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GeekOut Bristol Meet – January 12th: Hero Academy Gallery


We had a hero inspired meetup this meet, where we took everybody to school and tested them in a huge competition, which took me most of the day to run (but damn, was it ever entertaining?) We had plenty of entrants, of which everyone got five minutes in and hey – We got through the event with more people than expected. Considering it was January, I was surprised to see so many people eager for another GeekOut Bristol Meet, as opposed to hiding away due to Christmas. Still, you all came and saw – so as ever, here’s our monthly gallery of the happenings of the event.

The competition took about a week for me to put together, as there was a lot of elements to it. First, entrants had to create a character based on some set skills and conditions, of which they would read from our tablet to determine. I should have spent even more time to ensure I was able to find and print the criteria off, but still, we got there! After the character was created (many of which had profile images and background stories), the hero would then have to fight one of three supervillains: either Diabolico, Mount Marta or Randy, the Savage.

But, GeekOut Bristol Meet attendees gather together to put a stop to these three, with hugely varying scores from -25 up to the winning score of 40. Combatants had to fight one of these three in a one on one scenario, using a d20 system styled fight. A crudely drawn map of a city meant we kept track of what everyone was doing and it was a heck of a challenge for both combatant and villain. Huge congratulations to our winners!

We had approximately 51 people attend the event, which is a lot more than I had anticipated (I was hopeful for about 35 in all honesty, due to the time of year). So, although I was bogged down in the competition for the majority of the event, I managed to get some great photos in of yet another highly successful event:

That’s it for this month – If you were there, let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Now, we go onwards to next month’s Bristol Meetup – February 10th: Castle Crashing! Be prepared!


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  1. I’m seeing a severe lack of compound fracture cosplays! :P


    January 14, 2018 at 10:34 am

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