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DMing 101 – Choosing Your Rules


I use the term DM or Dungeon Master to describe those running role-plays because my preferred set of rules is Dungeons & Dragons, but I’ve dabbled in many a game system, discussed others at length, and even made some efforts into making my own. With the explosion of diversity in rules spanning genres, creating worlds or plunging players into worlds they’ve always wanted to explore, but so often you’ll find there’s something missing, or that your chosen campaign doesn’t match up with the rules at hand.

You can alter, add to or even create rules if you’re feeling really brave, but there’s a market out there worth researching, and it’s a fun experience. (more…)


Quotes From The Tabletop

Hello once again everyone,

So you may have seen a few references on this site to me having gone to a convention earlier in the year and saying “Boy, golly gosh, that was a damn good time!” or something along those lines. If you haven’t, you clearly have stumbled upon a website you’ve not stumbled upon before.

Whilst at AyaCon, I stumbled across a chap who happened to want to sell me some things. No he didn’t, he wanted to get word of his site out there. So I’ve been talking with the guy, pretty decent fellow all around and hey, I decided I’d show his site to all the people who have read this site!



Or if you don’t want to use the QR code, just go to and share your own quotes from the Tabletop.

Or why not read some other quotes? I’ve put some from my campaigns on there :)