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Pumpkins & Halloween

As we approach All Hallows’ Eve, tales of ghosts and ghouls become commonplace. Today, I wish to tell you a tale of a young man and a young lady, by the names of Ness and Paula, who fought off unspeakable evils. But before they could take on true evil, they had to overcome fear itself. This time, it wasn’t a ghost or a ghoul, but rather it was the wickedness of humanity itself, with an injection of the macabre. This is the story of Ness and Paula encountering the Trick or Trick Kid.

Pumpkins and Halloween


It was an ordinary day in Threed, at least as ordinary as the Halloween season could be. Threed was as dark as ever, decorated on the outside by twelve large pumpkin patches and, naturally, two thousand zombies. You’d think this would be the perfect place for a Halloween party, but it turns out that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

For young Ness and Paula, being stuck in Threed wasn’t a joyous or fun time at all, but rather it was a harrowing experience. Even getting to the city wasn’t an easy task, having to enlist the help of the Runaway Five. Even though they had a lot of fun on the bus to Threed, they couldn’t help but feel trapped in by all of the ghosts and monsters on the road in.

Upon reaching the city, Ness and Paula came up with a plan. They had heard of one of Giygas’ lieutenants, Master Belch, hiding somewhere in the city confines. They knew it would be in the city of Threed, but rather somewhere on the outskirts. So, having got their bearings straight, the duo set off to go find and whack Master Belch.

It’s true that the city of Threed was known for this zombie infestation, but there were many other monsters they hadn’t accounted for. One such monster, was just a child, who came out of the shadows of the edge of the city, with a large, creepy smile across its face. Granted, it was hard to tell if this was actually its face, or if it’s just a disguise.

The Trick or Trick Kid stood before them, its face completely concealed by the large pumpkin helmet it wore. Oh sure, it could have been a zombie, that’s totally worse you would think, but you know what you’re getting with zombies. When it came to the Trick or Trick Kid, you had no idea what its motives were, or why it was coming straight towards Ness and Paula.

Ness was growing more agitated by the presence of this disturbing creature. It laughed a loud, sinister cackle, before pointing directly at the duo. “Trick, or trick!” it said, as the seemingly blackened eyes glowed as if a candle were inside of it. Did this ‘child’ get taken over by a Jack-o-lantern? The child, in bodily appearance, could have been no older than Ness.

Ness had seen enough, as he swung his baseball bat in a fit of rage and fear, landing a huge blow to the side of the pumpkin. And it was with that, Ness and Paula heard a faint sniffling sound from the pumpkin, as the Trick or Trick Kid stepped back. The creature reached for it’s orange head, lifted it up and revealed the truth.

Where it’s head should have been, there was nothing bar a stump where it’s neck ended. Blood had clotted, flesh was left hanging, cartilage was on full display. Ness now knew why he was told to have never ventured into Threed. He was worried for his safety, as the pumpkin head started to laugh maniacally.

Ness grabbed Paula by the hand, who was utterly beside herself in fear. She wanted to pray for the creature before them, but before she could, Ness was dragging her away. She didn’t disagree with the decision to get out of there, as the duo ran deeper into the centre of Threed to get away from the horrific events on the outskirts of the city.

And to this day, the Trick or Trick Kid haunts those who stray too far from the confines of their home on All Hallows Eve.

Don’t open the door.


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