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Top 10 Traitors

GeekOut Top 10s

Turncoats, deceivers, double agents, and no good saboteurs; No one likes a traitor, unless of course they’re betraying the bad guys, then it’s fine I guess. We’re here once more to share with you our Top 10, where this week we’re looking at the Traitor. A powerful plot device, a great way to further a story – But all in all, always something you least expect… Or at least, we hope you didn’t see all of these traitors coming, as otherwise you may have been disappointed by the writers choices to make them traitors in the first place! Anyway, here’s our list for this week! (more…)


Review – Farscape

It’s a little late to the game to be reviewing a series that’s fast approaching twenty years old, but I only watched it (for the second time) quite recently during a fit of serious nostalgia, but despite the years of superior special effects and quality drama Farscape bears the test of time. It’s a real testament to the staying power of practical effects and good writing that the Jim Henson company’s sci-fi series (led by creator Rockne S’ O’Bannon and EP Brian Henson) is still of excellent quality today. (more…)