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Internet Nostalgia

Ahh for the good old days.

At the age of twenty-seven I already yearn for so many of the more enjoyable aspects of my youth: the old A4 boxes for PC games stuffed with bonus goodies now labelled “collectors edition”; playing Pokemon in between street lights in the back of the car; Angry Beavers.

But there’s plenty I’m glad has changed. I love that I can now see a face in a film and delve into my pocket to find out where I’ve seen that face before, if I’m ever looking for an answer to a question I’m never far from an answer, or that if I need a friend that it’s easier than ever for me to reach one. The internet and mobile technology, give us incredible power to discover and communicate, no need to remain ignorant when the answers are at our fingertips, square debts with friends in seconds when they organise awesome events. (more…)

ATOM by GitHub


Have you been looking for a new text editor to add to your already expanding pile of them? Perhaps you’re looking for something that’s incredibly clean and nicely intuitive? What about a text editor that instantly supports some of your favourite languages, such as C, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and more? If that’s the case, you needn’t look any more, because today we’re going to show you the ATOM by GitHub; a very clean interface and a very nice text editor in general. It’s the one I use on a day to day basis in order to get through the day!


Website Update: Where’s The New Website?


Here at GeekOut South-West, we are committed to bringing you the very best in geek culture. Whether you are a regular to our Bristol meetups, or if you are a fan of our writings, we are always looking to bring you something better than before. We have three dedicated writers at the moment – but this website is getting old pretty fast. We’re even running out of space on our servers!


Video Editing with Wondershare Filmora

Filmora custom text

Looking for a cheap and easy to understand video editor for Windows? If you can spare a bit less than £35 a year, you may be interested in this amazing desktop app, which has some pretty nifty features. There’s a few niggles which I’ll explain, but for the most part it’s been a really positive experience. In today’s article, I’ll take you step by step through editing a video, through to publishing on YouTube, using Wondershare Filmora.



Discord: Gamer Chat Servers


Over the past year, I’ve gone from being slightly skeptical about Discord to a convert and indeed fan of the application. It’s a really simple premise: You go on there to join a channel that you want to join in with, or you can create a channel on there for free, in order to keep people chatting. If you and a bunch of your friends currently use Ventrillo, Team Speak or dare I say Skype, then you might want to consider this latest alternative. Yes, there’s even a GeekOut Video Gamers group on there, where if you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a GeekOut Video Gamers special event coming up on Saturday 28th from 6pm.


Evernote’s privacy changes


In today’s online world, it sometimes pays big online corporations to listen to their audience. Consumers these days have a much bigger voice with social media; Any company, that does not at least attempt to listen to their fans is probably doomed to failure. Sometimes these corporations forget this and get it oh so very wrong. Take what happened when Facebook took over Instagram as an example, that went horribly wrong and yes, Facebook eventually turned around on their decision… But it does make me wonder how many people instantly shut down their accounts, then never trusted Instagram ever again?


The Fighting Robots Association


Fighting Robots are serious business if Robot Wars and BattleBots are anything to go by. Let’s not forget about all of the smaller divisions across the UK, usually based in university campuses. There are some rather big prizes for those who come first in the biggest competitions, but more importantly, it’s a feat of engineering which the world needs now more than ever. Okay, perhaps not necessarily creating Chaos II’s for our front lines… But we need people who can create robots now more than ever. If battle robots are to maintain their current status quo as being a niche, yet highly exhillarating division of robotics, I think it’s only fair to point out how people can get into these hobbies.


Review – 2016

A lot of bad news this year, not just the deaths of beloved celebrities by the dozen, but one political farce after another made all the more painful by the rising availability of information, and the rampant spread of misinformation and the ever growing tirade of opinion drowning out fact.

But it hasn’t all been bad, and through the constant stream of bad news and doomsaying we’ve forgotten quite a few of the highlights. (more…)

Funniest Programming Languages


Programming has come a really long way; from writing in Assembly back in the day, to the more modern solutions in Python, Java, C, php and more. It’s been a very long time since we had to write in BASIC, though some people still do. Knowledge of many kinds of programming languages makes you a polyglot programmer, which is a highly sought after skill in the work force – However, some students have gone out of their way to make programming languages for their dissertation/final year’s project. In fact, this is how a lot of tech starts; even Facebook started as a way for people on Mark Zuckerberg’s campus to communicate, before it became the giant it is now.


On Kickstarter: Bears Vs Babies – A Game By The Creators Of Exploding Kittens


Traditional games have become such a raging success over the past few years, that it’s no surprise that some companies have gotten rather good at producing them. Two years ago, we received the world wide success that is Exploding Kittens from The Oatmeal. This game has been played so often at our meetups, that it’s sometimes tempting to buy a second copy of it, just so more people can get involved. Instead however, there are expansions for the game and now, The Oatmeal are back with a brand new title.