCM Comic Cons in Telford, a mini version of the ones you may know from Birmingham or London, basically a big pay-to-enter open market with everything you could ever want to buy, much to see and famous faces to meet, and yet I don’t think I’m quite so taken with MCMs efforts as I am with Wales Comic Con. I only attended a few hours of the Saturday, so there’s not as much to discuss about WCC as there is about a Kitacon or a Amecon, but…

Well let’s start by saying that two hours in the freezing cold, knees going rigid, nose numb, and all remaining body heat lost to the icy hands of a loved one, accompanied by a cold and dry bacon sandwich sold at an only slightly inflated price, watching as those who paid beforehand shuffle keenly into the embrace of central heating, it all serves as a valuable lesson to buy your tickets in advance and dress/cosplay warm. Still, not enough to put me off giving it a shot, especially with the help of a caring friend bearing hot beverages.


Inside the whole campus is unrecognisable, not that long ago I saw the entry foyer full of graduating students, now awash with cosplayers. Banners mark the lecture theatres as event halls for the live Q&A sessions scheduled constantly throughout the day filled with panels of celebrities from various TV shows. I made it to an hour with Ian McElhinney, Tom Wlaschiha, and Ian Hanmore, or Barristan Selmy, “Jaqen H’ghar” and the warlock Pyat Pree from Game of Thrones; lots of behind the scenes stories, wishful thinking, wild speculation and wishing certain characters weren’t dead (like Barristan Selmy and Pyat Pree for example), and absolutely no confirmation whatsoever that the Faceless Man would return for season seven.

Side rooms were open for gamers, one for traditional gamers, including a stall for local shop 4th Planet, and tables for anyone to come and bust out a board game or Magic deck. A full hall was filled with various consoles and PCs, including gaming tournaments and a well fenced off VR experience. Also of note, a couple of side attractions, including a mock-up of the Iron Throne and Wheely Big Cheese of the Robot Wars alumni.


A courtyard was filled with food stands including freshly made doughnuts, a double-decker gaming bus from Fragers and a shooting range, also a stand for the local owl sanctuary which got a lot of love. On the far side, a market filled with the standard memorabilia, artists and artisans, trinkets, weapons – larp and otherwise, and more. The walls were lined with stalls where guests could greet fans and sign autographs, in between photo opportunities and panels.

Then we come to everything not seen. I know there were halls I never entered, parties I didn’t go to, an entire day I didn’t attend, so clearly there’s still plenty more to do and see. I only went to one panel, but there were screenings of TV shows and films, chances to meet people that next time I think I’ll be making more of, for a start I’ll be paying ahead and getting in out of the cold. If this seems like a short review of such a huge event it’s because I squeezed as much as I could out of a short window and I feel like I’ve undersold Wales Comic Con in the process.

Still, there’s always next year. Might see you there.