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GeekOut Bristol Meet – February 10th: Castle Crashing Gallery

Ah yes, Castle Crashers is truly an awesome game which gave us some truly great ideas. We need to make a theme where people can come along and crash some castles. But how would people do this? Easily: They would simply draw their sword, wield their shields and march into the gate of the castle. This was a relatively quiet month for us, so it was great that we got so many creative entries out! However, check it out for our monthly GeekOut Bristol Meet Gallery!

They came, they saw, they conquered – People were given a new style of competition: To design the best sword or shield they possibly can… To which people rose to the challenge! People were engrossed in the competition, throughout the entirety of the event. Further to that, we got the Raspberry Pi going once again and people were having a blast on the retro games. All we need now is a screen and blammo, we’ll be on our way to retro glory. As ever, here’s a look at all of the pictures we got during the event.

With all done, the night was a roaring success. We mentioned this was a quieter GeekOut, but we still managed 45 people, which was awesome. Everyone really got involved with the activities, so here’s hoping next month’s event will be equally as successful, as we’ll be making Cosplay on the Cheap! As ever though, if you were at the event and want to say a hello, drop a comment below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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