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Mobile Game Review: Knightmare Tower

When towers reach dizzying heights, there is only one type of hero with the thrust to be able to reach the top. With the princesses of the land all captured and cooped up in one tower, separated by easily breakable wooden ceilings, one knight, equipped with sword, armour and a comically oversized cannon looks to save them all. Will our knight break through the ceiling in the Knightmare Tower?


Developer Juicy Beast Studio
Platforms Android, iOS
Initial Release
August 2013
Genre Action/Rogue-Lite
£Free, some ads



The princesses of the land have all been kidnapped by a crazed… Wizard… Technomancer… Thing… With a very angry face! The king of the birds pleads with our would-be hero to go save the princesses from the Knightmare Tower, leaving them with a dizzying sense of peril! Will our hero be able to save the princesses, or will they forever be lost within the constantly rising lava floor of the tower?


The game follows a simple path, almost following a Rogue-Lite element akin to that of Rogue Legacy. Each time, you start at the bottom of the tower, retaining the stats and skills you unlocked from previous runs. This means that, so long as you play the game well enough, you should always see some form of progress, even if it’s minor each time. This does limit how long you can play the game, along with the replayability, but it’s probably for the best.

The game is very simple: You start at the bottom and time your launch from the cannon to try to be as close to the max as possible. You’re then launched into the air, ascending through the tower itself. To maintain your velocity, there are monsters along the way, which you can slay to add to your speed. After you kill a set number of enemies, you get a boost, allowing you to ascend at a greater rate.

As you play the game, you tap the screen to make your knight bounce off an enemy and slay them, sometimes taking more than one tap for a kill. These enemies vary in toughness and ability, such as some enemies which are sorta… Just there… To enemies which blast massive laser beams upwards. Should you miss all enemies, you fall down the tower, but your rocket blasts you back up the tower, losing a lot of speed in the process.

Once your run is finished, you are given your coin and distance totals. From each monster kill, along with some items that you find along the way, you get gold added to your total, allowing you to increase your stats in the shop. You can increase your armour, to how much speed a monster kill gets you, how quickly you attack and much more. You also unlock a potion which increases in power throughout the game.

Each floor you break through unlocks a new princess, thus unlocking a new feature, before finally reaching the top of the tower. You will need to have completed all of the missions in the campaign before you can pass through the top of the tower to fight the final boss of the game. It’s up here you use your skills and battle through a well coordinated fight, in order to beat the game and then… Do it all over again in Survival Mode!

Survival Mode is basically more of the same, where you beat more quests and just go as far as you can. You ultimately do this to unlock the Google Play achievements, which admittedly before writing this review, I managed to complete all of the achievements! It’s not too hard, meaning you’re likely able to complete the whole game in a matter of hours – From start to finish, I’d say it took me no more than 8 hours, which isn’t bad for a free game!


Cartoony and somewhat vulgar in how it looks, with violent death for monsters and honestly some disgusting designs (in a good way), the game has a penchant for using grins and grimaces as a way to show evil. The only questionable design is the final boss, who basically looks like a meme, but this isn’t a bad thing – It just perpetuates the typical bad guy trope. As ever though, seeing is believing, so here’s our gallery:



For a free game, the audio is wonderful. The soundtrack is simple and uplifting, with an element of fantasy thrown in. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t actually get out of your chair wielding a sword and shield after hearing it, but you certainly do feel like you’re on an epic fantasy adventure in the tower. The music, for a mobile game, is genuinely really good, so much kudos to the developers for this one.


Knightmare Tower is a wonderfully simple game for Android and iOS. Getting all achievements for those achievement hunters out there is easy enough, especially without a need to buy the in-app purchases. I can barely remember ads in the game, but they are there so if you’re looking for an ad-free game, this isn’t one of them – But seriously, for a short and simple mobile game, you can’t get much better.

Have you ever had a chance to ascend the Knightmare Tower? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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