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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – July ’17

July brings GeekOut Shrewsbury a change in format, no longer divided between two venues, we instead begin at 14:00 at Monty’s Tower and stay there until we’re good and ready to leave… Midnight. Usually slightly earlier. For the determined, the keen, and the early risers, we met up at the Coffeehouse for a fond farewell and a thanks for the memories, and brownies, and for being generally nice people.

This was Shrewsbury Meet number 5, and each time we get bigger, more interesting, see new faces and introduce them to new games, welcome regular faces and settle down for a familiar chat, and confuse a bunch of people sharing Wetherspoons with us. Naturally, as we’re bound to a weekday for the foreseeable future, the turn-out was small before 18:00, and slightly inhibited by a nearby Articuno raid, but we had a pleasant and relaxing few games to get us started while we waited for the others to escape from work and join us. Then the evening crowd helped us overfill our normally “allotted” space, so I think August we may have to request a few more tables be reserved for the evening.

Good games, great company, and another fantastic GeekOut Meet. Thanks again to Monty’s Tower for being great hosts, but before we start discussing next month, there’s a competition to discuss:

The Pokethulhu Design Competition

Thanks and congratulations to those who took part in the Pokethulhu Design Competition, you’re all far more creative than you gave yourselves credit for when you hesitantly accepted an entry form from my over enthusiastic hands. The top 3 winners earned disappointing prizes, with our winner earning a slightly less disappointing prize and their design will appear in the Pokethulhu one-shot that will be played at Kitacon Quest, The Rattatas in the Walls.

3) Jibberypuff – Sarah

Jibberypuff, the screaming gas Pokethulhu. It gently floats down upon its victims, each mouth singing its own ear-wrenching song. Listening to the Jibberypuff saps its victim of its sanity and devours its victim once adequately stupefied. A suitable punishment for not listening to its many songs to the end.

I loved the direct ties to both Pokemon and the Shoggoth-inspired Gibbering Mouther of Dungeons & Dragons fame, and the very concept of the thousand discordant songs emanating from this floating floof-ball is terrifying.

2) Cro’Nyarlathog – Harley

Muse type Pokethulhu often found in church bell towers and grand graveyard monuments. Will attach to artist’s heads and feed ideas into the brain, sending the victim insane. Vulnerable to revolver bullets.

The art is amazing, the name takes three attempts to pronounce, and the Pokenomicon entry evokes Pickman’s Model and Call of Cthulhu, preying on the “sensitive” minds. It was all a little too serious until “vulnerable to revolver bullets”, scored some serious points there. And our winner…

1) Deathlett – Mitchell

Where’s his body? Who knows? What’s he up to? Probably something bad.

Dammit Mitchell, that’s just too beautiful. The Pokenomicon entry is brutally simple, and reminds us how little actually know about Diglett. What lies beneath the surface? What are they doing down there? By the looks of this subterranean terror, eating corpses, waiting in the bottom corner of windows, and trying to catch Kevin Bacon. Fear, foolish Kitacon 2017 attendees! Ia! Deathlett rises!

Expect images from this month up on Facebook in a few days time. Next GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet is August 31st, so keep watch on Facebook and Meetup for details, but expect another Big Geek Pub Quiz.


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