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Guest Characters in Tekken Games – Noctis, Geese and Akuma in Tekken 7

My good friends have had to experience me go from playing RPGs non-stop, to just being sat in ranked queues in Tekken 7, day in and day out. Tomorrow, we will see the launch of a new character in Tekken 7 – Noctis Lucis Caelum. The same Noctis from the most recent main-series title in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV. He’s not the only guest character to make it into Tekken. He’s now the third DLC, following Akuma back when the game was first released and Geese Howard last year. Now that Noctis is on the way, I thought this would be a fun way to look back at guest characters in Tekken’s history.

Interestingly, in the history of Tekken, if we include Noctis tomorrow, there have only been four guest characters total. A guest character is one that comes from another franchise all together; be it another game, or a TV show, a comic – Whatever! It’s a character that the Tekken Team have had to buy the license for. These guest characters are a great way to attract cross-genre, or cross-franchise attention. Looking backwards then, we’ll start off with Noctis.

Noctis Lucis Caelum

Poor, poor Prince Noct. He’s been knocked (- get it? -) before anyone has even gotten to have a true hands-on experience with the character. Watching the fighting style in the video above has made me truly excited for the character, as I was asking for a character just like him a couple of months back, just before he was announced. I wanted a character that was similar to Master Raven, with some of the toolset of Yoshimitsu. Here’s hoping this is what we’re getting exactly, but there appears to be a lot of air juggles with the character. Plus, I like the character – Just not the game the character and his accomplices are set in. It’ll be great to see the exclusive map, too!

You can expect Prince Noctis to be released on March 20th.

Geese Howard

Tekken 7 has done a lot of things right – And one of them was the introduction to Geese Howard, which got a massive ovation at EVO 2017. When he was announced, people went crazy for him and needless to say, the wait made people yearn for him even more. He was the second guest character to be introduced to Tekken 7, bringing in more projectiles and a sense of brutality that fits him. From a well loved fighting game franchise to another, Geese was transformed and looks even better in Tekken 7.


Akuma was the first guest character of Tekken 7, which was also probably the smartest guest character to pick. To go directly to the rival fighting game and ask for one of their star characters is a bold move, but Tekken did this right. They picked Akuma, who might not be as well known as Ryu, Ken or M. Bison, but he’s still revered enough within the fighting game scene. The Tekken version of Akuma has been great; he also introduced a tricky element to his Rage Arts, which meant you had to jump whenever he delivered them, literally keeping you on your toes at all time. Couple this with the meter he builds, Akuma is a tricky character to get around, if you’re unprepared.


The original guest for Tekken was all the way back in Tekken 3 – You had to play through Tekken Ball, or get the high score in Survival Mode and putting “GON” as your name. This little dinosaur is able to pretty much withstand True Ogre’s fire attack – The only character to be able to do so. Gon is a pain in the backside to fight, as his small frame makes him a cheap character, but hey, it’s not like people were going into tournaments as the little dinosaur. Nevertheless, Gon will not be coming back to a Tekken game any time soon, due to the license fees it costs to have a character like Gon. If you’ve never heard of him before, check out his Wikipedia page.

Granted, we could have said Eliza was a ‘guest character’ but she really isn’t; she’s a unique character for people who got the game at a specific time, but that said, I’m sure people can get Eliza fairly easily. Either way, the guest characters have all made their mark on Tekken’s history now – but the question is, if you could bring any character into the world of Tekken, who would you bring in and why? Do you play any other games where guest characters would work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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