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Video Game Review: THOR.N

When I read the little bio snippet for THOR.N, a game which is currently free on the Humble Monthly Trove until the 2nd of February, I was immediately interested and looked forward to playing it. After less than thirty minutes, the experience was over! Marketing itself as a job simulator, I was thoroughly looking forward to giving this a blast. What did I make of the experience in what attested to the shortest job I’ve ever had? As this was a Humble Bundle Exclusive, I took to the game with hopes to find something truly different!


Developer Advect Productions
Platforms PC (Windows)
Windows Release December 2017
Genre Clicker
Price on Humble Monthly Trove
£Free (Until 02/02/18) (Humble Monthly Trove)



Receive my birthday gift!

In a world where a sentient AI companion looks after you, mothers you and watches as you grow to your 18th birthday, you wake up and are told that today would be a great day and there was much to be done. You are finally about to leave your room, where you have been looked after for so long. You know how to do your job: You simply press some buttons to make enough credits and become a fully fledged citizen. But, is everything as it seems?


… Click…

The gameplay is incredibly simple: You wake up and walk with the WASD keys and are greeted immediately by the giant face attached to the wall in front of your bed. This face chats to you, giving you simple instructions to follow. You are instructed to approach the terminal in your room and receive your birthday gift of 50 credits. Upon receiving this, you unlock the ‘first room of your new apartment’.

The game simply gets you to click on buttons on the terminals, which I can equate to a very pretty (and 3D) cookie clicker experience. You click the buttons, you earn some credit. You spend the credit to get upgrades. You can get automation implemented in the work that you do, allowing everything to be a case of click it, then leave it and build up your credits. For each upgrade you buy, you earn 1CP, a Citizen Point. Every 5 CP you go up a Citizen Level. At Citizen Level 15, you have completed the game.


Because of how short the game was, I was genuinely surprised by the filesize of the game. However, when you look at how genuinely pretty the game is, you can kind of forgive it. Honestly, this game looked incredible, although I am sure some people will be put off by the motion blur in effect.


Not too much to say here – The audio was very pleasant, giving off that peaceful vibe that only a game that’s masking an ominous story does. It works!


Yes, many upgraes are required.

I mentioned how short the game was up in the very first paragraph of this review, mentioning that the game took me less than half an hour to complete. I can confirm this, as there is an in-game clock right in the bedroom, which I checked before leaving the room before the ending. Whilst I won’t spoil the ending, as it was a highly entertaining short game, it was indeed incredibly short, which made me feel like I had done something wrong. I couldn’t find any second endings, even though the next time I played, I thoroughly checked it over. Interestingly, there is also a console mechanic within the game, allowing you to go into debugging. Whilst entertaining, I couldn’t find anything particularly useful which suggested there was anything more to the experience.

I will say this – It was a fun experience, for as short as it was. I’d love to see this game have a bigger release, with alternative endings – or more importantly, to extend upon that ending itself. I didn’t find the ‘grind’ all that bad, as once you unlocked the automated options, it mostly ran itself whilst I went about my business (on the second playthrough). The sentient AI was great fun and I likened her to SHODAN from the soon to be re-imagined System Shock series. Overall, if you have a few moments, go check this game out and play it through once. It’s worth it, especially as it’s free! Have you ever experienced THOR.N? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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    I came here when I googled the game to find out what I had done wrong! I thought Level 15 was just the beginning. lol. I agree, it was fun, though quite short!

    Liked by 1 person

    June 21, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    • Absolutely, it surprised me they didn’t take it further. I wish they do a full universe in that setting, as honestly, I felt sad when it was over. An excellent concept!


      June 21, 2018 at 12:24 pm

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