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GameBlast19: What To Expect on Saturday 23rd February 2019

Another year has passed us by and GameBlast is upon us again. Our friends Kim and Pete over at Later Levels are hard at work preparing a massive stream filled with a variety of games for a whopping 24-hour game fest. I’m always spurred on by these kinds of initiatives, so naturally I wanted to help out in any way I could. Now that GameBlast is tomorrow, we’ve arranged how we fit into all of this!



GameBlast 2016

What do video games and charity have in common? SpecialEffect and their GameBlast events: A video game stream for charity, that’s what! On February 26th to February 28th, a continuous stream will be happening from the Gamely Giving group, set up by 1001Up. Those who attended the last GeekOut Meetup will have heard me stick my hand out and say that I’m part of this stream, for a wholesome 5 hours (potentially more!) So what will I be doing for my part of GameBlast 2016?


Tip of The Hats, TF2 Charity Event

Video games and charity; two things that have gone together hand-in-hand over the past few years, and for good reason. The gaming community has, time and time again, proven to be one of the most effective, most ambitious and most generous when it comes to fund-raising and this is perfectly exemplified by Tip of the Hats, an annual 48-hour stream event run by the Team Fortress 2 community, bringing the best names and personalities of both the casual and competitive scenes together under one banner and one cause: to raise as much money as possible for One Step Camp. If you’ve heard of it, you understand the hype. If you haven’t, dear reader, you’re in luck; this year’s event is coming up very soon indeed, on the weekend of the 19th-20th of September.


Hack Cancer

Since today is a technology day and later we’ll be looking at how to recreate a websites looks entirely in Web Wednesdays project, let’s make today a full day of technology. I recently found out about this campaign via Twitter and I was immediately interested in knowing more about it. This article is about Hack Cancer, a hackathon to raise money for cancer research.

Hackathons are a chance for developers to get together, to create software solutions within a set period of time. Not just developers, but graphic designers and UI designers too. The point is, people get together to create software and create some truly genius software. This event is all in the name of Cancer research.


This hackathon is supporting two charities, Cancer Research UK which I previously did a Dryathlon for (early 2014) and Teenage Cancer Trust. These are two really great causes and the 24 hour hackathon on the 10th-11th of October has one theme: to create a Cancer Beater. Once these projects have begun, the idea is to keep working to beat cancer through working collaboratively on projects until the finals in 2016.

It’s a really worthy cause that I wanted to help spread some general awareness on. As I wrote off to the team to see if I could find out more, I had the priviledge of being allowed to join the Hack Cancer Slack team, which is really easy to get into if you’re a passionate developer. If you feel you’re a developer who finds this interesting, get in touch with the Hack Cancer guys today!


They’re looking for sponsors to help make the event a truly memorable experience. So far, the amount of work they have put in is phenomenal. The hackathon day will take place at the Google Campus in Shoreditch, so if you’re free at midday on Saturday 10th, do go by and support the men and women who will be hacking away in the name of beating Cancer sooner.

I’ll be keeping my eye on this, so please do let us know what you think about the event in the comments below, over on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to check out Hack Cancer’s Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as their website. The website is still being built, so give that some time and hopefully there’ll be more information on there. In the mean time, watch this space guys – It’s time that tech beats Cancer.