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Top 10 Shonen Anime

GeekOut Top 10s

Anime! It’s a little crazy, it’s a little zany and usually it’s usually full of action! We love action here, so this week I got with Kevin Kutlesa from The Mental Attic, where we decided to have a sit down chat about anime – and more importantly, anime that we would have loved as a teenager. Some of these have been around for ages; whereas some of them came and went. Either way, these are our Top 10 Shonen Anime!



Koro-Sensei – My CosPlan

What does an Octopus, Mach 20 and teaching have in common? Of course, Koro-Sensei, the sole premise of Assassination Classroom. Wait, not Koro-Sensei… Koro-Timlah?! Read on to find out what I will be attempting for February‘s GeekOut Meetup.


Timlahs’ Cosplay Projects of 2016

Cosplay is still a major passion of mine, something that I go through a roller-coaster of emotions for. In the New Year, I intend to be doing a few new costumes and picking up the slack on ones I’ve sort of left by the side. These are my costume plans for the New Year, along with what characters you should expect me to be working on.


Top 10 Best of 2015

This week, we had to flip a coin as we were at a tie between the Top 10 Spherical Objects and this list. Either that, or we would have went for what I would have suggested: The Top 10 Best Spherical Objects of 2015… But that was a bit of a mouthful to say. This list won the toss and boom, we’re doing a list on our personal Best of 2015. Now, before we get into this one, let’s just explain what we mean by Best of 2015.

To be the best, it’s got to be appreciated above all the rest. These are things that Joel and I have both experienced in some way, shape or form and we’ve put their categories down so you can see for yourself what’s what. We do a lot of different things here on GeekOut, so this was quite a tough one for us both. Still, we think we’ve made a strong, comprehensive list and I hope you can agree with some of them for yourself. There’s some things which are very GeekOut orientated, but most of the things on here are general and can be appreciated by everyone. Let’s go for it, for the last Top 10 of 2015. (more…)

Assassination Classroom – End of Season 1

I’ve been watching Assassination Classroom season 1 for the past… well 22 weeks now. I’ve been amazed at the quality of the first season of it and thought I’d just spend today reminiscing over the series so far by talking about some of the stand-out characters and some basic plot premise. Don’t worry, I will not be revealing any spoilers, just simply talking about the show and the characters within it.


Assassination Classroom

Recently, I was at Waterstones, just looking through all of the books that were available. As part of World Book Week, I thought to myself: Hey, no one said anything about reading manga during World Book Week! This manga has only recently (as of December 2014) came out to the UK, thanks to Viz Media. But how does this comic series stand out from other manga and is it worth reading?

First and foremost, as the title suggests, this is about a classroom for assassinations. Literally, they are teaching kids to become better assassins, in order to stop an alien who can travel at Mach 20. This alien is threatening to destroy Earth, but he doesn’t just want to destroy earth. The “loser” kids of class 3-E are the only ones who can know about this alien, along with the military. The alien has struck up a deal with the military – He won’t destroy the Earth until the loser kids of 3-E finish term.