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BBC Three and eSports

The BBC announced last month that they are covering eSports, which is a great step for professional gaming. If you had spoken to a huge media conglomerate about pro gaming in the past, they might have chuckled and said “That’s nice”, but now-a-days, with the industry booming and with the sheer number of people involved, it’s hard to ignore it and harder still to call it a mere fad. This is the first deal of its kind, but what exactly is the deal and how important is it for the industry? Timlah here to check out what the BBC have offered professional gaming and where this could take it in the future.

BBC Three have started to show off four hours of live eSports coverage for six weeks, which started two weeks ago – So we’re a little behind in announcing this, but we figured hey, it’s still worth talking about. With eSports becoming such a massive part of gaming life, where everyone can strive to become an exemplary player in the game of their choice. It’s not just a good thing that BBC Three are covering this, if anything it’s a necessity. For years, professional gaming has been often thought of as some guys who go to a small crowd, with a controller each, someone watches them and then a winner is decided. Those of you who read this website often will be aware of how huge the EVO Tekken Top 8 was this year, so now is the perfect time for a major company like the BBC to get involved

Casters are having the chance to get themselves heard, but this is only the first time something like this has come up. It might be really overdue, but because of this, we’re already seeing examples of what happens when it’s not fully checked. Recently, a match was played on TV, where a guy ended up getting perfected in Street Fighter, as their controller wasn’t working. Highly embarrassing, but the guy who got perfected went on to do a nice humble interview about it. BBC Three are focusing on the gamers themselves, not looking at them as they might have once done, but instead as people who have ideas, dreams and goals to be the best in their respective game.


Of course, this isn’t going to last forever – But this could be the first in many lucrative deals with TV Stations who bid for the attention of professional gaming. Ultimately, I have nothing but respect for what the channel is doing – So hopefully the rest of these shows go without a hitch. This article wasn’t supposed to be a long one, but rather just to point out: If you’re bored on a weekend, why not check out BBC Three and see if you can catch up on some pro gaming. More views for them will clearly show that this is something people want more of. But what do you think? Is this the right way to get eSports even further off the ground, or should it have its own dedicated TV Channel by now? As always, leave a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.



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