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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet 2 – The Second One

I am overly excited to bring you the second GeekOut Meet for Shrewsbury! We got off to a great start in March, and April is already shaping up to be even better, we already have a few new faces signing up on our Facebook and MeetUp pages, and I have a few extra plans to make the day just that little bit more interesting.

From 12:00 onwards we’ll be back in the basement of the Shrewsbury Coffee House, a few warm up games, cake and drinks (personally I recommend the brownies) while those willing and able to join us for the afternoon have chance to join us for a meet and greet, and those of us who are in it for the long haul can get settled in for the big games of the evening. We also have a heads-up from management, due to a staff holiday we may have to leave a little early, but this is Shrewsbury, we are not short of places to go.

We have the VIP section at Monty’s Tower from 18:00, and a spare table or two to catch any over-spill. This month’s feature game – at least from my library – Lego: Minotauros, a cat and mouse game of luck and cunning. Lego make some of the best everything so it would seem, toys, films and one of the most fun and simple board games I’ve ever had the privilege of building myself. It does not take very long however, so be sure to bring along anything you like.

Games available to play this month:

– Boss Monster
– Bucket of Doom
– Eight Minute Empires
– Fluxx (assorted)
– Lego: Minotaurus
– Love Letter
– Magic: the Gathering
– Munchkin
– Tsuro
– Zombie Dice

And of course by “anything you like” it needn’t be a board game, for a start we have loads, and we’re not just in it for the board gamers. Manga, TV, film, comics, anything and everything geeky is welcome to the table. I just finished binge-watching Legion, the FX television portal for the X-Men following the story of an incredibly powerful telepath with incredibly powerful mental health problems and I need someone to talk to for hours about that show.

Remember, as the GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet is still in its early stages you have a chance to shape its future. Come on down and let us know what you want to see from GeekOut in the future, we have our ideas and our themes, but ultimately it’s all about you.

As a final note, for April’s Shrewsbury Meet we have a calling card, something of a running joke carried over from Bristol, look for this at each venue:

Gordon the GeekOut Goat

GeekOut Bristol Meet – April 8th: ANIME, OH ANIME

They came, they saw and there weren’t many waifuus around. There was some amazing cosplayers, some excellent fandubbing and all in all, it was another successful GeekOut Bristol Meet. With a little over 60 people who came and went through the whole night, it was a great way for us all to get out there, to play lots of board games including a new one. Of course, Quiplash came out for another lot of laughs and boom – You guessed it – I ordered a projector, I set it up the night before, quietly confident and it failed. Nevermind, I’m going to get the correct adapter next time. But in the mean time, what were the highs and the lows of the night?


Kitacon Quest – DMing 101 The Panel

On Saturday the 19th of August at 20:00 I will be giving my second panel ever. Considerably less interesting than doing my first, but still kind of a huge deal from where I’m sat. I fully intended to bring back my confidence building panel with some rather necessary improvements, I can’t claim to have been all that organised, but sadly someone seems to have beaten me to the punch as I was declined on the grounds that someone had submitted a very similar panel before I got to it. Not to worry, I always have a fallback: (more…)

GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – It Began

Y’know what? For a first try that wasn’t bad at all. Quite the reverse in fact.

Let 30th March 2017 go down in history as the day we finally got round to bringing GeekOut to Shrewsbury! It sounds like we had a lot of competition for the day, and certainly lots of curiosity if not overwhelming attendance, but who cares about numbers when everyone had a damn good time? It’s worth mentioning that Shrewsbury does not want for board gaming groups, but for the first meeting there’s nothing wrong with falling back on familiar territory.

The party started at noon in the basement of the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, which was a little warm, extra air-circulation will certainly be brought in as the weather gets warmer, but damn if those brownies aren’t worth it.

A Warm Up – We’re all about trying new things here, so our warm up games were a quick-fire round of introducing people to things they may not have tried before, but simple enough to ease them into it. Love Letter and Tsuro, got everyone in the mood for something a little more… variable.

Fluxx – Pirate Fluxx got the ball rolling, but it was Cthulhu Fluxx that really got interesting. With the promo Creeper card Hastur in play immediately I could choose a word that – if spoken – would force the card to go to the one who spoke it. You may be surprised how often you say the word “but” in conversation, although I might have made the biggest slip up with:

“I was thinking it, but I didn’t say i- oh damn!”

Citadels – The ultra-political game of city building got a little cutthroat in places, and while we may have ended up bringing the game upstairs amidst a mess of assassinations, grand thefts, and cruel accusations the end of the game was fairly even handed all told. All hail King Ben!

Moving on to Montgomery’s Tower from 18:00 onwards, food of greater substance was consumed so that the games could get serious.

Magic: The Gathering – A quick game of two headed giant (2v2) turned into a monster slugfest with two leviathan fields of monsters, giants toppled, hydras slain on both sides, oh god the horror. Perhaps the highlight was the death of Hero’s Bane, cut down with a single stroke with power and toughness reaching fifteen digits each, which actually led to an interesting discussion about the nature of what a “Billion” actually is (it’s a million million, let no one tell you different because they want to be a billionaire, they’re a thousand-millionaire and they can deal with it).

Robo Rally – To say that Robo Rally is carnage is an understatement of the highest proportions. The game was brought with GeekOut in mind, and despite putting ourselves on the easiest board configuration it turned into a three hour windmill of chaos. Death, destruction, accusations of bad shuffling, and robots callously shoved or suicidally hurled clear off the board. Congratulations to James, not only for winning, but for doing so by maliciously pushing Sarah out of the way.

And of course as we brought the evening to a gradual close, plans were made and suggestions taken for the future, even a few whispers of cosplay. Oh yes, we’re not just another board game get together, we’re in this from here to geekdom come! And if you think you’ve missed out then you are happily mistaken, and the sooner we get to meet you the sooner we can find out what you want to get out of GeekOut Shrewsbury.

Next Shrewsbury Meet is April 27th, 12:00-17:30 in the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, 18:00 to midnight in Montgomery’s Tower. If you’re in, come let us know on Facebook or Meetup.

GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – It Begins

After far too long of obfuscating and debating and delaying, I am finally getting things together to bring to Shrewsbury the get-togethers that have been so loved in Bristol, the GeekOut Meets. Those of you already on our Facebook page may have noticed the event popping up on their feed with an inaccurate photo attached from the other geek-event I’ve been touting, e-Collectica games days. So why the delays?

Well Shrewsbury’s geek calendar is very busy! Weekly, monthly, annually we have something to appeal to those with a taste for tabletop games and comic books, as well as a smattering of those that reach out to other interests. Certainly if you feel your tastes are not catered to, come along to one of the first Shrewsbury Meets and tell us. Who knows who you might stumble upon, or what the future of Shrewsbury Meets might hold. (more…)

GeekOut Bristol Meet – March 10th: SUPERHEROES ASSEMBLE Gallery

The law was led down – The evildoers of the world have been vanquished. We went through a super night of fun, games, drinks and geekdom, as well as another of our more creative competitions to date. Yes, it’s that time for us to look back at the competition, as well as the events that unfolded at the GeekOut Bristol Meet that happened this past Friday night. It was a great time for all involved, that’s for sure!


EliteMeet Bristol 2017

Every year, the community of gamers that enjoy Elite: Dangerous (the massively multiplayer space epic from Frontier Developments) come together for some face-to-face fun and gaming. However, this meet is so much more than just a gathering of Elite Dangerous fans. This year, the event is moving down to the South-West; so come along and have a look at what’s going down at EliteMeet in Bristol. This might be the event to satisfy your gaming and socialising itch!


GeekOut Bristol Meet – March 10th: SUPERHEROES ASSEMBLE

Up there in the skies! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just the GeekOut Bristol Meet attendees flying over to the Old Market Tavern for a night of fun, games, drinks, discussion and much, much more. But of course, not everyone knows what we get up to during our meetups, so if you’re new to what we do, or if you’re simply curious about what’s going down this month, then join us today for a quick chat about what’s new, what’s not and what’s hot about this upcoming meetup.


GOVG – Video Game Night #2

Our first one was pretty successful all around, I’d say. We had people coming along to play video games from all around the country, let alone from Bristol. So if you’re a fan of what we do here on GeekOut South-West, why not join our Discord group? What games do we have, what will we definitely play and what are you excited to play at this months GOVG – Video Game Night? Let us know in the comments!


GeekOut Bristol Meet – February 11th: BYGONE ERA Gallery

Ah yes, we were unable to publish our gallery earlier in the week… So here’s last GeekOut Bristol Meet’s gallery, courtesy of Timlah and our lovable friend Jason from VidyaSauce.