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Anime Review: Black Clover

What happens when you get an anime protagonist that’s so overpowered for his world, but isn’t reckoned to be by his peers? Also, what happens when you have a main character that’s so loud and obnoxious, just to compliment his status as an overpowered character? Clearly, you’re going to have either a Naruto, or you’re going to have an Asta from Black Clover; a character who is so disliked due to how much he shouts – But let’s not hold that against the anime completely. Let’s check this out subjectively and talk about Black Clover for all the good and bad – and let’s figure if this is an anime worth investing in.


Studio Pierrot Co., Ltd
Crunchyroll Release October 2017
Genre Action/Shounen
Crunchyroll Link Black Clover



Asta and Yuno are two orphans who have been through a lot; but found and raised by a kind father and sister, the two boys found the strength to carry on. Growing up, Asta and Yuno wanted nothing more than to be the Wizard King, the most powerful and wisened wizard of them all.

Asta is a youthful, carefree kind of guy whose hyperactive attitude is often thought of as nothing more than a bother to those around him. He’s so intent on being the Wizard King, but yet he knows no magic in a world filled with it. Meanwhile, Yuno is a highly gifted wielder of magic, able to control many elements with ease. He’s popular around the people of the village of Hage which took him and Asta in. He too is intent on being the Wizard King, but he views Asta as a rival as much as Asta, loudly, proclaims he is Yuno’s rival. But when everyone is given the chance to get their grimoire, a powerful book which is unique to the owner, Asta doesn’t get one and Yuno does.

With Asta’s hard-headed nature now shattered, and with Yuno having received a truly powerful grimoire, the two seem destined for different paths. When Yuno is then attacked by a rogue ex-mage-turned-desperate-thief, Asta comes back to defend his friend and rival. Although this is futile against the powerful mage, something awakens in Asta and his true powers unlock – Showing the power of a demon dwelling within. Asta’s grimoire shows itself – and then the two set off to train to become the Wizard King.


The art of Black Clover is pleasing and simple; with the character designs not being too over the top. Asta and Yuno in particular looking pretty poor in general, as you would expect of them. Scenery is lush and a joy to look at and characters, even wild characters such as the aforementioned renegade ex-mage look as you’d expect them to. This anime is a visual treat – But as ever, here’s our gallery for proof:


I’d be a fool for not mentioning Asta and his constant screeching at the start of the series, which is a huge potential detractor for anyone who wants to get into a new anime. If you don’t mind characters shouting non-stop, then this may very well work for you. The voice actor is pretty new, which may make you want to ease off the criticism, but the truth is that the constant screaming is a little bit too over the top, even for me. Growing up, listening to Goku, Vegeta and co screaming until their lungs collapse was fine – Except it wasn’t non-stop! Unfortunately, Asta needs to reign it in a bit.

And yes: Asta’s shouting does take away from the other voice actors, as you end up dreading those screams.


I’m not hugely enamoured by Black Clover, but I’m not utterly turned off by it either.

There’s an element of the anime which is quite watchable; but the plot is a little bit slow and the constant Asta screams are one of the biggest anime turn offs I’ve seen in a long time. Having said this, I’m drawn in and I’m not fully sure why. The anime seems to be going somewhere and at a quick enough pace. I’ve seen that fans of the manga have already taken exception to filler moments (and I agree, from what I’ve seen, there’s definitely some filler). However, just because there’s filler doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, it’s highly entertaining and I’d say it’s worth a watch – Even if you watch it quietly, with the fear that your friends will judge you, thinking you’re watching some anime smut thanks to those damn screams.

But as ever, what did you make of Black Clover? Are you watching it currently? Let us know your thoughts below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.


5 responses

  1. I thoroughly hate every scene where Asta speaks, which is most of the series. I’m still watching it, but it’s so annoying! Though I will give it to the show that they acknowledge it’s a pain in the butt and there are characters who comment on it, the leader of the Bulls in particular.

    Liked by 1 person

    November 17, 2017 at 9:12 am

    • Yup, they begin to sorta mention it, which makes me hopeful that they’re addressing it… In series. Curious. Here’s hoping it gets better from here :)


      November 17, 2017 at 9:33 am

      • I hope at some point they show Yuno struggling with something. So far he’s a lvl 15 D&D Wizard among lvl 5s :P

        Liked by 1 person

        November 17, 2017 at 9:46 am

  2. While the story itself is functional I feel this show so far hasn’t really done enough with anything. It has a nice range of ingredients, both character and narrative, to play with and could be fantastic, and yet it is just kind of going through the motions. Which makes it tolerable, because it has everything it needs, and yet fairly disappointing at the same time.
    And Asta screaming is a major issue though fortunately it has diminished somewhat though not abated entirely.

    Liked by 1 person

    November 17, 2017 at 9:30 am

    • I haven’t given up. Not yet. I can feel that it’s trying to build to something, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses now. You’re spot on: It’s going through the motions… But with the cast, I feel like it can be much more.

      Liked by 1 person

      November 17, 2017 at 9:32 am

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