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Mobile Game Review: Infinitode

Tower Defense is a genre that blends strategy, fast-paced gameplay and general clicking around. I’ve always enjoyed a good tower defense title, which is actually pretty hard to come by. I mean, there are games like the Bloons series, but I’ve always wanted a good strategy on my phone. Lo and behold, I end up finding Infinitode, which I read a lot of good things about. It’s only fitting therefore that I got around to trying the Android based tower defense title. Would I be knocking out towers like nobodies business, or would I be falling to the hordes of enemies I was to encounter?


Developer Prineside
Platforms Android, iOS
Worldwide Release
October 2015
Genre Turn-Based RPG
£Free, some ads



Infinitode is a tower defense title, which promises an infinite number of waves. Within these infinite waves, there are 12 different types of mobs that spawn. Amongst these mobs, there are normal ones, fast ones, strong ones, ‘bonus’ ones and much more. By killing a mob, you earn gold, which can be used to buy a tower, or to upgrade an existing tower. Upgrades come in fours; Range, Damage, Attack Speed and Aim Time. This changes slightly for some of the other towers, such as the Freezing Tower, which replaces Damage with Freeze Chance. Once you understand the basics of a tower, you upgrade it and use it strategically to take down the enemies. With each kill of a mob, the tower gains experience and increases in level, improving the stats of the tower.

Each wave you clear goes towards your final score, which gives you some money at the end of the game. This money can be used in the upgrades store, which can get you bonuses to your existing towers, or for you to unlock more of the 12 types of towers. Once you’ve unlocked a tower, you can then further upgrade your improvements, by making a tower’s base damage go higher, or attack speed, or perhaps to give it a whole new feature. Perhaps it starts at a higher level?

Ultimately, there’s not much more to say about how the game is played. The UI is really nicely done and quite intuitive; but there have been the occasional niggle with it. Nothing catastrophic that made me put the game back down, mind you!


The graphics are fine, nothing really to sing home about, but they serve their purpose. Enemies are represented by a different shape, where you get fast enemies, strong enemies, etc. They are easily distinguishable, albeit you do have to try and remember what’s what. Overall, you’re always given the tools to try and respond to the enemies. As ever though, seeing is believing, so check out our, admittedly short, gallery below.


The audio of Infinitode is probably the weakest point of the game. The audio is really simple mostly just the sound of the guns from the towers firing. It doesn’t really need to be anything more. Other than that, there’s a noise whenever something hits your base, so you know when you’ve been hit at least. That’s about all the audio of the game, so there really isn’t much else to say about this one.

Oh, there’s also a noise when you buy upgrades. Cool.


Whilst I’ve not had heaps of experience at Infinitode, I can fairly say I’ve explored enough of it to let you know about it. I feel it’s a great addition to the tower defense genre, which I truly believe is underrated and hugely under-explored. However, if you wanted to find a great tower defense title for the mobile, this is one such example. Forget Bloons, as much as I loved that franchise growing up; this is a neat, clean example of the genre. If you’ve got a few minutes to play some of it, I’d highly recommend you pick up Infinitode. It’s well made, it’s well thought out and a lot of the towers are genuinely interesting. Now if you’ve had a chance to pick up Infinitode, let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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