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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – September ’17

Despite the start of a new university year, the GeekOut crowd has proven harder to diminish. Oh sure, we’ve lost a few regulars along the way, I’m sure they’ll come back when they are able, but with an early season cold starting I was glad of the quieter meet this month.

Palmers was a quiet pleasure, a busier start to GeekOut than I’m used to where the pre-2 o’clock crowd rarely amounts to more than two or three. It was a crowd of five that wandered over the car-park to Monty’s. Kudos to the lady who complimented us for openly playing a more traditional game and enjoyed a short discussion on how the Shrewsbury Geek scene has gotten bigger and more sociable of recent years, and thanks to the gentleman behind the counter who told us about their board game night on the first Thursday of every month… we knew already, but thanks. (more…)