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February 2018 Update: GeekOut Medias Top of the Top 10s

It’s been a while since we last spoke about our highly ambitious eBook, capturing our Top 10’s in a format which is both similar to a digest, but yet comprehensive enough for anyone who hasn’t had the experience of our Top 10’s before. Naturally, we’ve been thinking long and hard about it, but there’s a lot of time and planning involved with a project like this. So, if you’ve ever been faced with making an eBook before yourself, let’s look at what we’ve been doing behind the scenes in order to get on with it!

GeekOut Top 10s


Joel has been left mostly in charge with trying to find a suitable arrangement for all of the Top 10’s. As regular readers of GeekOut will be aware, our weekly Top 10 articles are rather lengthy, with actual reasoning as to why we place each candidate in their spots. We also realise that part of what makes the Top 10’s so well loved is the fact we use strong imagery, which helps to really portray why the candidates belong in the list and in the position they reached.

We’ve been carefully reviewing formats, looking for inspiration in other books and much more. A Top 10 isn’t ours in concept; the concept has been going around for many years, but we want a Top 10 book that we can be proud of – It needs to look the part and as such, we want to keep with our strong imagery. Of course, a few of the problems with having images in an eBook is:

  1. File size
  2. Space on Page
  3. Copyright

Legal Stuff

Legalese is a boring thing to have to read into, but honestly we can’t release an eBook to the World Wide Web without deeply considering the impact of Copyright. Naturally, anything that’s in the public domain is fair use and a lot of the images we use will need to cite Fair Use, as we will be looking at providing a type of commentary on the images and their respective properties. As such, we know we will seriously need to look into the legality of using imagery under Fair Use – Or if not, we’ll need to look into getting our artwork done as professionally as we possibly can, without breaking the bank.

Naturally, a lot of artists may sneer at the idea of us trying to get art done on the cheap and naturally so – We believe artists should be paid for their work, so if we do end up working with an artist, any future revenue we get from the eBook we may have to look into providing a percentage of to the artist. Or, perhaps, we can get rights for a fair amount. Either way, this is something we’d like to avoid where possible, but not at the detrement of the quality of the eBooks presentation. Let’s just say, we will get some strong imagery in the eBook and we’re not against hiring someone to help us professionally on this front.


Keep the site bookmarked whilst we write this!

A lot of the content is already written, as you can imagine. The issue is that on a blog, we can talk about whatever we want in our style – because we’re known for our house styles. Joel has a very verbose approach to writing, I have a conversational voice and Chris has a very instructional voice. We believe in all being unique with our tones which helps our readers differentiate who is writing. However, in an eBook, we will potentially be reaching not just to our existing audience, but new audiences. As such, we’ve got to look through all of the content and compile it into one readable house style. We’re working on this style, but we’ve got all of the content we need, with the exception of the bonus content.

As you can see then, there’s so much for us to get on with, all of which is before we even get to the stage of preparing the eBook itself! We’re excited to be moving this project, but man, this is a slow slog. In the interim, if you’ve ever worked on an eBook of any size, why not let us know how you got over the issue of images and heck, even the way you presented your eBook? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.


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