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Hero Master – By Jamie Noble – Kickstarter

Jamie Noble Frier, also known as The Noble Artist, is a digital artist hailing from Sussex and is now turning his hand to board game design, with his first major foray: Hero Master. I met Jamie at UK Games Expo and he very kindly offered to give me a personal tour through the game as it stood, using Tabletop Simulator. After much time wrangling between the two of us, we finally got it scheduled in and I asked Nathan to join us digitally. The result of this is over two hours of video taken from that playthrough that we need to condense, do a voiceover for and release on our YouTube channel. Video aside, Jamie’s Kickstarter is now up and running and we thought it would be a great time to do a little overview of the game, which in my opinion is well worth buying.



MicroBrew by One FreeElephant – Kickstarter

I’ve had a preview copy of MicroBrew since I went to Airecon, after I spoke to Nigel from One Free Elephant; a board game company based in Scotland. We spoke for a bit about their release last year of the cute mining game, Ore Some, along with their most recent venture at the time, Carcosa. Nigel very kindly offered me a chance to beta test MicroBrew and now that they have gone live with their Kickstarter, it’s a great time to tell you all about it.


RPG Supplement Review: L’gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures

There’ve been countless times where I’ve ran a campaign and gone “actually, I really could do with creating a custom creature”. Usually because I’ve been playing a game where the scenario is so far out there, that the confines of Dungeons and Dragons dicates I should be reaching far outside of it to get something more fitting. I’ve had grand wars between gods with my players being in the middle of the fights, I’ve also had to get people to fight off flaming dire wolves. However, sometimes, your mind draws a blank and you need more inspiration. That’s where monster compendiums such as L’gats Tome of Amazing Creatures comes in.


MireMarsh – Kickstarter product preview

In the first part of my UK Games Expo Kickstarter roundup, I mentioned a game involving Goblins by Room 17 games called Miremarsh. Now that the Kickstarter is live I listened back to the play through that I recorded at UKGE this year and wanted to give my full opinion on it. As per usual, we would like to remind you that this is a Kickstarter Campaign and as such things can change, so some of the information here may be out of date by the time the game is published.


Kickstarter Highlight – Strongholds and Streaming by Matt Colville

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Kickstarter article, but here’s one that caught me by the eye and the wallet.

I may have mentioned that I am a fan of Matthew Colville, a writer, DM, and YouTuber and the writer of the Critical Role official comic book. I may have mentioned it repeatedly to anyone who will listen. So when I discover he has a Kickstarter in mind I was all kinds of ready to lay my money on the table, it would inevitably be Dungeons & Dragons oriented, and worth the money.

Strongholds and Streaming is a two-part project:


Game Preview: Death Wish

So, first of all, we want to say massive congratulations to Jason from Sketchy Games on his recent successful Kickstarter campaign finally raising a massive £21,000 from an original target of £10,000 from 654 backers. The  game is due to be printed sometime this year with the copies due to be shipped sometime in January 2017. The print and play version is designed for 2-5 players and has 141 cards which consist of:


Roll20 Campaigns

Roll20I’ve briefly discussed the website Roll20 on here in the past, but I’ve never looked at the system for running or playing on a campaign. Recently, I have been getting involved in a Numenera campaign with some friends. Whilst I won’t be showing anything that’s happening from that campaign, I will show you what Roll20 does and how you can make the most out of the amazing tabletop platform.

Roll20 was designed to allow people across the world to have a virtual tabletop. Unlike Tabletop Simulator, Roll20 aims to provide an easy way to integrate your camera and microphone, as well as an environment fit for running an RPG campaign. It’s used by tens of thousands of people and the community is really buzzing, full of wonderful campaigns and rooms ready for people to jump right into.

Looking For Group Roll20

To play a game in Roll20, you have two main options: Form a group with your friends, as you would in real life and have one of them be the DM, or use the Looking For Group system. This matchmaking system simply allows you to find and select a game to go and join. Of course, DMs can decide not to put their game on the LFG system, so it’s not like you’ll always be running a campaign and some random person shows up!

Okay, but what about for the DMs and the players? Thankfully, whenever you need to do a roll, you can do this within the Roll20 Campaign itself, by simply going to the chatbox and typing in /r d20. That will roll one 20-sided dice, which is useful to know, but as you can imagine, just rolling one 20-sided dice alone isn’t particularly useful. Instead, you can do combinations of things such as /r 5d6 to roll five 6-sided dice. It’s an intuitive system and you can have 3D dice appear on your screen to accommodate it, should you want so see something physically rolling. You can also make macros of your spells and abilities. For example, if I said I wanted to use Firebolt, which was 2d8 with a 50% chance of burning, I could have it so my character says out loud: Firebolt! Rolls 2d8 and immediately after rolls a d2. This speeds up the flow of gameplay, allowing you all to focus more on the story.


I rolled a few too many…

In the world itself, you can build up your campaigns by managing the three layers: Tokens, Maps and Tiles, Portraits and there’s also an Everything option. This allows you to search the internet for specific things. For example, in the campaign I’ve been building as an example, you’ll see Pikachu and Dugtrio standing on Kanto. The Kanto map was put into the Maps and Tiles slot, whereas the Pikachu and Dugtrio are on the Tokens layer.

It’s very possible for DMs to set up the whole game before it becomes available. Do you see the Meowth just above Pikachu, who is somewhat transparent? He’s like that because he’s on the DM layer, a way for a DM to set up a game before his party comes to play. When that Pesky Pikachu comes just close enough, Meowth will emerge from the shadows and start off a Pokemon battle… I mean RPG battle.

Epic Battle

Not only this, you can put music in your game, to make it that much more epic. Of course, for this Pokemon themed adventure staring Pikachu who wants to go and defeat the infamous Dugtrio trio (How do I ever think these things up?) I chose a battle theme absolutely befitting this situation…

Powered by Soundcloud

Along with this, you can build up characters, including their character sheets, so the game itself can reference these characters. It’s particularly useful to build up your characters before you start playing, as otherwise you’ll have to make them when playing your campaign: and no body wants to sit there and wait for you. Whilst an impromptu character is of course different, if you have main characters, prepare them before your campaign starts and the whole experience becomes seamless and almost interruption free. Unless you’re like me and you happen to keep playing music at people…

Create Campaign

Okay, so I’ve given you a rather cheesy look through the Roll20 system. You can add music, you can add materials and now thanks to the way they’ve continuously developed the system, you can choose from the start a template for your campaign. This means you can build a game off another game, or you can just use the free template character sheets. You select all of these extra options back when you’re making the campaign.

To see more with Roll20 please do go and check it out for yourself – It’s free to use, but you get more features such as the powerful scripting API, if you become a mentor or a backer at some level. it seems that since I last wrote about Roll20, there have been numerous things added in (Such as the built in character sheets, for one!) It’s apparent to me there is a great community behind Roll20 so please check out the wiki for more information on using it. Do you use this service? What do you think about doing a tabletop RPG over the internet? As always, please put your comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think of this awesome web platform.


Kickstarter Highlight – Tabletop Towns Sci-Fi Tiles

Do you like Sci-Fi?

Do you like tabletop gaming?

Do you like tabletop gaming with tiles as a visual way to represent your worlds? Then look no further, welcome back to Kickstarter Highlight.


Tabletop Towns – SciFi Tiles Phase One


What is it?

Those of you who have been reading this website for a while will be aware of one of our longest standing series of 2014, the Kickstarter Highlight series. It was during the duration of the highlight posts that we found out about Julian G Hicks, a guy who was producing some sci-fi storage containers for his soon to be launched Tabletop Towns tiles.

He’s back once more with Phase One of his Sci-Fi Tiles Kickstarter Campaign, which you can check out here. This time, he was after just £950 which he has already passed at nearly £1250 as of the time of writing.


These are simply double-sided 3″ square plasti-card floor plan tiles. That might sound like a lot of gobbledegook at first, but basically these are 3″ by 3″ square tiles which are used as floor plans for your tabletop RPG campaigns and skirmishes. Being double sided and with all of the different tiles and products within the Tabletop Towns repertoire, you can truly begin to imagine this is going to become a large range of products for Tabletop Towns.

Heck, what if you just wanted to design your own game and wanted a visual way to design it? These would give great visual feedback for the novice game designer, so it’s worth noting how these could have more uses than first meets the eye.


What do they need funding for?

Well the £950 the creators were requesting were to guarantee the first production-ready print run of these tile sets. The money will also be going towards paying for the art that is on the tiles.

It’s a really small ask for some really beautifully presented tabletop campaign tiles.

What are the backer rewards?

  • Pledge £18 or more

    Single: set of 24 scifi geomorphs, doublesided plus 12/18 door strips

    Pledge £33 or more

    Single+: set of 24 scifi geomorphs, doublesided plus 12/18 door strips
    Plus set of 8 Hab Units with wraps and windows

    Pledge £35 or more

    Double: Double set of 24 scifi geomorphs, doublesided plus 12/18 door strips
    48 3″ square tiles

    Pledge £59 or more

    Quad: Quad set of 24 scifi geomorphs, doublesided plus 12/18 door strips
    96 3″ square tiles

    Pledge £60 or more

    Double+: Double set of 24 scifi geomorphs, doublesided plus 12/18 door strips
    48 3″ square tiles
    Plus set of 16 Hab Units with wraps and windows

    Pledge £99 or more

    Quad+: Quad set of 24 scifi geomorphs, doublesided plus 12/18 door strips
    96 3″ square tiles
    Plus set of 32 Hab Units with wraps and windows

    Pledge £110 or more

    Reseller Single X10
    Single: set of 24 scifi geomorphs, doublesided plus 12/18 door strips

    Pledge £200 or more

    Reseller Single + X10

    Single+:  set of 24 scifi geomorphs, doublesided plus 12/18 door strips
    Plus set of 8 Hab Units with wraps and windows

Hopefully this gives you a small idea as to the sorts of products the Tabletop Towns Kickstarter Campaigns will be delivering in future. Have you ever used tiles for your tabletop campaigns? Have you pledged towards these campaigns in the past?

As always, please leave your comments below, or over on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll see you all next time for another creative Kickstarter Highlight!

Kickstarter Reflection – Men vs Cosplay

Do you remember a little while back, we did a Kickstarter Highlight post covering a calendar over on Kickstarter? The calendar featured men who do cosplaying, who are often an overlooked half of the cosplay community. The calendar would take pictures of male cosplayers as well as giving a little bit of information about them, all in a professional and highly creative photoshoot styled theme of Heroes vs Villains.

Men vs Cosplay was promoting a Calendar for 2015. The funds would go towards paying the Cosplayers photoshoots, travel to photoshoots or paying the photographers for the rights to the picture. There was a lot of preparation work behind this as you can imagine and it seems as if they had already gotten the majority of their model cosplayers picked and chosen before the campaign had begun.


Interview with Mangatellers

We love a good interview here, especially when it’s with some brilliant content creators. Today is no exception. Last week we did our last Kickstarter Highlight for the year, which was about Remember ur Nature (R.u.N), a shonen styled manga about parkour. This week then, we’re following in our urban running adventures to get to know the team behind R.u.N, Mangatellers.

I’ve been talking to Fillis quite regularly and I’ve been learning a lot about the team and their desire to create great content. So be prepared as we look to get geeky, have a look at some manga, talk about their Kickstarter campaign, get festive and then get advice for the rest of us.

Interview with Mangatellers


1) Welcome to GeekOut South-West! Can you first introduce the team and who you all are?

Hello GeekOut South-West!

Mangatellers are Hatzopoulos Kariofyllis Chris, and Voutsidis Raphael. We’re the screenplay writers/creators and producers of the manga series we publish. The other two members of the team are Lagouvardos Manos, the main artist and Efimidis Nikitas, the 3D graphic Designer/assistant artist.

2) It’s fair to say that the Mangatellers crew have been extremely busy with their Kickstarter campaign. Can you explain the inspiration behind your shonen-esque R.u.N?

It’s true that we are really busy with the promotion of our Kickstarter campaign for R.u.N. Volume #1, which is a shonen sports manga about Parkour in Japan. It’s our first time joining a crowdfunding platform and it’s really stressful, but we are positive for the final outcome!

All the members of Mangatellers Team are fans of shonen manga. We the writers especially love; Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and Fairy Tail, but our passion are sports manga, like Hajimme No Ippo, Hakyui, Kuroko No Basket, Eyeshield 21 and Air Gear. Sports manga have a different feeling in them and it’s very challenging to create a sports story, which will intrigue the crowd!


3) When did you decide you needed to turn to Kickstarter to help your manga reach new audiences?

Kickstarter is currently the best crowd-funding platform for comics. We haven’t seen a lot of Kickstarter manga campaigns though. All the funds that the campaign will raise, if it is successful, will be used to cover the printing cost for R.u.N. Volume #1 and of course the shipping cost to the backers worldwide. The amount of money we needed may seem big for an independent team, but Greece has a heavy taxation system and with the Kickstarter fees a big portion of the funds will go there. Also crowd-funding isn’t very popular in Greece, that’s why we chose Kickstarter to reach new audiences from across the seas.

4) What was the driving factor behind being a Greece-based manga team?

Indeed! We are a Greek team, which creates Japanese manga! 

The driving factor is our love for this art form and our passion for the Japanese Tradition and Pop Culture. That’s why we are officially working with the Japanese Embassy in Greece. The Cultural Section of the Japanese Embassy in Greece has acknowledged our efforts to promote manga in Europe and to organize events related to Japanese Pop Culture, Tradition and Art.

Also the anime and manga community in Greece is very active lately and it is expanding. We are happy to see a rapid development in our country regarding our beloved hobbies.


5) How did the Mangatellers team first meet?

We (Fillis and Raphael) have been best friends since kindergarten! We have known each other for a very long time and our love for anime and manga started at an early age. When we graduated from high school we decided to study screenplay writing and direction tutorials on our own. After four years of reading and studying, we decided to write the screenplay for R.u.N. and become an official team.

In 2010 we met Manos Lagouvardos in a Greek convention. Manos had published the first Volume of his personal work, Galaxia. His art style was amazing and we decided to reach out to him and propose for him to become the team’s main artist. When Manos read the screenplay of our works, he gladly accepted the position of the main manga-ka and together we have published two manga one-shots (“Wifi Wars” and “Thessaloniki Through Time”), followed by eight chapters of R.u.N.

In 2010 we started working with Nikitas Efimidis, because we wanted a graphic designer for our site. Nikita’s passion for anime and manga was also huge and that’s why he started working with us.

Finally in 2012 we reached Elijah K, who is the music composer of our team in order to create a song for the animated intro of our second manga series Mythos.

Mythos is currently under development. Since 2012 Elijah K has composed numerous songs for our site and he is the main composer of nine tracks of R.u.N. OST, which we give as a prize in most of the perks of our Kickstarter Campaign.


6) Here on GeekOut South-West, we are fascinated by peoples passion for all that is geek. What other geeky interests do you all have?

We love movies and video games! Raphael loves playing League of Legends and watching anime series and movies. His personal favourite anime is Hunter X Hunter and his favourite movies and books are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Game of Thrones! Fillis loves playing video games in general, especially J-RPGs and his favourite anime series is Hajimme No Ippo. He is also a huge fan of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

7) We are in the festive mood here, so do you have any plans for the Christmas holidays?

Yeah! Same here. We are planning to publish a Christmas mini manga for the Kickstarter campaign. Other than that we are spending Christmas Holidays with our loved ones and our families.


8) Why did you make R.u.N free for everyone to read online before this campaign?

We want to share with everyone our stories online for free. We want readers to have full access to the online content. The printing versions of our stories have the form of a collectible that the true fans would like to have.

It’s not easy for anyone to accept that a Greek team can create Original Japanese Manga stories. What’s more is that it’s a team that seeks funding for their manga! We believe that the viewer should first read our work and then if he/she likes it, then donate!

9) Before we wrap up this interview, what ways can we keep up with the Mangatellers team?

You can always check our site: Mangatellers.

You can also follow us via social media!
Twitter: @Mangatellers,
DeviantArt: Mangatellers Deviantart

And watch our videos in our youtube channel!

10) Finally you are our Super Sensei Guru for this week and a new group of manga-ka are looking for advice about running their own manga. They want to know more about an effective team for their series, what makes Mangatellers such a good team?

Friendship, effort, lots of research and luck. We spend countless hours researching stuff for our stories and we are lucky enough to have in our team such talented artists as Manos, Nkitas and Elijah! All the members of Mangatellers are friends, who are trying hard to accomplish their dream!

We wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I’d like to extend my thanks to the whole of the Mangatellers team as well as wishing them a merry Christmas, along with a happy new year!

So once more we’ve had an exclusive interview with great content creators. We hope you’ve all enjoyed looking at the artwork from R.u.N. as well as hearing what the Mangatellers team had to say. Remember, their comic is online for free for everyone to read, so what’s stopping you from reading it?

Have you read R.u.N.? What did you think of it? Do you like the direction the team have gone in? As always, please comment below and we’ll see you again soon.

Merry Christmas everybody!