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GeekOut Bristol Meet – March 9th: Cosplay on the Cheap Gallery

Everyone loves a good cosplay, along with the cosplayers who come up with genius ways to make their favourite characters come to life. In the past 10 years, cosplay has become part of every day fandom. Looking back to the past, we must thank people such as Forrest J Ackerman for his contributions to the now flourishing scene. As part of the growing part of fan communities that incorporates cosplay, we thought we’d celebrate costume making – by getting people to make their own costumes at this months meet… With paper… and card… and sellotape… And other cheap bits of materials that people brought along. People rose to the challenge and boy, was it ever an excellent event?

We first of all found ourselves going to eat out at a brand new place in Cabot Circus called Casa Brazil. Let me tell you now – For less than £15, you get an all-you-can-eat style hot and cold buffet and then someone comes around with a variety of meats. If you’re not into meat – I.E you’re vegetarian, vegan or even people with some dietry requirements, this place might not be the best for you. However, if you’re carnivorous and just want to eat some tasty food, then this place is genuinely one of the best restaurants in Cabot Circus. The drinks were somewhat expensive, but truth be told, £3.50 for a large cola isn’t the end of the world in a restaurant.

Moving on to the day time event – It was a bit of a slow start, if I’m being honest! It was an incredibly wet day, however, as the skies decided to open the floodgates and whoosh! The rain came crashing down. We were all sat in the conservatory, as the pub itself was also pretty busy to begin with. In fact, the entire day was absolutely rammed with people, both from GeekOut Bristol Meet attendees and general public. We held our fort in the conservatory for the entire day, keeping all of our board games, cosplay supplies and coats and bags out the back. We estimate that come the end of the event, we had around 45 people, but it may have been around the 50 mark, as I did miss a few people who said they were there personally!

The competition was great fun – People had to make a costume meeting four main criteria: Recognisability, Appearance, Completeness and Inventiveness. The four criteria were broken down as follows:

  • Recognisability – Can we recognise the character from reference?
  • Appearance – Does it actually look alright for a cheap cosplay?
  • Completeness – How much of what they were making is complete?
  • Inventiveness – How novel were the ideas and how well done was it?

As such, our first place winner had made an entire costume at the event (incredible!), second place was one of the most inventive pieces you’ve ever seen, which included an attachable blade and third place went to an awesome tabard which every element was hand cut and hand sewn. Everyone put their all into this months competition, so without further adieu, here is our gallery for this month:

That’s it for another amazing GeekOut Bristol Meet – Thanks to everyone who made it so special. It was a great event and tomorrow night, we’ll be putting up next month’s event: Disney! So if you’re looking to come and join us for another amazing month of GeekOut Bristol Meets, get ready to smash that RSVP button and we’ll be going to make sure we can show you the world, shining, shimmering splendid. Ahem. Leave your thoughts about this months event in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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