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Top 10 Rehashed Ideas

Creative minds are constantly finding ways to make a new story, or to tell something in a brand new, highly imaginative way. Except for these guys who have decided to use the easiest cop-out in the world and just rehash an idea that’s already out there. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad, rehashing an idea is a sign that either something was such a good idea it had to be done again, or a lack of an imagination.

With this in mind, we’ve had a long and hard think, then we had a long and hard think and then we had a long and hard think. Now that we’ve thought about it a few times, we wrote a list then we wrote a list. We compared our new list to the original list and boom, we made our Top 10 Rehashed Ideas list. Be warned, we’re not on about a series that’s happened time and time again, but rather a concept that has been reused. Read on to see what makes it in. (more…)


DMing 101 – Being Bad

Ahh, it’s good to be back!

It has been around a year now since my first article here, indeed my first article anywhere, so it seems only right to revisit my favourite topic, and a particular subject I’ve been looking forward to discussing.

Welcome back you lovely lovely people!



Murder hobos is an affectionate term for player characters. These are people for whom reckless endangerment is a way of life. They sleep outdoors, kill en masse with the most tenuous motivation, and no matter how much money they accrue throughout their career they will never buy so much as a house, or even open a bank account. (more…)