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Mobile Game Review: Hyper Heroes

Ever felt that heroes weren’t active enough? That they were all a little too sluggish; a little too slow to the action? Wouldn’t it just be better if you could fling a champion at a situation and let them do all of the hard work? Well then, this very specific scenario has finally got a solution, as we check out the mobile game for Android and iOS, Hyper Heroes. Is it any good, or is it a little too charged with sugar?


Developer HyperJoy
Platforms iOS, Android
Release Year
Genre Pinball/RPG
Price on Android/iOS



There’s no real story to go by, bar for beating some bosses, so I’ll just get into the meat of the gameplay, as there’s quite a lot to cover here.

In Hyper Heroes, you get control of a few heroes, all of whom have different abilities and different stats associated to them. There’s three basic types of heroes: Stick, Penetrate, Bounce. A Stick hero is typically a tank, who taunts the enemies via various methods and generally has a lot more health than the rest of the heroes. Penetrate heroes go through enemies, allowing them to hit lots of enemies in one go. Finally, the bounce heroes bounce off enemies, making them ideal for combos.

Slashy Bushi, a Penetrate style hero.

I mentioned how tanks have more health – However, health is worked out as a collective unit. You (and your enemies) have just one health bar. So if enemies attack your tank, that joint health bar goes down slower than if the enemies focused on one of your bounce damage dealers, as tanks have higher levels of damage reduction. Combined with this strange health system, you have classes of heroes, including Warrior, Rogue and Mage – Needless to say, these three types work differently and thus have different abilities around these classes.

You go along a campaign, killing bosses at the end of a few waves of baddies. To do this, you simply have to hold and drag on your screen, creating an arrow pathway for where your heroes will bounce. They bounce off walls, they bounce off enemies – and if you bounce them through their allies, the ally that has been bounced through will do an attack as well. This game is all about being precise with your bounces, whilst getting the right balance of skills, stats and heroes.

Team formation

There’s no such thing as a right or wrong team in this game, as all of the heroes have the potential to be good, depending on the time you devote to levelling up their stars. For instance, one hero I really like, Flame Dame, one of the starters, isn’t going to be everyone’s favourite, as she’s very reliant on her ultimate to do massive damage. Paladin was my favourite tank, until I got Grove Guard, who has a better control over getting the attention of large groups, whereas Paladin is better at small group tanking.

You start off with just one hero, quickly getting a second and a third as you do the main campaign. These heroes level up to your team level. For instance, if your team level is level 5, all of your heroes can level up to level 5, as well. You feed them EXP Potions to make them level up, whereas campaign missions will make your team level increase. As well as levels, your heroes have to have their skills levelled up, increasing the usefulness of the skill.

One of the paid-for characters, Earl Pale

The game operates a Gem system, similar to many other mobile games. However, the developers appear to be pretty generous with giving away these gems, which can be used to buy Soul Stones, among other in-game items and benefits. These Soul Stones are used to unlock new heroes for your party, but they need a varying amount, dependent on the hero. For instance, unlocking most heroes requires 50 Soul Stones, but one needs 100. Others might only need 10, 20 or 30. These Soul Stones also increase the star level of a hero, effectively increasing their effectiveness.

As a final note, as your team level increases, you get access to other elements of the game; from a tower which becomes a huge source of income, to PvP. Recently, only last month, they introduced cross-server PvP and also introduced sprites, which are effectively pets. You can join a guild, where you get benefits for being in a guild, as well as doing co-op missions. There are side-quests and expeditions and so much more, that to adequately write all of what you do in game would take considerable time. But the core of each of these elements remains the same: You fling your heroes using an optimal path, dealing as much damage as possible and surviving the enemies attacks.


Most mobile games are quite pixelly looking, but not Hyper Heroes. The graphics are really nice and smooth, with each character looking completely unique and really well thought out. The costumes they wear, the actual models used for the characters and even things such as the GUI are nicely done! If I had to make a slight criticism, it’d only be to do with the notifications at the top right hand corner of the screen – Sometimes, they feel a bit intrusive.

As ever though, we think that seeing is believing, so check out our gallery below:


This video is a great example of the music and the voices in game.

The audio in this game is in two halves really, so let’s start with the positives.

The voice actors and actresses in this game are pretty good! The characters have a real warmth to their personalities and they sound like they should do. From the brilliant panda Pyro Monk, to the sassy Flame Dame and even the stoic Slashy Bushi, they all have an accent, which makes them sound like you’d expect them to.

Meanwhile, the music in the game is one of the oddest mismatches I’ve ever heard in my life! It sounds as if there’s a wedding going on nonstop. It starts off with what sounds like the typical instrumental of a ceremony, usually once the couple has gotten hitched. Truly, one of the oddest experiences in a video game.


Warning: Before we finish this article off, a lot of people have commented about how the characters are just copied from other games. Of course, the characters are incredibly like characters from other games – This cannot be disputed. What’s interesting is that it’s not limited to just one game, or one geeky franchise. I’ll let you determine what you think about the character copying in the comments below. Personally, I find them quite enjoyable. Highly amusing!

When I first picked up Hyper Heroes, I got fed up by chapter 1 level 2, which is incredibly early on. I didn’t give it much of a chance, as I found the tutorial quite infuriating – It was forcing me to play the game by doing what it tells me, which really doesn’t sit with me. I prefer to be given an example and to make my own mistakes. However, I decided to go back to it a couple of months later, when I noticed my fiance was still enjoying the game many months on.

Now I’ve gone back to it and gotten past all of the tutorial levels, I can genuinely say I was being too hasty to drop the title. It’s a joy to play, it’s a joy to look at… but not so much to listen to. Still, you never know, perhaps they’ll read this and hear the “wedding march music” I mentioned and update it! One can only hope. In the meantime however, what did you think of Hyper Heroes? Will you be adding it to your mobile’s apps? As always, share your thoughts below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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