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Top 10 – Alternative Christmas Films

GeekOut Top 10s

Ho, ho, ho… OF DEATH! I mean that’s one interpretation of today’s title, indeed. This is our Top 10 list of Alternative Christmas Films, which means we’re looking for a Christmas film that isn’t about the spirit of Christmas, at least not directly. Christmas may be present and may be a major part of it, but the film should not have it be the sole focus. Now, since it’s Christmas Eve today, here’s our gift to you! (more…)


Film Review – Santa’s Slay

So they say that when Santa comes down the chimney, he’ll either get stuck or bring with him some gifts and goodies. Just make sure to lay out some cookies and some milk, or something along those lines and he’ll be appeased. Granted, appeasing Santa might be the last thing you want to do when he’s going around murdering people just for his own entertainment. This is my review of Santa’s Slay, a Christmas horror film.