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Tekken 7 Anniversary Update: May 31st 2018 (and World Tour Global Finals)

It’s no big surprise that with the announcement of the Tekken 7 Anniversary Update, I was all over it. Since the games PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC release on June 2nd, 2017, I’ve racked up 294 hours on the fighting golliath. This anniversary update then was something that brought me back to the game just before its release, as admittedly, I’ve been somewhat off and on with the game recently (blame Clone Hero). Picking my main Lee back up, I managed to get back towards where I should be; around the Vanguard/Warrior mark – Not too shabbby!

So what has this free anniversary update promised us so far?

Admittedly, I found this being an ‘anniversary update’ to be very strange. It’s not quite been a year yet, as the game officially came to us (on PC and Console) on June 2nd, 2017. The game was originally released in the arcades on March 18th, 2015 and there was the big update, Fated Retribution, released on July 5th, 2016. Ahem, ignoring the fact that May 31st isn’t actually an official anniversary aside, I’m very happy that we’re going to get an update. The last we got was Noctis being included within the game, along with a new stage and some extra character customisation, such as a damage meter for your hits. All very cool!

Nitpicking about dates and last updates aside, we’ve got some new content to look forward to. Last night was the finals of Combo Breaker, a huge tournament in Illinois. I was watching the whole event and damn, it was awesome. There were some incredible surprises, such as Top 8 regular JDCR not even getting into the Top 8; Saint not getting in the Top 3 and more surprises. I was very happy seeing Jeondding come second and with an incredible win for Rox’s Knee. However, the reason I mention Combo Breaker – Is because Harada and Michael Murray were present at the tournament.

For those of you who don’t know, Harada is basically Mr. Tekken. Having worked on Tekken for well over 20 years, Harada has been making Tekken since the beginning and honestly, his enthusiasm for the product shows. Couple Harada with Michael Murray, a game designer who has been part of Tekken Project since at least Tekken 4 – We knew we were going to hear something at the event. Michael Murray always accompanies Harada as a translator when they have a big announcement, so it’s always great seeing them at a tournament – It always helps to add some weight. Harada might not be a community manager, but he may as well be, as he’s always so in-touch with his fans and the fighting game community.

They took to the stage and spoke briefly about the Tekken Anniversary Update, which he had mentioned previously on Twitter. The above image was taken from his tweet, however the jist of it is that we’re getting a massive customisation update. This’ll include everything that’s previously only been available to the arcade version, so we’re going to see a lot more zany looking characters, but officially no new characters. Personally, I love how Kuma and Panda finally get some customisation, so great call there!I also love the new NJPW gear, new hairstyles and character panels!

However, one thing that was said in the tweet was there was also going to be “and other content will be available for free“. He also has been very stchum on what else is coming. In fact, he keeps saying that we should expect more; but he won’t say what. That makes me very excited as a fan, as hey, if they bring back some legacy characters or introduce new ones soon, I’m down for that, but if not, just a bit more customisation goes a long way!

However, the meat of the announcement at Combo Breaker was that not of the anniversary update. Instead, they announced the date and location of the Tekken World Tour finals! December 1st-2nd in The Theatre, Amsterdam. So if you’re looking for a trip for some Fighting Game goodness, then you really should hop to it and get yourself some tickets as soon as you can, because these will sell fast. If you’re going to The Theatre in Amsterdam, let us know! Furthermore, if you’re a Tekken 7 player, are you looking forward to Thursday’s update? What do you make of all of the costume updates? Do you think there will be any more surprises coming soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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