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Japan Crate: Halloween ’17 Edition (Trick or Treat Box)

Another month has passed, which means it’s time for us to have another look at our Japan Crate. Of course, last month being October, there could only be one suitable theme – Halloween! As some of you may be aware, we were doing short stories and the vast majority of articles were Halloween-inspired. When we received our Japan Crate for this month, we immediately realised that we were in for a treat, as the box was purple instead of the usual red. We knew what this meant – As we looked over the box and saw the words “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” on the side, with a cute little ghost image. So, to the delight of Japan Crate only, I received a Trick box.


Filled with lots of treats and a couple of tricks

Don’t take the above as me being angry; I fully appreciated being tricked, as I managed to get it on camera! After all it’s not Halloween with a good bit of Trick or Treating. Before we go into that however, let’s look at the rest of the treats that were inside of the Japan Crate and then we’ll show you a clip of the Trick I received. As ever, the box was brimming full of goodies. It felt like a lot of goodies this month – and truth be told, it was jam packed. I really enjoy being able to pick up my Japan Crate and feeling the weight and density. What I noticed with this month is it felt lighter, but a lot more packed. I was confused as to why it was lighter than last months, yet still felt so full – And then I opened the package.

I think a lot of this months items were indeed lighter, but I will say, the KitKat Mini bars were absolutely divine. Seriously, Caramel Pudding?! Make that worldwide, guys.

Right. L-let’s show you the video. I drank some Clam Miso Soup. It wasn’t nice. I’m never drinking that again. It’s not a good idea for a snack. Bleurgh! Okay, some people might like it, but I certainly didn’t. It was far too salty. Take what you will out of that. Enjoy this very short video of me regretting life.

That’s all for this month’s Japan Crate – What did you think? Did you get a laugh out of my face instantly scrunching up after having gone for it? Did you empathise with my end comment demanding chocolate? As ever, leave your comments below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.


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