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JapanCrate: July ’17 – Summer

We’re back with another edition of our JapanCrate unboxing and yeah, we’re a little bit late. It’s been a busy month, but as always JapanCrate arrived on time. It was once again the premium crate that we received, so it can take a little while to get through it all. If you’re interested in these kinds of crates, or if you enjoyed last month’s article, stick around and read on, as we’re going to look at July’s box, talking about the highs and lows. Ooh, it’s time to get stuck in!

Once again, the big red box arrived and all of the delicious food within was packed to the brim. Honestly, these always feel like they’re going to burst out. For those of you uninitiated in JapanCrate, think of LootCrate, but remove all of the geeky items and add in lots of Japanese food and drink. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well it absolutely is, though it’s fair to say that you absolutely could buy all of the individual bits separately and probably cheaper. But there’s something oddly satisfying about having Japanese snacks and sweets arrive through your postbox, and you don’t even need to worry about where to find it all!

The box was packed to the brim

Upon opening and first inspection, I thought there were less items in this month’s crate, but it turns out there was one more than last month. There were two large pieces and the rest were all pretty small, unlike in June’s crate, where we had a large piece which you could pick away at for days. Honestly, those rice crackers last month were incredible! This month’s large items however was a spicy cheese Doritos, a flavour you can’t get over here and a lemon flavoured popcorn. Now, before I continue, I love popcorn and lemon, but the two together did not taste pleasant! Not a combination I would ever expect.

The Doritos flavour was really intense – I’ve never had such spicy crisps! Consider this, if you somehow find the Spicy Heatwave variant of Doritos to be too spicy for you, then the Japanese have you beat, as the spicy cheese flavour was incredibly strong! I love spicy Mexican foods, but this was a whole extra level (for crisps at least!) Well worth trying get get ahold of some of these, if you want to add a little bit of heat to your life. That was all the spicy stuff this crate had in it and the two large pieces out of the way with.

Brochure interior

There’s a wonderful element of love that the JapanCrate guys put into these boxes, made incredibly apparent by the nicely produced booklet you get with each crate. The artwork is satisfying to look at and it tells you what’s inside, as well as offering guidance on how to do certain things. I say this, as once more we’re given pudding! But this time, we were slightly baffled – the pudding was basically scrambled eggs. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but as a pudding it seems rather strange! Still, you just need to add a few bits and boom – one pudding served. I think the Shin-Chan butts from last month were better!

There’s so many good items in every months box, but this month I reckon our winner is the cola flavoured Mentos. These were refreshing and unique, a really good blend of two things I really like! They tasted heavily of cola, but they weren’t overpowering. I think between Jake and myself this packet was gone in under an hour… whoops! But that was part of the theme for this crate: Summer. They wanted to provide refreshing food and drink, so lots of things were either cola, lemon or milk. Didn’t stop them adding in the most intense gummy bears into the box. BEARLY (Ha!) enough of them, but the flavour was incredible!

Cola chew with sugar coating

There was a really strong gummy cola stick, which was coated in a light sugar. It was like having a stretched out cola bottle you get from a pick n mix, but lightly covered in sugar (but not too much) – nice! There was also a little bottle of small round sweets, which you kinda don’t want the police to see. Seriously, they’re suspicious looking, but once more there was a powerful (and hugely refreshing) blast of cola. The weird thing with this one: They dissolved the moment they got in your mouth, which both baffled and amused us. They’re strong, so don’t expect to down them!

As always, there was a little toy food item. These aren’t exactly exciting, but they look so realistic at times that I had to do a double take. I like this one a lot more than last months sushi piece, because it’s a solid object, rather than the squishy, rippable (and fixable) nature of last months toy. As another honourable mention, there was a strange melon drink which came in peculiar packaging. Finally then, the other drink of the box was a ‘hot chocolate’, which was cold. As strange as that sounds, it was very pleasant – and I’m not the biggest fan of hot chocolate. Interestingly, Jake loves hot chocolate, and yet didn’t like this drink. So what have we learned today? Very little – But if you like hot chocolate, then you might not like it iced, but if you don’t like hot chocolate, you might like it iced.

But of course, you’re here for a gallery – and so here is the gallery of this months box:

Well, we’re stuffed for another month! We seriously like getting these and sharing the crates with you guys. It’s also nice not being like every other unboxer, as we get time to consider everything about the box, rather than reacting then and there on a video. But as ever, we now extend our article to you! That’s right, you get to have your say now – Do you think this crate looks refreshing, or was it a bit meh? The abundance of cola products was seriously incredible – but next time guys, no lemon popcorn. Nice(ish), but ultimately far too overpowering! As always – Share your thoughts below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit!

Want to join up to JapanCrate? Why not click on this link and see if there’s a crate for you?

Oh yeah, international shipping is free!


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