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Minesweeper Adventure Mode

So, did you guys know that Minesweeper has an adventure mode?

I think I play Minesweeper the same way normal people play sudoku, although I still play sudoku from time to time. It’s a quick, mostly logic-based puzzle solver that requires next to no thought to play, especially once you know roughly what patterns to look for. After a while you can play with a kind of numbness, flying your way through the basics, hit the isolated corners, learn to spot quickly where you can fill out large clusters and then open up the cells that you’ve eliminated… I feel like this might all be gibberish, we’ve all played Minesweeper here, right? (more…)


Let’s Play: Dungeon Keeper!

It’s good to be bad… That’s the motto of the game, as we delve deeper into another dungeon game, but this time – Instead of defeating enemies in the dungeons, we are the bad guys. We’re running our own dungeons, from Imps and Demon Spawn to the simple Fly and the legendary Horned Reaper, we’re playing the classic Bullfrog dungeon building title, Dungeon Keeper. Join Timlah through this new Let’s Play series!