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GeekOut Bristol Meet – April 13th: Disney Gallery

For nearly a century, Disney has been providing us all with top notch entertainment in the form of beautiful art, exceptional animation and great storytelling. All in all then, Disney is pretty much one of the most recognisable names in the world, proving that adding a dose of magic into peoples lives will sometimes sell incredibly well. It’s with this in mind that we held this month’s GeekOut Bristol Meet to the theme of Disney and we got a new game out, which was heavily Disney influenced itself. As ever, welcome to our monthly gallery post!

GeekOut Bristol has been around since 2013, which is nothing by contrast to the popular Walt Disney Company. But a lot of geeks have been shaped by the morals, the genuine storytelling and the simplicity of Disney films for their whole lives. With this said, it wasn’t too big of a surprise that this ended up being one of our more popular GeekOut Bristol Meets to date, with a massive 70 people joining in the activities! Seriously, we were overwhelmed by the response to this months activities, so thank you to everyone who turned up – From our regulars, to new people, to people who came knowing we were going to be out and just wanted to play a game we had.

The winning entries

The competition this month was to get people to draw their very own Disney Hero or Villain. Originally, I was going to have a template that people could work off, however I have been under a serious amount of pain this past week, which saw me going to the Bristol Royal Infirmary. No excuses though, I left the pens and paper out, people managed to produce some incredible artwork and all in all, the competition was as wonderful as it ever was. We had fewer entries, mostly because art competitions typically do end up getting less entries, but it meant that the people who submitted their work was all of a great quality. Thank you to everyone who joined in!

Furthermore, a huge thanks to the Old Market Tavern for hosting us once again. We had Snow White behind the bar, along with a GeekOut special drink! As ever, a massive thanks to Richard who runs the Old Market Tavern, along with all of the wonderful bar staff – You guys really are the most welcoming bunch we could have asked for.

Well then, you’re here for the gallery. Here it is!

Once more, thanks to everyone who showed up for our Disney-inspired event. As ever, if you have any comments or if you were at this event and just want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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