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Mobile Game Review – Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest

Typically speaking, I’m not a massive fan of these games which mismash two games together. When you get a game as deeply enriched in story and trading card gameplay, then you just stick the gameplay of a match-three puzzle game, it doesn’t sound particularly deep or interesting. However, Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest looks to bring about a much more interesting mix of the card game we’ve all grown to love, with simple, easy gameplay. If you’re looking for a game that brings two genres together, then this may be the one for you – So stick with us as we check out this Puzzle Quest.


Developer Hibernum
Platforms Android, iOS
Worldwide Release
December 2015
Genre Puzzle, Card Game
£Free (Some Ads)



Skipping the Story part of our review today, as even though there is a story mode, there’s no real strong story throughout. It’s simply a case of playing through campaign levels.

Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest, which we will now refer to simple as Puzzle Quest, is basically a way to bring the gameplay of a match-three puzzle with Magic: the Gathering. To do this, they put the two separate elements into the game, bringing you mana in the form of the crystals that you match up. The different colours reflect the different colours of mana in Magic, meaning that a green Planeswalker, such as Nissa, will generally do better with green mana, being able to summon green creatures. You don’t need to match up purely green mana for a green planeswalker, but you need some in order to summon them.

By matching more than three, you get more mana in one go, as well as creating mana crystals which have different effects. These effects can clear rows or columns of these crystals, or they can blow up a small section of crystals, or perhaps they can get you more than the normal amount of mana. You use these effects to play your cards, which help you defeat the enemies and the enemy planeswalkers. However, there’s another side to this…

You see I mentioned that as you play your three-in-a-row, or greater, you play cards. You can affect the colour matching by using your Planeswalkers abilities, or you can use them to buff the cards. Thankfully, this is where the Magic fans will feel at home, as terms such as Vigilance, Lifelink, Deathtouch, Defender – They all make their comeback in this game, but it is a unique experience, that’s for sure. You start off with a Planeswalker who barely can do anything, but the more you play, the more in-game currency you get, allowing you to level up your planeswalkers. You must whittle down your opponent to 0 health.


Unfortunately, I don’t have too much to say about the audio. Whenever you clear crystals, you get a satisfying noise, letting you know that you’re collecting mana. Whenever you play a card, there’s a simple noise – Simple and satisfying; these are the words I seem to use a lot to describe the audio. The music is simply satisfying – It’s all simply satisfying, which is great, but it means there’s not much to say about it, unfortunately. It’s just there, but it’s completely inoffensive.


As ever, we believe that you should be able to see what you’re getting yourself in for, so as ever, check out our gallery below:


So Puzzle Quest isn’t necessarily a must-play, but if you’re a fan of Magic: the Gathering the Trading Card Game, then you may indeed want to check this out. It’s a fun experience, but it isn’t full of deep, complex gameplay. However, if you’re looking to get a really basic experience of Magic: the Gathering, with a few strange differences, then this is definitely worth checking out.

The strange differences include a plethora of odd rule changes; such as stacking creatures. If you summon two creatures with the same name, they basically merge into one, adding the power and toughness of each creature together. Furthermore, you can only have three creatures on the field at any time. This is an odd difference, but it makes for quite a unique experience. It’s easy to pick up, easy to learn, along with new terms, such as Berserker (which allows a creature to attack other creatures). So whether you’re a Magic: the Gathering expert, or if you’re new, the game introduces new elements for you to get used to.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth checking out Puzzle Quest, but don’t think that this replaces a proper game of Magic. You can build decks, but naturally, getting other planeswalkers cost crystals which can cost real money, or be earned in-game. I’ve unlocked three; Nissa who you get at the start, Chandra and Jace. Now to keep building upon them and building stronger decks, because hoo boy, I didn’t cover events, as it seems that people who invest a good amount do well in those. Still, if you’ve ever picked up Puzzle Quest, let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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