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GeekOut Bristol Meet – June 8th: Tech Toys Summary

We got techy and we got talking in another successful GeekOut Bristol Meet. It was a fun, eventful night, which saw our crew getting use of the brand new garden at the Old Market Tavern, which looks stunning. If you’re in Bristol and you have a chance to visit the tavern, please do go and enjoy a beverage in the garden – Well worth it. Nevertheless, as ever, we held our GeekOut Bristol Meet and this month, I didn’t get many pictures..! With that in mind, instead of today being called a gallery, I’m calling it a summary! Also, we got a new game, so check back tomorrow for a full review.

Yes, Tech Toys, they’re fun and they’re always full of surprises. What one person considers to be great tech, another person can take completely for granted – and that was the theme of this month’s competition. People had to give us their detailed description of what their favourite piece of tech is and why it is that. We ended up having three amazing top answers, all of which were geeky, but the top two also considered the phenomenal cultural and technical importance the pieces of tech they chose had.

In third place, we had GeekOut regular Chris Smith describe in excellent detail about the Arduino Nano. He even sellotaped one to the paper! That didn’t give him any bonus points, but it wasn’t needed, as his description fully explained what the microprocessor does, along with why he enjoys it (the ability to make almost anything with it). In second place, we had Jenny Davis, with her passionate description of… A washing machine. Now, I at first was confused by such a pick, but she explained the amount of time it saved that we don’t appreciate. She explained the effect it had on women’s rights and, ultimately, it was a deep, pasionate piece. We loved reading that one! Finally, in first place, was Claire Carter, who explained in great detail how important a litium ion battery pack is – and damn, was she right? The litium ion battery pack is one of those things that, honestly, we geeks would be nowhere without. So much tech relies on these, it’s uncanny.

Before the night started, however, we went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. There was 5 of us there and the food was delicious! It being a Friday made it harder to have more people there, but it didn’t matter. We had a great time – and we finished early enough for a wander over to the board game shop, Excelsior. In there, Jake and I picked up some Magic: the Gathering boosters for Dominaria; we only ended up getting both Tefari and Karn! We were well chuffed. Along with that, we got a board game for the GeekOut bag and actually, it was a lot of fun. More details on the game tomorrow.

Our venue of choice was thoroughly delicious

It was a smaller event than we’re used to; with just 35 attendees, it was a lot smaller than usual, but I was expecting it. I was aiming for between 30-50, because we’re smack bang in the middle of summer. This usually means people have gone off on holidays, or they’re off out to festivals. Whatever the choice was, it didn’t matter, the show must go on and on it went – It was honestly a great night, so thank you to everyone who turned up. I’m now already working on next month’s theme: Cyberpunk! As ever though, share your thoughts and opinions below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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