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Top 10 – Intense Boss Battles


GeekOut Top 10s

Boss battles are a staple of video games, usually combining all of the skills you have learned up until this point with some extra challenge on top. They’re built in such a way to test that the player has understood the core mechanics of the game: But if you haven’t, then you’re not going to succeed (At least, not easily). These are our Top 10 Intense Boss Battles, where the rules are very simple:

  • The battle must make you feel like you’re experiencing a challenge.
  • The battle does not have to be a final boss.

We will not be focusing purely on action games: But RPGs can make an appearance. Heck, even puzzle games sometimes have an intense battle. Here we go… (more…)

August ’15 – Competition Winner

We’re keen to deliver more competitions over on the GeekOut South-West Facebook page. We’re hoping to do more with competitions too. We had a fair few responses to this months competition, but alas, there could only be one winner for this months competition. We put all the names into a hat, we shook the hat, we then threw the hat out of the window. Next we retrieved the hat, threw it into a purging fire and then went to buy a new hat.

GeekOut Competition Banner

From there, we looked inside of our brand new hat, used a magical spell or ten on it and finally we came up with the result. The winner for this months competition is:

Rox from AddAltMode

Congratulations to Rox! If you’ve all not had a chance, please check out AddAltMode, which is a wonderful website that celebrates their geekdoms in a most passionate way!

To Rox: We’ll be contacting you soon so we can sort out the transfer of all of the brilliant games in the Bandai Namco Humble Bundle.

Humble Bandai Namco Bundle

That’s it for this months competition. For the readers of GeekOut South-West, we’ll always announce the competitions on here, warning you to go and check our Facebook channel. When you get a chance to, please do go and give us a Like. We do lots of exclusive content straight to Facebook (mostly due to file sizes of some of our images!)

Competition – August ’15

This month, our competition is open to all of our fans on Facebook. If you give us a like over there, you are in with a chance of winning seven games for the price of zero! If that wasn’t cool enough, the prizes have been sourced by the Humble Bundle, meaning not only are you winning some fun games, you’re winning games that have donated to charity. This months charity is Save The Children, who does wonderful things to help children with education and safety from any harm that may come to them.

GeekOut Competition Banner

Secret Word: Snuffleupagus

This months Bundle is the Bandai Namco bundle! Amongst these seven games is the infamously tough Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition! Please note, you will need a Steam account to redeem the prizes!

How to win

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is simply find the hidden message somewhere on this page and let us know what it is, by sending us a private message on Facebook. That’s all you have to do. If you were successful, you’ll get a notification from us within 24 hours, saying you’ve been entered into the prize draw for the seven games.

Humble Bandai Namco Bundle

The competition officially starts at 3pm on Facebook, but as readers of GeekOut South-West, you can begin searching right now! Just remember to not spoil it for the others and send us a Private Message on Facebook, not a public message!

But wait, there’s more!

Currently, there are seven games up for grabs. Over the coming days and weeks, this might increase. If the Humble Bundle include more games in this months Humble Bundle, then you’ll get all the late additions, too.

So what are you waiting for? Look around the page for the hidden word today!

Cosplayer Highlight – Komplex

Welcome to Cosplayer Highlight, where we are joined by an incredible Cosplayer from the cosplay community.

Today we’re joined by a familiar face from a previous Cosplayer Highlight in Komplex from the Cosplay Duo, the British Bumpkins. We thought we’d interview these two lovely ladies separately this time around and see what’s new for each of them.

So read on for another awesome interview with an incredible member of the cosplay community.


Top 10 Dragons in Gaming

GeekOut Top 10s

We’re back ladies and gentlemen for another truly exciting Top 10, where this week we’re joined by our friend Kevin Kutlesa for another day of figuring out what should be in our top 10 and what just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Today then we’re looking at our Top 10 Dragons in Gaming. Quite an exciting feat even if we do say so ourselves. So take a deep flaming breath and be prepared to roar your scales off as we take a look what dragons are dangerous enough to make the cut!

Top10 Banner


Cosplayer Highlight – The British Bumpkins

Cosplayer Highlight

Today, we are joined not by Melmo as was originally planned; that has been re-scheduled due to real life commitments. We will be catching up with Melmo as soon as we can!

So, I reached out to what would have been next weeks interview, which was the Anime League poster Komplex. Komplex is one half of The British Bumpkins, a cosplay duo! So, after a quick chat, we decided that we would have not just Komplex but Nakigoe, the second half of The British Bumpkins, too!

We then decided that because of the users involved, we would make this not a normal interview over e-mails, but an actual spoken interview. Skype technologies permitting, gosh darn it it’s a bit late, but we got there! We got an actual recorded interview between us and The British Bumpkins!

So technical issues aside, here’s the transcript of what went down on the interview. You can click the link at the end for the actual spoken interview, but please do be aware there are some equalising issues which I’ve addressed as much as possible!


Interview with the Cosplayers – The British Bumpkins

Q: Welcome to GeekOut South-West’s first ever spoken interview! Today we don’t have one, but two awesome cosplayers, so let’s get introduced shall we?

KomplexHi, I’m Komplex or Jaz from the Anime League forums, and this is… Well… I’ll let you introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Nakigoe on the Anime League forums or Georgina in real life.

Together we’re The British Bumpkins cosplay duo!


Q: Excellent, okay then so straight away for the both of you, why cosplay?

Nakigoe – I’ve kind of always been interested in it since I’m into anime and stuff and since I was like 14 or something I thought I kind of want to do some characters but I just simply didn’t have the money and I didn’t know how to get started. I decided until I passed college I want to do this, so I asked Jaz if we were ready and then we were up for it!

– It was rather short notice!

Last year (2013) February was our first convention and so we then simply through “Yeah, let’s do this!” So we did a total of three conventions last year and we’re doing about, what, 8 this year. So, yes, we’re pretty tired but it’s kind of just… Grown from there.

Q: What made you two decide to be a cosplay partnership?

KomplexWe started out with individual cosplays and we saw loads of people who were doing groups and stuff like that, we then went to a convention as characters from the same series and we just thought “Okay, let’s do this!”

Although we still do our own stuff we like to bounce off one another, but we still do individual cosplays as we don’t always want to do the same series. We do like to pair up when we can. That way, we don’t have to decide who owns rights to what, as we get to share everything pretty equally.


Q: As a partnership do you often have disputes over what costumes you do, or are you really quite in sync with one another?

A: NakigoeWe’re quite in sync quite a lot of the time, but we have our own list of what we each want to do. We can make some individual ones and we’re sort of introducing each other to different things especially if we think we’ll be good characters from different series that each one of us likes and we just go from there really, it’s quite chilled.

Komplex – Like we did a Dark Souls cosplay back in February which didn’t quite fit together, because I’ve been a big Dark Souls fan for years now. So I said come on, let’s do a Dark Souls cosplay since there’s not much of it in the UK.


Q: Between the two of you, can you list all of the cosplays you have done or are going to do? That includes any possible cosplays.

This was a very extensive list! You can hear the whole list on the audio interview!


A: Komplex: I started out with Lady from Devil May Cry 3 and I need to redo her because it was the worst cosplay I have ever done.

Then I did a cosplay from Kingdom Hearts (Nakigoe: Which she had never played before!) then followed by Selene from Underworld which is one of my favourite film franchises. Then I moved on to doing a Dark Souls cosplay.

For this MCM we’ve just come home from I took Lucy from Elfen Lied which I went around in February in fact which was not the best idea: Let’s walk around in bandages, underwear and a lab coat in February: Genius!

Then I did a Steampunk original character this last weekend, which was great fun. We’ve got some more Dark Souls stuff down the pipeline. I am urgently looking to do Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler. I want to do Tyrael from Diablo. I would also like to do the Cheshire Cat from American McGees Alice which was pretty interesting.

Yikes, don’t mess with her on a bad day! Amazing costume work by Jaz!

: My first costume was Amaterasu from Okami. I had no idea where to begin so I had to speak to my mum and say “Help me do this?!”

I have my Steampunk attire, which is more something that I just threw together. Oh and then I did L from Death Note as well which again is something I just threw together and “Oh, it’s L!”

I really want to do Allen from D Gray Man, although which version I am not entirely sure, but probably one of his final forms. I’m trying to get Komplex into D Gray Man. I would also really like to do a semi-transformed Gaara from Naruto though I am not fully sure how I am going to do this!

I was also planning on doing Sebastian from Black Butler.

An awesome Amaterasu costume by Georgina! Many thanks to Wiggz for this amazing picture!


Q: Be it inside of cosplay or outside of cosplay, how often do you find yourselves together then? I assume you’ve been friends for some time so do you find yourselves around one another a lot?

A: Komplex – We’ve been friends for what, 11 years now?

– Ooh has it been that long?

In college we had a little phase where we were apart for 2 years because we were in different classes, but then after those 2 years we were back together for Foundation in Art and we just hit it off from there and we then started cosplaying.

Komplex – We used to spend a whole day each and every week literally entirely in each others company, just working on things together. We would spend around 10 hours a day and if we didn’t have time to finish things off, we’d do 2-3 days in a week together so we could finish it.

Um, have they been together too long!? Don’t do it Nakigoe!


Q: One thing that’s apparent is that you two have incredible chemistry together. So as individuals, what are you both like, away from cosplay now?

Komplex – I’m pretty cranky, to be honest. I’m fairly anti-social when I’m sort of not in the cosplay zone. I’m very much fond of my own space, I like peace and quiet, I don’t like lots of noise and I spend most of my alone time either reading or just playing on my PS3 to be honest. I used to be a PC gamer, but I got fed up of having to upgrade all the time.

Nakigoe – I’m generally just a really relaxed sort of person, I have too much patience for everything and I say “yeah I’ll do whatever.” I like to lounge in my dressing gown, play on the PS3 and watch some anime… I’m generally quite laid back.

Komplex– I’m the stress-head.

We’ve got enough cross-over and we balance each other out, we’re not too polarised but when we are, we’re the kind of polarised that does level.

– Cause basically when she gets all cranky, I just chill her out!


Q: Conventions again, they’re very busy and they’re filled with many cosplayers and cosplay photographers such as TPJerematic who is on the Anime League forums. How often do you get pictures taken separately, or do you always aim to try and get yours taken together?

A: Nakigoe – It entirely depends on the cosplays really.

Komplex – Yeah if we’re in entirely different cosplays then we tend to get taken more separately. However if we’re in more of a match, we do try to get ours taken together.

Komplex – Although it does sort of cross-over as sometimes you get

This last convention we got a very large amount each, solo as well I think. Previously, as I’m the more low effort, I normally fall back a bit quite a bit. This time, everybody went mental for my shoes which I thought was quite a novel experience.

So generally, we’re fairly equal but occasionally we do get the odd thing which catches peoples eyes which is to do with a particular outfit.

These two amazing cosplayers in the same picture! Once again, thanks to the amazing Wiggz for this amazing picture.


Q: Other than cosplay, what geekdoms do you guys follow, I mean how important are they to you and how passionate are you about them?

Komplex – The majority of my geekdoms come under the gaming side of things. I do watch some anime, but not a lot. I think I’ve probably watched 4 or 5 anime in my life–

Nakigoe – More than that..?

Komplex– Not… Fully finished. But, my main geekdom is probably things like the Souls series which I am helplessly in love with. But yeah, other than that, I’m watching Game of Thrones at the moment. I would have formerly said I am a bit of a book geek, but I don’t think I am as much of that any more. I mean I love the Harry Potter series and The Witcher saga!

So I don’t have masses of geekdoms, but that said, it is where all my interests are. I’m not like hyperactive… I’m passionate but I am passionate in my own way.

Nakigoe – Whereas I am more into the anime stuff, as well as the gaming stuff. D Gray Man is one of my favourite series, I am really passionate about that and that’s why I’d really like to cosplay characters from that.

There are a lot of other animes like Pokemon, which was my childhood so I love it. Generally, I love all of the fantasy realm and all things that take you on a new journey. I find it all really interesting. I just like to put myself in their worlds for a minute and just think about all the things I could do in it.


Q: Finally, you are both this weeks “Super Sensei Guru”! So a cosplayer is looking to cosplay with a friend. What advice do you give to them?

A: First of all, make sure you find something you have some common ground on. If somebody is really not warm on the idea of a cosplayer and you are trying to push them into it, it’s not going to work.

Most importantly, you have to do a cosplay that you are both comfortable with doing as if you are uncomfortable with doing something, you’re not going to have a very good time.

One point about comfort in cosplays in general really, not even just a group thing: If you don’t feel comfortable in a cosplay, then just leave it at home and wait until you do feel more comfortable in your body or whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable about it. There’s a lot to be said about having the right people with you.

If you’re with a group of people that you feel comfortable with, then that truly helps more than you could imagine. It helps to have someone to back you up. Unfortunately, there are some people who will make you feel uncomfortable, although they are few and far between.

Lucy from Elfen Lied – You can see why she might not want to be walking around at night like this! Thanks goes to Broyna Flynn for this excellent photoshoot!

This is especially true outside of a convention. At Alcon last year, as we were walking back to our hotel there was a group of 5-6 of us. A group of guys came out from a pub nearby and they walked extremely close to us. Whether or not it was because of the cosplay, is neither here nor there, the fact I had someone there with me to walk behind me just made me feel a lot more safe.

Don’t let yourself be put off by the threat of other people, but wear something you feel secure in. If you are nervous, just try not to be affected by it.



I’d like to thank the team of The British Bumpkins for their awesome interview with us. Please do check out the whole interview below (Sorry for the changing audio levels, perhaps I’ll re-address this at some point in the near future?)

So, we learned a lot of interesting things! Be secure in yourself and with the people that join you at a convention. It’s all well and good wearing just bandages, underwear and a lab coat, but please make sure you are with others if you go outside of the convention grounds! You don’t want some people walking right up behind you if you’re alone now, do you? I can only imagine, especially at night time, how frightening a situation that can be.

Please do check out The British Bumpkins DeviantArt page. What do you think about the idea of cosplaying in a group or with your best friend/s? I think it’s a great idea. I in general like to go to conventions with at least one other person, as I do like to have my “Safety blanket” of having someone I know I can have a good long chat with.

Please join us next week for our next Cosplayer Highlight, where we’ll be taking another awesome cosplayer from the Anime League forums!