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My early gamer years (Part 2) - Catharsisjelly is back to tell us more of his gamer past, with his amazing Amiga 500 - So come take a trip down memory lane with us!
Getting Social – The Kitacon Hype Train - 3 Days Remaining It’s been four years since that fateful Ayacon where Tim and I first met and this bizarre experience, this weird GeekOut journey that has changed me for the “better”. Last year I hosted a panel on how to build confidence at Amecon, and one of the best pieces of advice I had […]
GeekOut Bristol Meet – August 12th: TALKING TOLKIEN Gallery - We came, we saw, we GeekOut. I guess that doesn't -ring- so well, but this meet was full of Lord of the Rings jokes, fun and creativity. Check out our gallery and enjoy the weird bonus image of a Gandalf Timlah...
Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy - A nostalgic blast from the past, presented by Vicarious Visions Studios, it's Crash Bandicoot - Oh god, please, if I hear that opening to the game just one more bloody time, I swear I am going to explode! Just as well the games that opening is concealing are excellent - as we check out this self-proclaimed nostalia induced trip. So if you're a Crash veteran, or completely new to the franchise, is the N-Sane Trilogy right for you?
Top 10 – Dangerous Elderly Characters - Rule #1: Do not act incautiously when confronted by bald, wrinkly, smiling men. This rule applies to all elderly people who smile knowingly in the face of danger. It’s always worth listening to walking sticks to check for hidden swords, or observe hairpins for potential weaponization. Are those slippers for shambling slowly to the bathroom, or for whupping young whipper snappers into shape? Do they still have their own teeth? Either way it’s bad news.
BBC Three and eSports - The BBC announced last month that they are covering eSports, which is a great step for professional gaming. If you had spoken to a huge media conglomerate about pro gaming in the past, they might have chuckled and said "That's nice", but now-a-days, with the industry booming and with the sheer number of people involved, it's hard to ignore it and harder still to call it a mere fad. This is the first deal of its kind, but what exactly is the deal and how important is it for the industry? Timlah here to check out what the BBC have offered professional gaming and where this could take it in the future.
Horror And Perspective - The first person view is the easiest way to instil fear in the viewer, the forced perspective makes the experience a lot more personal. The found footage subgenre is great at forcing us into the eyes of the victims and helping us share the experience side-by-side with them, and video games are starting to borrow […]
Harbour – By Scott Almes – Review - Harbour is a worker placement and resource management game, where you play an entrepreneur who has been invited by Dockmaster Schlibble and Constable O'Brady to set up business in their bustling town. You set up your warehouse and take a hard look at how the market is doing before making your first trades. Designed by Scott Almes and published by Tasty Minstrel Games it was first released back in 2015.
Pokethulhu – The Kitacon Hypetrain - This coming Kitacon I will be arriving a day early to socialise, get some work done, and to get some gaming in before the convention comes in and cruelly steps on my chances to play, there are still some Magic rematches I owe but I never seem to get the chance because of panels and […]
GeekOut Top 10s GeekOut Media’s Top Book of Top 10 Lists: Coming Winter 2017? - We've been thinking about new ways to share our content with the world; but more importantly how to reward those who have been with us all the way. We're really excited to announce that Joel and I have begun discussions on creating our first ever eBook which we haven't got an official name for yet. We've got a working title, we've got a premise, we're going to talk Top 10 with all of you, as these have, by far, been our most well received articles. So buckle up, here's the low down on what we'll be offering everyone - Hopefully as soon as this Christmas.
Video Game Review: Aura Kingdom - Free to play MMORPG, with a serious case of anime, yes it can only be Aura Kingdom. Or, as I like to call it, Anime: the Video Game. But enough joking about what this game is about, let's look at the positives and the negatives of Aura Kingdom, a game I found in Steam’s many, many free to play titles. But just because it's free doesn't mean it's free from scrutiny, nor is it something to pass up. Let's get our inner anime on! Believe it! Plus Ultra! Believe in the heart of the cards! Uhh… DRAGON BALL Z! Okay, I've said enough anime things now.
Top 10 – In Game Tutorials - Welcome to GeekOut South-West, where you can read the very best* in geek entertainment, from anywhere on the internet. Below you will see the Top 10 for this week, which is called Top 10 In-Game Tutorials. You can use this article to get an idea of what games the GeekOut Media writers think are the […]
EVO 2017: Tekken’s Top 8 – A look at competitive gaming - Although this article is titled EVO 2017: Tekken Top 8, the hype EVO gives eSports is intense and real; it really makes you appreciate the skill that all of the players have. Not that long ago, I checked out the Top 8, as everyone is now aware that I’ve been playing a good bit of Tekken 7 since its release. I was in awe at the sheer skill of the players involved, so there are a few of my highlights from the event - and why these events are hugely important for creating a stronger, more collaborative environment for gamers worldwide.
Rick & Morty – Forever And Ever 100 Years - We are officially into the third season of the anomalous Adult Swim property, The Adventures of Rick and Morty. The amount of hype is near-palpable, and the series has undergone huge changes in a very short space of time, from the dramatic conclusion of Season 2 where the Galactic Federation had “incorporated” earth… to the […]
Wibbell++ A card game system by Bez - Wibbell++ is not just a card game, it's actually being sold as a game system. Sounds good? Read more at GeekOut South-West:
Re-Skinning D&D Creatures, Part 2 - Last week I took a handful of classic D&D creatures and proposed new uses for their stat-blocks, something to lend a bit of diversity to the current roster with minimal need to create, change or modify. If your campaign has a flavour that the Monster Manual simply doesn’t cater for, there are ways and means […]
GeekOut Bristol Meet – August 12th: TALKING TOLKIEN - J.R.R Tolkien was a wordsmith whose worlds have captured our imaginations for years; a writer whose works got three massive movies, before three more slightly-big-but-not-quite-the-same-as-the-first-three movies. An expert who creates a fantasy world unlike any other. So whether you're coming along as you want to just play some games, or if you feel like having a social meet after your Elevenses, it's time for another exciting GeekOut Bristol Meet!
GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – July ’17 - July brings GeekOut Shrewsbury a change in format, no longer divided between two venues, we instead begin at 14:00 at Monty’s Tower and stay there until we’re good and ready to leave… Midnight. Usually slightly earlier. For the determined, the keen, and the early risers, we met up at the Coffeehouse for a fond farewell […]
Top 10 Traitors - Turncoats, deceivers, double agents, and no good saboteurs; No one likes a traitor, unless of course they’re betraying the bad guys, then it’s fine I guess. Join Timlah and Joel for this week's Top 10, as chosen by you - our readers!
Video Game Review – Killing Floor 2 - Wanna get chased around by Zombies on a series of different maps? Thought Killing Floor 1 was too tough for you? Well Killing Floor 2 is here, but it's no easier! Grab some friends, buy some guns from the trader and get ready for the next wave, as we're looking towards the last wave, to fight any boss that comes our way - But how does this compare to its predecessor? Our full review is here!
Festival of the Spoken Nerd – Coming to Bristol & Wells - Splendidly entertaining live theatre with a geeky twist? It must be the Festival of the Spoken Nerd! Check out this three-piece show of nerdy sing-songs and subjects, including periodic tables and calculus!
JapanCrate: July ’17 – Summer - We're back with another edition of our JapanCrate unboxing and yeah, we're a little bit late. It's been a busy month, but as always JapanCrate arrived on time. It was once again the premium crate that we received, so it can take a little while to get through it all. If you're interested in these kinds of crates, stick around and read on, as we're going to look at July's box, talking about the highs and lows. Ooh, it's time to get stuck in!
Re-Skinning D&D Creatures - Wizards of the Coast have broken some of their former habits. No longer does their release schedule include Monster Manual after Monster Manual, catalogues and folios, instead they’ve turned their focus to stories, campaigns that spark the imagination and drive creative thought, each coming with a range of monsters, player options, magic items and ideas […]
GOVG – Video Game Night #7 - Well folks, this is it. This is the last GeekOut Video Gamers you'll see... For a whole month! In August, we won't have a GOVG Video Game Night, because we'll be busy with a convention and other such things. So, make the most of it this month! It doesn't matter where you're from, come play some video games with us!
Film Review: Wonder Woman (2017) - DC went all in with this one, as they spent a long time building up to it. With Batman vs Superman basically being an introduction to this film, Wonder Woman has hit our cinema screens and I finally managed to go check it out. What will the clay-made Amazonian bring to the table in terms of story, style and substance? With previous DC films having been criticised so heavily, it was refreshing to watch something that meant a lot to people. As always, buckle up and read on, because here's our full review.
Top 10 Family Feuds - As storytelling goes there’s rarely more bitter rivals, or more hated nemeses than a parent or sibling. Join us as we take a look at games, films, television, literature and more to find the Top 10 Family Feuds.
Game of Thrones – “Shall We Begin” - The culturally dominant phenomenon that has brought a whole new audience to the fantasy genre by implementing human drama, social and political commentary, Game of Thrones is finally coming to an end before the final book is even released. This may be for the best, as rather important chunks of the books have been skipped […]
Review – Split - Most of the time when I feel compelled to review a film it’s because it was either brilliant and I feel the need to shout about it, or it was just plain awful, and I feel the need to shout about it. With M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, a psychological thriller with hints at the […]
Braggart – Card Game Review - You've just finished a hard day adventuring; You ache and you think you may have a new rash on your leg from that last battle. You're sure it's nothing and take some well-earned downtime in the local tavern. Sitting around the table are some fellow adventurers. The drinks start to flow and so do the stories, it's time for you to become the biggest Braggart.
Kitacon Quest: 1 Month To Go - Kitacon is well on it's way to coming round once again, so I sit here and think to myself ‘Damn, I really need to get on with my costumes’. Fortunately, I have been working on my cosplays (slowly), as I make my pieces in preparation for this year's convention. But cosplay isn't the only thing we're all looking forward to. Here's a look at what activities are on at the party convention of the summer.
GeekOut Bristol Meet – July 14th: VIDEO GAME HELPLINE - The problem with an addiction is that it's hard to admit it - Although let's be honest, if you're addicted to video games then you're probably doing alright! We once again got our behinds to the Old Market Tavern, where we met up for some food and drink, board games and video games, as well as comics and books and so much more. People were chatting all night long and we got a nice number of attendees once more. As always though, we're here to show you what happened throughout the night and to give you a bit of insider knowledge about next months event. Interested in what we did? Read on!
Spider-Man Homecoming: A Missed Opportunity - What happens when a Spider-fan, of almost three decades, walks into the most eagerly anticipated Spider-Man film since Spider-Man films were a thing? Well, they do so with a lot of expectation, writes our guest blogger as he talks about what a missed opportunity Spider-Man Homecoming was.
Top 10 Platformers - Jump, jump for victory! Run to the right until you run out of right to run into! The platformer is a format so versatile that it has been changed and revolutionised so often that it’s no longer a genre to itself, it’s a style that has titles as wonderfully varied as gaming itself. It was there from the beginning, and is awash with incredible examples, so how can we ever select only 10?
Hardware Review: Steam Controller - The Steam Controller has been out for quite some time now and it's gained it's fair share of supporters and critics alike. From those who are hardcore into their gamepads, to those who are just looking for something new, this controller is a bit different from other ones on the market - But how well does this translate into gaming? Well, I recently got my hands on one and have had a good amount of time playing a variety of games on it. Read on for our full review of Valve’s controller of choice for Steam.
Review – Spider-Man Homecoming - Cometh the hour, cometh the Spider-Man, right back into the middle of the MCU where he belongs. No backstory, no spider bite – because it has been done – just straight into the life of a teenager irrevocably altered by comicbook logic. Instead we jump in with the Peter Parker straight after the fight in Civil […]
Zombie Babies Kickstarter Preview - Just when you thought the world was done with Zombie's another one rises from the grave. Well, in this case, the game rises from Kickstarter and we are very lucky to have a preview copy of it. So it's time to check your pockets for useful items, ensure that you nappy is securely fastened and put on a brave face, it's time for us to take on Zombie Babies.
Occlusion: Video Game Camera Placement Matters - The more I play and study games, design, and ludology, the more I notice the little things and enjoy going overly in-depth on little details like ambient audio, set-dressing, and camera positioning. Your choice of camera style changes the nature of play rather radically alters how you play, your involvement and your experience of the […]
GeekOut Bristol Meet – July 14th: VIDEO GAME HELPLINE - It's that time of the month once again, when GeekOut Bristol takes to the streets... No we don't. We get to the pub and we enjoy drinks, board games, video games, comics and books, stories, tech and so much more. But what do we have planned this month? What makes this one so special, that you really shouldn't miss this event? As always, we'll look at what's coming up this Friday at our seriously cool GeekOut Bristol Meet.
Combo Breaker: Practice Makes Perfect! - It's been over a month since Tekken 7 graced our computers and consoles, but it's felt a lot longer. I went through a huge series of losses in the ranked queue, which left me wondering if I would ever get better? What could I do to play as my favourite characters and lose less? Following on from contributor Jay's incredibly useful guide on how to learn how to lose, I took a step back and understood that my personal understanding of the game needed to be improved. This is a look at how I improved, but also how you can apply this to anything in life.
Top 10 Awkward Armours - You voted for it, you got it - It’s the Top 10 Awkward Armour list. From barely being able to walk, to hardly counting as armour at all, these armours are just strange. In this week’s list, we are joined by Kevin Kutlesa from The Mental Attic.
Review – Hand Of Fate - What do you get when you cross an RPG and a CCG? Well actually the net result is rather clever. In the game by Defiant Development you sit at a table across from a mysterious figure for a game of cards, moving your token along random layouts that offer challenges, threats, conundrums and opportunities. Each […]
Amazon Prime Video Review: American Gods - Perhaps you use Amazon on the odd occasion to buy a few bits for the house, so you invested in Amazon Prime - You know, the somewhat expensive service which gives you a pretty good deal on delivery if you use it enough? There's a few other benefits to it, such as access to Amazon Video, a service that's trying to compete with the streaming giant, Netflix. You can watch Top Gear 2.0 on it… and um… other things? Well this is a review of one of those things; the highly popular American Gods.
Urban Heroes RPG – Tin Hat Games – Intro - I found out about #UrbanHeroes from a mail out that hit my inbox just before we went to UKGE. Tin Hat games were promoting their board game called Dungeon Digger and I went digging into their history and found out about this super hero based RPG. The last RPG I looked at was Pugmire, which was not a full review, but rather an introductory look. By contrast, this article is a more in-depth look at the #UrbanHeroes RPG, what I am aiming for here is an overall view of the book. How I feel about it as a person who has played a fair bit of D&D. I aim to introduce you to the "world" so to speak and give an opinion of what I think a game might be like.
In Defence of Railroading - Since the dominance of the sandbox, railroading gameplay through linear non-divergent story and specific plot paths has become something of a faux-pas in game design, and was never looked upon favourably in tabletop roleplaying. As a player you seek agency, and often that comes from such simple things as choosing which path to take to […]
Gamer Question of the Month: Jul ’17 - We were asked by the lovely team over at the Later Levels if I would like to take part in doing a monthly Q&A, to open discussion about video games amongst bloggers. If you’re interested in joining in the discussion, leave us a comment below, or reach out to Later Levels. Every month here on GeekOut South-West, we’ll be sharing what the question of the month is, as well as what our answers to this question is and our justification for the answers.
GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – June ’17 - Behold the rising star of the Shrewsbury geek scene! And behold you, the beautiful people who make it a reality! June marks the last of the four month trial period agreed with both the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse and Montgomery’s Tower but it is fairly safe to say that the end of the trial does not mean the end of […]
Top 10 Royal Characters - Even amongst monarchy there is a hierarchy, some kings are more kingly than others, entire reality shows are dedicated to picking the best queen, and with so many Disney princesses how are you to choose? Be they leaders of government, warrior monarchs, whether they reign over nations, planets or worlds, all were considered.
Console Commands in Video Games - We've all been there; Faced with a boss level that's so hard, or fallen off the edge of a mountain and your character is stuck to plunge to its death, or remain stuck. I feel your pain, but for the PC gamer, this isn't always a problem. Sometimes a dire situation calls for a few console commands, allowing us to either turn our characters to God mode, disable the gravity in a game, perhaps noclip makes an appearance? No matter what you choose to do, console commands open the realms of possibility for us!
Pokemon Go – Raids and Gyms - This week we got our hands on the biggest update in Pokemon Go since the release of Gen 2, a hint at things to come, but can it be the saving grace the game so desperately needs? Interest has waned dramatically over the twelve months since initial release despite regular changes and improvements, extra features […]
Family Plot – Card game review - It was back in October last year that Catharsisjelly first supported Family Plot, and he was anticipating its arrival. Now he's back to review this Kickstarter backed card game - What did he make of it?
The Steam Summer Sale ’17 - The infamous Steam Sale has come again, and amidst the veritable deluge of prices crashing to earth there are some serious bargains. I can honestly say I’ve bought more in this sale than I have done in years, a few of those curiosity pieces reduced to pennies, blockbuster titles of yesteryear brought to all time […]
Gaming Genres: Roguelikes - Rogue was a game developed in 1980 by Glenn Wichman and Michael Toy, with assistance from Ken Arnold later down the line. Two of Rouge’s main gameplay elements were procedurally generated dungeons to explore and permadeath, the idea of a save being valid up until death, at which point it is deleted. With that, Roguelikes were born! Join contributor Murray as he laments about his favourite game genre.
Free Game Review: Creativerse - Not unlike Minecraft - A phrase this game conjures a lot; but is it justified, or does this game stand well in its own rights? Check out our review for the free-to-play title, which is available to download now on Steam.
Top 10 – Finishing Moves - The fight is fought and won, there is no more glory to be had here, so why are you lingering? Why it’s to finish the job in style of course; because no epic fight is finished with one guy just bleeding from his wounds, or simply limping away to feel sorry for himself. You have to let them know who’s won, you have to do it in style!
Drama and Unpredictability - WARNING: Before you read this article, there's a chance for spoilers in My Hero Academia and WWE. The events being spoiled happened a bit under 2 weeks ago - You have been warned. If that doesn't put you off, read on!
Leaking Information: Is It Bad For Business? - In the last few days there has been a leak that shows us an early print of the upcoming Magic: the Gathering block Ixalan. This is actually the second leak, but the first was barely a glimpse of the cover art which gives us some idea of the inspirations behind it, and listed with a […]
Follow – Sibro Games Review - Readers... we spoil you! Check us out; two board game reviews in the same number of days. If yesterday's board game - Great Scott - was not your thing, then how about you try this offering from Sibro Games?
Review – Great Scott - Great Scott is a drafting game of invention from Sinister Fish. While at UKGE this year I had the opportunity to secure a copy of Great Scott. Ostensibly I was there to buy for someone else, but at their recommendation I ended up taking a copy home too. I had never before pondered the need […]
GOVG – Video Game Night #6 - Guess who's back? Back again? Yes, GeekOut Video Gamers are back - So tell a friend and come play some video games with us! So if you're looking for something to do on Saturday 24th June, then come join us for some fun and games!
Video Game Review: Rocking Pilot (Free Giveaway!) - Think you're good enough to be a Rocking Pilot? This game seems to think so, as you take charge in your single attack helicopter against an army, or two. Thousands will fight you, as you aim to take them and all of the evil oppessors down. It's bullethell madness, as we take a look at this cartoony and colourful brand new game on Steam and at the end of the article, you can be in with a chance of winning one of our two copies of the game!
Top 10 – Video Game Films - “Wow, this game’s story is so complex, it’d make a great movie!” – Ancient proverb. Okay, so the above isn’t really an ancient proverb, but let’s be honest: You’ve heard a gamer say this at least once in your life. I know I’ve heard it a dozen times and nine times out of ten, this […]
JapanCrate: Tasting Japan In A Box - The internet truly is a wonderous place, where you learn about all sorts of interesting services. You can learn about how to cook delicious foods, or stirring up a wonderful drink. But what's that ad I see in the corner of my eye? JapanCrate? That sounds pretty delicious!
UKGE – The Best Bits (Part 2) - Moving on… RPGs Chris covered some of the RPGs on show in his article last week but while he covered what was on the shop floor, I wandered the Hilton, who had mostly filled their rooms with tables equipped with DMs, GMs, Storytellers, and enough rulebooks, character sheets, dice and assorted other accoutrements to keep dozens […]
Hunger: The Show – Board game review - Hunger: The Show is a survival game where you play a contestant on a reality game show on a desert island. It was created by Swedish designer Pim Thunborg and published by Phalanx Games in Poland. Chris' full review can be found here.
Resources – Mana Screwed - While I love Magic: the Gathering to an unreasonable extent – like a borderline addiction if I’m honest – I’m not under any illusions that the game is not without a rather glaring flaw, and it’s the erratic progression of the resources you have to spend. For those not aware, mana is spawned from land […]
GeekOut Bristol Meet – June 10th: SCI-FI Gallery - Ah yes, once more we went back to the Old Market Tavern and we held our monthly GeekOut Bristol Meet. It was a quieter affair than usual, with approximately 50 people turning up for our event, however the event went off without a hitch. We had a rather good quiz and I got thoroughly out-geeked by the contestants! This is what went down at this months GeekOut Bristol Meet and information about July's event!
Anime Review: Dragon Ball Super - The Z warriors are back once again, but this time they're going universal - or, well, cross-universal. Fans of the classic Dragon Ball Z,along with the original Dragon Ball will likely enjoy the new additions to the franchise, but what about for the casual observer? We're ready to get Super in the latest instalment; Dragon Ball Super. It's definitely a new adventure, that's for sure.
Top 10 Grass-Type Pokemon - Last week we planted the seeds of an idea in your mind, an idea that you’d like to see a brand new Pokemon based Top 10. Your decision has been logged, and we’ve gotten down and dirty trying to root out the best examples of grass type pokemon, based on style, popularity, and combat effectiveness. We aren't going to judge for all of these points at the same time; We estimated how much we thought each of these Pokemon fit in one or more of the criteria and went from there.
Mobile Game Review: AdVenture Capitalist - Clicker games all began when an innoculous little game called Cookie Clicker hit the internet, to which we all had a good laugh. But since then, the genre has gotten a lot more variety. One of the most popular and well-rounded clicker game is AdVenture Capitalist, which was created on the Flash Game website Kongregate. It's been on mobile as well as Steam for a while now, so what can this clicker game offer for us and is it actually any good?
UKGE 2017: The Best Bits (Part 1) - This is our third straight day of coverage on UK Games Expo, I opened by talking about the entertainment, Chris discussed some of his favourite games, and we’re still a long way from done talking about it. We had a fun weekend. The greater part of my weekend was ambling around taking as much in […]
UKGE 2017: Games and RPG’s - As Joel (terraphi) mentions in his article we were at UK Games Expo 2017. Over the three days I spoke to a lot of people and walked several miles wandering around the show but we both walked away feeling like the show was generally very good. Joel and I sat down and had a little chat […]
UKGE 2017: Events and Entertainment - This weekend, Chris (catharsisjelly) and I were at the UK Games Expo. We had two incredible but very different experiences, while Chris went around doing what one should at a board games convention – playing board games with people in the industry, playtesting, and finding new games to add to his library – I was […]
Video Game Review: Tekken 7 - The Tekken franchise has been around since 1994; a fighting game which has won numerous awards. Now we're back in 2017, with a brand new Tekken game that was released just last week. The reviews have been pouring in with praise galore and we're not one to shy from what people have been saying. From the new musical direction, to art and the story mode, we're here to review everything about Tekken 7, as let's be honest - What's the point of a review if we don't critique the whole thing. Before we get into the review however, it's worth noting that I had the game pre-ordered as a present, so I also get the bonus Eliza DLC. Here we go with our full review!
GeekOut Bristol Meet – June 10th: SCI-FI - Space, the final frontier... Well unless you count our GeekOut Bristol Meet! Hello, welcome back to our humble event article, where this month we'll be bringing you an event that's actually quite generically themed. A bit unusual for us, but there's a good reason for this.
Top 10 Flamboyantly Ominous Characters - Dressed to impress with looks and a look that could kill, this weeks Top 10 was a tie. As such, welcome to... The Top 10 Flamboyantly Ominous Characters. We tried to make the middle ground as best as we could for all of you!
Mobile Game Review: Magikarp Jump - Van Halen's Jump is the most appropriate song to listen to whilst playing Magikarp Jump, a game where you literally just make a Magikarp... Jump.
Review – Teen Titans: The Judas Contract - Having only reviewed Justice League Dark last week, I’d intended to leave my review for Judas Contract for a little while, and then I watched it. I have mentioned a couple of times how much I enjoy the animated DC films, but one of the more pleasant surprises for me has been the Teen Titans, […]
Trello: A Users Guide - Trello is a powerful tool for managing a project, allowing you to form teams that take ownership of their projects or tasks in a more visual way. Whilst many people think of Trello as a business tool, it has many uses for home users as well. If you’ve been dabbling with the idea of creating a Trello Board for you and your friends or family, or if you’re just curious as to how to use Trello better, this is a full tutorial on all of the main functions Trello has.
Lists & The Basics of Sci Fi and Fantasy - I’ve been trying some list writing lately, a means of putting dozens of idle and fragmented ideas into some kind of order, and aiming for a nice round number gives me the drive to come up with something new. Things like: 10 Mimics Ladder leading to a trap door, the mimic strikes when a creature […]
Gamer Question of the Month: Jun ’17 - A lot of games have plot twists that you really see coming, some games have plot twists you feel are going to happen, but just aren't what you'd expect. I thought of quite a few, including the most fantastic would you kindly? scene in BioShock 1, which naturally has ended up on the poll. But what did we pick for the list?
GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – May ’17 - May comes and May goes, but every month something new for GeekOut Shrewsbury. More new faces, more new games, more new plans for our glorious and shining future! And as we continue to grow you continue to grow with us, making the Shrewsbury Meets yours. Remember we’re always looking for ways to improve and make these […]
Top 10 – Characters Who Shouldn’t Have Bothered - Don’t you hate it when you’re all hyped up for a fight; only to find out that you’re so severely outclassed, that you really shouldn’t have actually mustered up the energy to make your way there? Or when you're surrounded by people who are constantly just... better than you? This is when you’re so seriously out of your league, that you’re basically walking to your death, or your own obscurity. Welcome back to our Top 10 readers, where this week we look at our Top 10 characters who shouldn’t have bothered.
Anime Review: Overlord - Ever feel like you're living in a video game? Well Lord Momonga certainly does; a powerful lich who has been trapped in a virtual world, with no-one around except for NPCs who have come to life, he wants to get to the bottom of why he's stuck in this world. From level and HUD interface questions and dungeons & dragons dynamics, Overlord is a wonderful telling of the trapped-in video game subgenre of anime. Does this series have a life of its own, or does it fall flat next to more established anime of its kind?
Character Alignment Profile - Building upon the last few weeks of breaking down the moral alignment chart from Dungeons & Dragons fame, I wanted to break down a character by their place on the axes between good and evil, law and chaos. Inspired by this article by Falcon Game Reviews I asked for suggestions on characters I could break down, […]
Improvised D&D – Tales of Adventure - Sessions of D&D are usually not short. Any session that I have been to has ranged between 2-4 hours in general, so I was intrigued to go and see a specifically designed 90 minute D&D base show at The Improv Theatre in Bristol. I was very interested to see how this would work and being a fan of things like Critical Role, and the Acquisitions Incorporated sessions I had no idea how they would make it work and was very pleased with the result.
Review – Justice League Dark - Is anyone else livid over the fact that Constantine got cancelled while Gotham limps on? I hear that Legends of Tomorrow got better, same as Supergirl, but I gave them both a chance and just couldn’t keep watching, and yet one of the three good DC shows got axed. Matt Ryan brilliantly played the sarcastic […]
Old School Runescape - The name Runescape is synonymous with early 00's gaming; with a really large number of gamers from all over the world, with many servers. Created by Jagex, a company formed in Cambridge, here in the United Kingdom, this MMO was an experience that encapsulated many gamers. It was an MMO before World of Warcraft was around, it also ran in a browser, as it was programmed in Java. These days, RuneScape has been officially recognised as the worlds largest free MMORPG made, with over 200 million accounts. Here's a fun, lighthearted look at Old School Runescape.
Java: What A Non-Programmer Needs To Know - Oft-criticised, rarely complimented, Java is very much a love-hate programming language: People absolutely love to hate it. It's the language I begun with, which wasn't the easiest choice, but the sheer number of Java jobs out there is simply overwhelming. Is this a language worth knowing, or is it dead on arrival? Oh… did I mention that Java is the language used to program Minecraft and all of the plugins associated with it? I bet that got your attention. Much like Python from two weeks ago, this is a broad, non-technical understanding of what Java is and what you need to know.
Top 10 Mad Scientists - Welcome back to our weekly Top 10, ladies and gentlemen, where we take a topic that you choose and we choose the best of the best in that category. Today's subject is a little bit experimental, as we're going to be looking at our Top 10 Mad Scientists and write up our thesis about their potentials for the top spot.
Video Game Review: Diablo II - A classic hack-n-slash title, renowned the world over as possibly the best ever made. However it's been around for 17 years, having debuted in 2000. Therefore, it's time to finally pick the game up once more and scrutinise it deeply. I will compare it to games before, around and after it to see if it still maintains the title of best hack-n-slash around. The gloves are off, Lord of Terror!
Playing True Neutral - This one’s kinda huge. I mean really big. Every other entry from the moral alignment axis table comes pre-packaged with its own ethos, its own motivations and philosophies, so often Neutrality is seen as bland, so aggressively treading the middle of the line that at its most extreme the True Neutral character will spend his days […]
GeekOut South-West: What’s In Our Future? - We've certainly started to reach the end of life for our humble little website, but no matter what, we're going to keep on growing and getting more and more people to join the cause. In case you're wondering what happened to plans such as the new website, this article addresses those developments and hopefully provides answers for the future of our community. We're going to keep on growing, is the jist of it, but if you're a fan of what we do and were curious as to what we're up to, let us tell you!
Charitable Gaming - Y’know how I keep saying that geeks are the best people? Geeks are the best people! We’re a loving and sharing band of over-enthusiasts, and as a demographic we have money to spend on random stuff that we occasionally look at and say “Y’know what? I don’t have space for any more Pop Vinyls, and […]
GeekOut Bristol Meet – May 12th: PRATCHETT’S PROSE Gallery - Another month has passed, which means another GeekOut Bristol Meet gallery has come around. As always, we'll talk about what happened at the event, as well as the usual of when we'll be hosting our next event and of course, the core part of this article, the gallery in question. It was a great turn out, even though we weren't sure what it'd be like considering the theme of the event. Nevertheless, this is this months GeekOut Bristol Meet Gallery.
Object Oriented Programming: What A Non-Programmer Needs To Know - Today I make a class of cats and spawn lots of cats and oh my god the cats are everywhere please send help.
Top 10 – Fictional Celebrities - Late post from us today, but today we're going to check out these famous... Fictional people!
Marketing: Making Your Mission Known - Marketing is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal, no matter what your mission is. Whether you are looking to bring people together for a massive meetup, or if you're looking to share a political message, a good marketing strategy is all you need. At least, it's a good chunk of the battle, as the other half will be the message you are trying to share. We're not the best at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ourselves, but here are some basic marketing principles which might make or break your campaign.
Playing Chaotic Evil - Villainy comes in all manner of forms, from the cool and conniving, the corrupt, the vicious and spiteful. It can be crime so organised it seems impossible to pin down, cruel enough to seem capable of anything, or suitably unpredictable to be considered dangerous beyond all others. There’s a much finer line between Chaotic and […]
Villains: Why Rushing A Bad Guy Is Bad - Countless times have I been subjected to seeing a plot rushed to the finish line, the moment it gets away from the starting post. A hero should be triumphant, they say, so they give you fifteen thousands of hours of hero development, but what about the protagonists of the developing world? I think rushing a story for the sake of a hero to save the day is one of the worst things a story can do. Here's some examples of what I mean and how we can remedy this.
The Autopsy of Jane Doe – A Different Horror Film - Horror is an unusual genre, awash with trash made quickly with budgets blown on all the wrong aspects or so badly acted, poorly conceived, or just badly executed. Those gems where everything comes together are universally incredible, whether it’s because the film carries a message like the gothic monsters of old like the Babadook managed […]